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Crafting Opportunities while Employing Career Change Best Practices Will Catalyze Your Job Search

Changing careers isn’t easy. That’s true even when you excel at what you do, but it is perfectly normal. Think about it. A well-planned career change is, in itself, a full-time job, and you probably don’t do it frequently, so how can you be expected to develop any expertise? In fact, if you are fully engaged in your work, family life, and community, you may be wholly unaware of the latest trends in the employment market.

That’s where The Barrett Group can help.

The Barrett Group (TBG) is an expert in career change. Our staff is comprised of specialists in every aspect of career change and the company’s mission is to help clients land the jobs they want, at the compensation they deserve, and in the locations they desire.

After 30 years in the business, we have developed a 5-step methodology that has proven to be extremely effective in helping our clients transition to a better situation, whether that transition stems from a desire to pursue a more fulfilling career, a major life change, or even a crisis.

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One-of-a-Kind Program

Our program is unique in the industry. It’s also more valuable. Rather than finding you a job, we teach you the most effective, hands-on approach to finding a job and we adapt it to your individual needs. The essence of our program is in coaching you to focus your goals and consciously take the necessary steps to maximize your chances of succeeding in those goals.

Our coaches give you a fresh perspective on the value that you offer employers, areas where you can develop, and suggestions on how to parlay your skillset into opportunities that you may not have considered. They also offer simple tricks to turbo-charge your job hunt.

What really sets The Barrett Group apart, though, is that, where other firms offer one career coach, our program is executed by a team of six people, led by a dedicated career consultant, who collaborate from resume writing to onboarding to make your job search as successful as possible. Every job seeker can benefit from this model. Because you are leveraging the experiences of many people, the body of knowledge accessible to you at The Barrett Group is so much greater than it is with a single coach.


The TBG 5-Step Methodology

Our 5-step proprietary methodology is effective across all job functions, industries, and regions. The steps are:

  • 1. Clarity Program©
  • 2. Personal Branding and Campaign Development (a.k.a. Packaging)
  • 3. Market Access
  • 4. Preparation for Interviews and Offer Negotiation
  • 5. Onboarding

Step 1 – Clarity Program©

Before making any professional move, you need to figure out where you want to go. That’s harder than it sounds because there are many underlying factors to consider. For most people, work and every other aspect of life are closely tied together.

The key to finding balance in your life is, first, ascertaining what your non-negotiable goals are; these will be your beacon as you chart the course of your career. What makes you happy and unhappy? How do you define a successful life for yourself? What do you most value? There are no wrong answers to these questions if you are being honest with yourself.

The Clarity Program is designed to improve your self-knowledge through the administration of personality assessments and discussions with a personal Clarity coach over four sessions. The results of these assessments validate what is important to you professionally and personally, yield information that will make your job search more effective, and help you avoid career obstacles. Collectively, these outputs define the “Target” for your career change program.

After completing this step, you will have developed a strategic plan for both your work and your life, and a better understanding of your behavioral profile. Some 97% of our clients rate their Clarity Program coach as “excellent.”

“In the Clarity Program we ask clients to rank their overall happiness in four categories: financial independence, business success, family and relationships, and health and fitness. We then ask them to set short- and long-term goals to boost the scores in all four areas. This process gives people clarity on what is right and wrong about their lives and helps them make more informed decisions. It gives them a roadmap.”

– Dan Resendes, Chief Consulting Officer, The Barrett Group

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Step 2 – Personal Branding and Campaign Development

The average recruiter spends six seconds scanning a resume – that is, if your resume gets past the algorithm of the company’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS). If your resume doesn’t include very specific keywords, it gets punted out of contention. When junior HR people and ATS are unable to properly evaluate your skills, your resume loses value.

TBG’s solution is to help you define your value proposition and teach you to align it with each opportunity. We help you quantify your value with solid metrics and show you how to tailor it to a specific audience / employer via resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. By eliminating the generic and broad-based resume, you ensure that the reader views you as a perfect fit.

We also coach you to strengthen and expand personal connections and to build your social capital, using clear milestones for each stage, to enhance the influence of your personal brand.

“The next step of the program is totally different from Clarity – it’s business! Working with my career consultant, I really came to understand how the job market works.”

– Robert Hukshorn, TBG Client

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Step 3 – Market Access to Hiring Executives

Did you know that 75% of new executive searches are executed via the unpublished market? That statistic should focus your mind – and your approach to a career change. Hiring managers see greater value in hiring someone who comes with a personal reference from someone they know and trust. In short, a successful career change is usually less about what you know than who you know.

This is where The Barrett Group does its best work. We teach you how to get a seat at the table with the decision makers, first by identifying industries and companies in the locations you desire, then by using our proven social capital methodologies to leverage personal connections, which are crucial factors in a well-designed job search. We will provide contact information for key decision makers, plus scripts and strategies, to enable you to target and talk to the right people.

We will show you how to cultivate chance circumstances that maximize the potential of producing the job opportunities you want because, while chance circumstances can’t be planned, creating an environment where they can germinate often tips the balance of a certain outcome in your favor.

Throughout your journey, you will be backed by our experts, our wealth of resources, and our research tools to help you secure interviews and offers—three decades in the making.

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Step 4 – Interview Preparation and Offer Negotiation

How do you respond to tough interview questions? And how do you negotiate an offer respectfully without leaving money on the table?

We help you anticipate tough questions and develop fluid, authentic responses. We identify significant gaps and potential pitfalls you may face during the interview process, and coach you to understand your audience so that you can tailor your comments to their unique concerns. Through role play, we equip you with practical interview experience to ensure you will outperform during live interviews.

Another key component of our program is offer negotiation coaching. We review your offer, walk you through a proposed compensation package line-by-line in a round table with our consulting team, then we coach you to optimize the final offer. We may even contact your references and previous employers directly to optimize the picture that prospective employers will have of you.

Step 5 – Onboarding

We find that the first 100 days in a new job are critical for future success and we get you off to a good start. How can you identify the needs of key stakeholders? How will you prioritize all of them? And how could interdepartmental politics affect your performance?

We collaborate with you to create a 100-day onboarding plan, which includes an evaluation of the organizational landscape, an analysis of functional interdependencies, and we coach you on how best to navigate your new environment.

Only when you succeed do we succeed.

Catalyze Your Job Search

If you ask people how they came to be doing what they are doing, they often answer “by chance.” That may sound unhelpful to you, but it shouldn’t. At The Barrett Group we pride ourselves in knowing that chance plays an important role in a career change. And when you understand what influences a company’s hiring decisions, you can craft opportunities to your benefit. Marry that effort with the mastery of career change best practices and the firm knowledge of current market trends that we provide and you will catalyze your job search in unforeseen ways.

Changing careers isn’t easy, but it’s easier when you have a strategy, a roadmap, and a team of experts advising, motivating, and supporting you every step of the way. After 30 years in the business, The Barrett Group has developed a career change process that is so much more than an executive job search. It is a comprehensive approach to change – whether you are looking to take the next step in your career or you want a broadscale change.

We feel we have the best methodology in the industry, but there is something else that makes us stand out – our dedication to our clients. At The Barrett Group, we know that successful career change, career management, and business in general, hinge on relationships. We teach you to cultivate them as we do ourselves. We care deeply about your needs and do everything we can to see your dreams realized. Our record is a testament to our excellence -- 90% of clients who follow our program land within six to twelve months.

Our clients sometimes call our program magic. We call it The Barrett Group Career Change Process for finding a dream job.

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