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Clarity Testimonials: What our clients are saying about their Clarity Program © experience

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    October 2021

    "As with all development programs, Clarity's impactfulness is proportional to one's investment of time, energy, and emotional and intellectual space. My Clarity coach was supportive, respectful and kind, but also did not pull any punches: questions were optimally timed for impact, and their insightfulness pried open any doubts, concerns and second-guesses I might have harbored. I felt challenged and pushed to articulate a clear vision of my professional and personal self, and of how these sides co-exist. At the end of the program I definitely feel capable of re-orienting my career path in a way that is both realistically attuned with my ambition, and supportive of a holistic self-perception."

    - Massimo Rondolino

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    October 2021

    "Stacie was a wonderful Clarity Coach. Her approach was personal yet incredibly methodical and analytical. She helped me understand my top qualities and what will help make my personal brand be of interest to top employers."

    - Dasha Marchetti

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    October 2021

    "I was very impressed with the three step process of the Clarity Program! My Clarity Coach did a superb job of pulling information from me throughout the whole process. Scott was able to guide me through the entire Clarity program by making suggestions from his past experience as a Coach and I was pleasantly surprised where we ended up in the end... I wholeheartedly endorse this Clarity Program! I'm a planner by nature and the Clarity Program is a great example of a Plan of Action for the next step in my Professional Career."

    - Sven Leverson

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    October 2021

    "The Clarity Program was a great start in my journey. Often in our career paths we don't stop to take the time to understand our strengths, weakness, goals, challenges, motivators, de-motivators and those things that can stop us from moving forward. We don't ask the "why" in the process. The Clarity process and coach walks you through your short and long term aspirations and your best path to reach your goals. It helps set the stage to build your confidence moving forward in what can be a stressful and challenging situation."

    - Jocelyn Hirschfeld

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    October 2021

    "Often the most difficult thing to do is assess yourself objectively. This is especially true when trying to value your skill sets and abilities. The Clarity process provides a guided format with a knowledgeable coach to not only assess yourself in many different areas, but also to discuss and critique those assessments to ensure they accurately reflect reality. Trust the process and be honest with yourself and your coach and you will get the maximum benefit. You truly do get out what you put in and I would never consider changing careers again without using The Clarity Program with a career management expert."

    - Jeremy Mercer

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    September 2021

    "The Clarity Program has helped me identify my strengths and opportunity areas. It has also helped me realize my true values and non-negotiable items as I determine my next career move."

    - Jenny Most

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    September 2021

    "I loved the clarity program and it delivers perfectly well on its title: "Clarity". I had the opportunity to work with an excellent coach. Laura, who went through the DISC assessment as well as other topics in an exceptional way to put me at ease and let me reflect on the best version of my future. The sessions were full of energy and positivity to help me unlock the best version of myself!"

    - Wael Rizk

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    September 2021

    "The Clarity Program helped me focus on what I need to concentrate on moving forward. "It" really was within me the whole time, I just needed an assist to see "it" more clearly. Lisa, my coach in this process, seemed to effortlessly guide me in this journey of self-awareness. I'm looking forward to seeing how this next chapter unfolds."

    - Brent Hyams

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    October 2021

    "The Clarity program helped me realize that what I am looking for is so much more than a specific company or industry. They helped me refine and articulate what drives me and has helped me focus on finding the right cultural fit and how that is the most important thing for me to feel satisfied in whatever role I'm."

    - Jennifer Sackett

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    October 2021

    "The Clarity Program was an incredibly insightful and thought provoking process that really help me to define and visualize exactly where I hope to go in both my Life and Career. My Clarity Coach, Dominic, was personable and knowledgeable. I felt we were able to immediately build a strong rapport and connection together, while helping me to reflect and learn more about what is precisely right for my next steps on my journey now. At the completion of this program, I feel much more certain of exactly what my goals are for my career and my family, and I feel ready to go out and achieve them."

    - Keith Santangelo

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