INDUSTRY UPDATE: Manufacturing

Introduction to Industry Update: Manufacturing At its peak in 1979, manufacturing accounted for 22% of non-farm employment in the US. It now totals about 9%, equating to approximately 11% of GDP. [See source.] Recovery from the pandemic and the resultant surge in consumption helped bring renewed life...

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INDUSTRY UPDATE: Human Resources

Introduction – Human Resources In researching this Industry Update, we encountered numerous assertions that now is the time for Human Resource executives and professionals to really shine. One source put it like this: “I’ve worked in the HR industry now for a quarter of a century, and by my...

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INDUSTRY UPDATE: Female Executives

Women appear to be making progress in increasing their share of the C-suite. Specifically, the evidence suggests that 26% of CEOs and Managing Directors in 2021 were women as opposed to 15% in 2019. [See source.] Barrett Group research supports this notion, showing an improvement from 24% to 25% in...

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