Industry Update: Female Executives

INDUSTRY UPDATE: Female Executives

Women appear to be making progress in increasing their share of the C-suite. Specifically, the evidence suggests that 26% of CEOs and Managing Directors in 2021 were women as opposed to 15% in 2019. [See source.] Barrett Group research supports this notion, showing an improvement from 24% to 25% in...

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Industry Update: eCommerce


Introduction e-Commerce As a definition of e-commerce “commercial transactions taking place over the internet” seems a bit general. Virtually every business has this characteristic in the meantime. In fact, in this context, we usually think of the big firms that have evolved to be largely internet-based...

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Industry Update: Big Tech


Big Tech Introduction When minus 26.8% is the best performance in a peer group, clearly the group’s performance was dismal. And yet, that is how 2022 shook out for big tech stocks.   They were not alone, of course, with other tech darlings such as Salesforce or Tesla also performing poorly. In...

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Industry Update: Energy


Energy Introduction Fossil Fuels in Retreat A slowing economy has reduced demand for oil in 2022 even while the supply has tightened with OPEC+ curbing production again after an increase in Q3. Global oil inventories rose as a result while refining capacity throttled back at least in the short term,...

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