Industry Updates 2021 - Annual Report

Industry Updates 2021

This is a compilation of all Industry Updates the Barrett Group published in 2021. The Barrett Group is a career management firm. Our mission is to help executives clarify their career objectives and then discover the position of their choice.  Our clients are the candidates themselves who pay us...

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Industry Update - All Industries

INDUSTRY UPDATE: All Industries – December 2021

Few dispute that 2021 has been a difficult year for the world and industries as it tries but does not yet quite succeed to leave the pandemic in the rearview mirror. The economic devastation at least has receded to some extent, though, in most regions as the survivors have learned to cope. A recent...

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Industry Update - Hospitality

INDUSTRY UPDATE: Hospitality – November 2021

INDUSTRY UPDATE- Hospitality Other than perhaps the airlines, no other industry has been hit as hard by the pandemic as the hospitality industry. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) cites industry job losses in the US in the millions at the beginning of 2020. (See source including Chart 1.) However,...

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Industry Update - e-Commerce

INDUSTRY UPDATE: e-Commerce – November 2021

INDUSTRY UPDATE: e-Commerce – November 2021 Introduction to e-Commerce Do you actually remember a world without the internet? According to one source, e-commerce was invented about 40 years ago—even before the internet via dial-up modems. (See source.) Along the way, some important milestones...

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