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Clarity Testimonials: What our clients are saying about their Clarity Program © experience

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    January 2021

    "The Clarity Program allows you to think about your own needs and interests, which as professionals with so many demands on our time both personally and professionally, we tend to put ourselves on the back burner. This allows you to identify what you want in all facets of your life and then start to develop goals that truly brings them into focus. I had several moments of "clarity" that will be helpful in both my search and next role."

    - Kandy Grenier

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    February 2021

    "This program made me stop and think hard about what's important to me. We need to do that every once in a while. It was time well spent."

    - Paul Turner

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    July 2020

    "I enjoyed the process and felt like it helped me obtain better focus on moving forward."

    - Jeffrey Smith

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    August 2020

    "Working with Julie was awesome, the outcome was very productive and it helps me to draft the path for the next step I'm looking for."

    - Cesar Carrasco

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    July 2020

    "Laura has done a tremendous job as she is ‘tuned in’ and focused on her client. She allowed me to identify strengths but most importantly to look at anything as possibilities! There are no limits, boundaries, borders or barriers. Thank you, Laura. You are a Rock Star!"

    - David M. Ludwig

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    July 2020

    "Great experience and experienced coach that has great discernment, wisdom, and communication with her clients.Great experience and experienced coach that has great discernment, wisdom, and communication with her clients."

    - Antonella Carlozzi

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    July 2020

    "I thought the service was great, and I got a lot out of it."

    - Marc Fowler

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    March 2020

    "Clarity program is well orchestrated and highly meaningful to achieving success in both personal and professional life. Length of the program is just right and makes sure to keep the attention of the change seeker. It provides valuable information for career change and enhancement."

    - Lingadahalli G. Shantharama

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    May 2020

    "I enjoyed my journey through this part of the Clarity program and enjoyed working with Hiyam. She was very helpful in helping me articulate my thoughts and create a structure for my career goals."

    - Paula Joyce

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    January 2020

    "I am very familiar and experienced with DISC and strategy development, so the process was very efficient and productive for me. Jim tailored our discussions based on my experience level, which allowed us to deep dive on specific topics and examples that really enriched the coaching. I am not able to come up with any improvement suggestions!"

    - Michael D. Harper

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