Success Stories

Success stories from the clients of our career management services and coaching

Chris Burger

A constant, paramount concern of The Barrett Group is fit. We concern ourselves with the fit between employer and employee and the fit between our clients and our services, among other things. Fit can seem like a mundane concern, until we begin suffering from a bad fit, whether in our private lives or in our careers. This is a story about how we helped a client move from a bad fit to a good fit, by using services tailored to him and his needs.

By the time he engaged The Barrett Group, Chris Burger had a long, interesting, and enjoyable career as a global director of sales and order fulfillment for a couple different companies, including a 20-year run with one company. Chris loves to travel and, as a worldwide director, he literally circled the globe as an executive, spending time in France, Italy, Egypt, India, Singapore, Japan, US, and his native Netherlands. Chris enjoyed managing people from around the world, from different cultures. “What works in the US does not necessarily work in Europe or the Pacific Rim. I had a good appreciation for working with global cultures, and that was one of the reasons I was successful working in a global environment. I’ve always tried to make sure I have a global approach in my career as an executive.

Like many executive clients of The Barrett Group, a change in leadership motivated Chris to make a move. Chris was not terminated by the new leadership or even worried about termination, but he was concerned about whether it was still a good fit. “The leadership changes that happened didn’t necessarily fit my personality or my approach to problems. I could see that the company was not necessarily going in the direction I thought it should. When the initial support I was promised for a key project I was leading did not materialize, I started to realize that it was time for me to move on. Plus, I’m not the youngest anymore, you know, so I could see that I should take control of my destiny—and that’s what I did.

One More Gig

Fortunately for Chris, and for The Barrett Group, he decided that he could use some help controlling his destiny. “I was, let’s say, at a later stage of my career. I wanted to do one more gig and then retire. So, I wanted to make sure that gig would be a good gig. And, given the fact that a lot has changed in the way that you get jobs, especially at the executive level, I thought that it would be good to work with an advisor.

After talking with The Barrett Group CEO Peter Irish, Chris decided that advisor should be The Barrett Group. “Talking to Peter, the whole methodology they use, it just resonated with me. It addressed the exact areas where I needed some help. What you don’t do often, you don’t do well. But The Barrett Group can help you with the things you don’t do well. They do this for a living, and they know all the tricks in the book.

Clarity and Expertise

Chris prides himself on the fact that, as a global executive, he has been able to customize his management style to the individuals he is managing, to their diverse cultures and their various personalities. And so, he quickly became a fan of The Barrett Group process. The Barrett Group believes in providing services customized to their individual clients and their individual needs. And they believe in measuring twice and cutting once. Their process reflects these facts. “They are experienced in helping executives find their next role. In fact, they do this for a living. They have a well-established process which has proven to be successful. Their process is very complete in the sense that they begin with an assessment. They began by understanding my skills, my personality, my communication style, and things like that. Based on that, they tailored their process to my needs.

Nearly all clients of The Barrett Groups are experts. After all, they have risen to the top, to the executive ranks. Collectively, they have expertise in fascinating range of things, like management, operations, human resources, law, technology, and so on. But hardly clients any are expert at job search. Some have simply not conducted enough job searches to become expert. “I made maybe three or four career changes in my entire life,” says Chris. Others have job search expertise that has become obsolete in the age of artificial intelligence and algorithms. And others still face new, novel circumstances, as their present circumstances differ from their past circumstance. Maybe they are searching, for the first time, at an advanced age or during a down economy.

Like their clients, The Barrett Group is valuable because they have a valuable expertise—they are expert at job search. Chris quickly came to appreciate this expertise. “They have a very good understanding of how the job market works, and how to use the different mediums. They’re expert at working with recruiters and working through LinkedIn, making sure your LinkedIn profile grabs the attention of just the right people.

The Barrett Group’s LinkedIn expertise turned out to be especially valuable to Chris. “It clearly worked, because the conversation with my current employer was not the only conversation that I had during my brief search. I had several conversations, and they all began with someone calling me and saying, hey, we saw you on LinkedIn, and we’d like to talk.

Optimally Prepared

Chris also appreciated how prepared he was throughout his search with the help of The Barrett Group. “What The Barrett Group does is they really make sure that you are prepared. If I was contacted by a company, I would call The Barrett Group and ask, what information do you have? Within a day, I would have a full report. Who was their founder? What were the key roles? What was the product? So, when I had a conversation with a recruiter, I was fully prepped.

The preparation The Barrett Group provides has depth. It goes beyond providing research. “I was also trained on certain questions recruiters ask. My consultant would ask, how do you respond to that, and they made sure I had a good answer. And through this training, you know, I was not only very well prepared for conversations, but I was also very confident during the actual conversations. And that’s an important part of career success, being confident about who you are and what you can do.

For Chris, the pre-operational part of The Barrett Group’s process got clear, immediate results. The changes were subtle but significant. “The Barrett Group ensured that I used results-oriented language. They made sure I had good examples ready when asked questions. Many recruiters, one of the first things they ask is about compensation, and The Barrett Group taught me how to most effectively respond to questions about compensation. And they made sure I not only had references ready to go but The Barrett Group checked the references to make sure it would be a good reference.

In the end, it all worked. I was optimally prepared for any opportunity that would come by.

The Final Chapter

The Barrett Group partners with their clients to ensure that they are prepared from the beginning to the very end. At the executive level, most job searches end with negotiations, and The Barrett Group helps clients capitalize on the opportunities negotiations present. “The Barrett Group prepared me for negations. They made sure that I had a good understanding of what I was looking for and helped me determine what would be acceptable to me or not. They said, you’re going to get these questions and here’s how to respond. And I was able to do that. The key thing that works well with The Barrett Group is that they prepare you well for all the different aspects of job search, including salary negotiations.

The Barrett Group and some good luck helped Chris solve the final problem of his job search. “When I got the offer from my current company, it was a little bit below what they had initially indicated it would be. I said I was pleased with the offer, but that it was lower than they had indicated. I said I would give it some thought and let them know in a day or so.

Even then, Chris valued the opinion of The Barrett Group so much that he didn’t respond until after getting his consultant’s opinion. “When I finally talked it over with my consultant, they said, yes, this is a good over. So, by basically not responding, they blinked first, and I got an offer I was glad to accept.

Chris considers this to be the final chapter of his career, and the best thing about his story might be that he is incredibly excited about this last chapter. “It’s a lot of fun to be with a company that’s young, to be working with very diverse, very intelligent young people.

Chris’ new employer, is a San Francisco startup. And his excitement can be traced back to one of his interviews. “I asked, what is the biggest challenge you have? What do you want me to start looking at first? You know, I’ve asked people that question before, and most would start whining or complaining. This is not working well or that group isn’t doing this or that. But in this company it was much more positive. the people that interviewed said, well, we have a few opportunities here, and we would like to have your help with them. We like your experience, and we want to partner with you. And that still is what is happening.

Like good tailors, good carpenters, and really all good craftsmen, The Barrett Group is focused on fit. Almost none of our clients would consider cutting their own clothes or framing their own houses, and yet all consider conducting their own executive job searches. We are here for those who consider it and decide against it, those who decide to use our expertise and benefit by it by finding a better fit.

Finance Exec, Silicon Valley

What does The Barrett Group do? Some of the best answers to this question emphasize value. Some firms, like investment firms led by activist investors, work to unlock the value of underperforming stocks. Other firms, like those led by geologists and engineers, work to unlock the value of natural resources by discovering and uncovering them. And our firm, led by experienced career experts, works to unlock the value of people, by helping executives and potential executives demonstrate their value to the marketplace.

The Barrett Group is in the business of helping its clients maximize their value. In some cases, our focus is on protecting already maximized value, like when The Barrett Group helps a c-level client who has been downsized as part of a merger find a similarly lucrative and powerful role with another company. In other cases, our focus is on helping a client unlock their value, like when The Barrett Group helps a client who is a high-level manager move from a company that undervalues her to a company that recognizes her potential and true value. This is such a story, told at the client’s request without names to protect employer and employee alike.

Our client was a long-time employee of a financial institution in Silicon Valley. By any measure, her tenure was a success. She appreciated her company, and her company appreciated her. She received raises and promotions through the years. Beginning as a project manager, she was promoted to a full management position overseeing the project managers and then promoted again, this time to a senior manager position.

After becoming a senior manager, she did as she had always done—she sought out added responsibilities, something her employer no longer encouraged. And when her superior left, she asked for a promotion to his open position. She was told something vague and discouraging, like, “You’re not quite ready.” or “You’re not there quite yet.” She decided that she needed to find somewhere else to work if she was to grow, somewhere with more light and less shade. What good is the potential for growth in a place without the room or resources to grow?

Engagement and Valuation

Initially, our client tried to find a new position entirely on her own. It didn’t work. She decided she might need some help. Like most clients of The Barrett Group, she did not simply rush to us for help. She looked around, talking to a number of firms, and she shopped around. And only then did she decide that The Barrett Group would be the best bet for helping her unlock her value.

The Barrett Group does not sell magic. It sells a process that works. That process, especially the beginning of that process, can be difficult, as The Barrett Group and clients work, as partners, to build the foundation of a successful search. In this case, the beginning of the process was helped by something worthy of relief and elation. Our client discovered that she was not alone in her valuation of herself. In finding The Barrett Group, she found not only an ally, but a team of allies, who, unlike her current employer, agreed with her valuation and were determined to get the marketplace to recognize that valuation. From day one, The Barrett Group believed in her skills and experience—and, refreshingly, they told her so.

Our client went to work to prove the truth of her valuation, and The Barrett Group to prove that their encouragement of her valuation was not bluster. Together, they revised her resume and her LinkedIn profile, The Barrett Group persuading her that her LinkedIn image shouldn’t be an online version of her resume—that the two serve different purposes. And they convinced her that she had even undervalued herself in a few specific ways. For example, when accounting for her implementation experience, she should count not only her years in charge of implementation projects, but also her years working as part of implementation teams. And so, she began making subtle improvements to the way she presented herself to the marketplace.

Perhaps most importantly, The Barrett Group convinced her to become a dedicated and effective networker. They explained to her that they would be willing to network on her behalf—but only as a last resort, that for her job search to be the very best job search she needed to try networking herself. And she did. Because she engaged The Barrett Group, she networked in ways she would not have networked without them and with a previously unimaginable level of dedication, in part inspired by the financial commitment she had made to her search.

In the process, she not only became an effective networker, but a zealous convert. When she reached out to former colleagues, with the encouragement of The Barrett Group, she was pleasantly surprised. And when she contacted a former supervisor, who she hadn’t talked to in 15 years, she was also pleasantly surprised. She discovered that people were not only willing to help her, but that they were happy to help her. She had a nice lunch with her former supervisor. And, with the help of and a little bit of pushing by The Barrett Group, she discovered that networking isn’t so bad.

The “Right” Job Offer

During her job search, her employer, perhaps sensing something, offered further evidence that it did value her, as she was offered a retention bonus. She accepted, as the bonus required her to stay with her employer until a specified date but in no way prohibited her continuing her search for a better place to grow. And she continued to search as before, with energy, intelligence, and the help of The Barrett Group.

Soon, she had a number of interviews and multiple offers. When a hoped-for offer didn’t materialize, The Barrett Group supported her. When a good offer materialized and she decided she should decline, The Barrett Group supported her—fully, as The Barrett Group recognizes that the goal of a job search is not job offers, but the right job for their client. Despite her present situation, working for an employer who did not recognize her true value, she remained patient.

Soft Landing

And then, something—something so fortuitous that a reasonable person would not even dare to wish for it—happened. An offer began to materialize as the date for her retention bonus approached. One day, she received her retention bonus, having fully honored its terms. The next day, she left.

In the end, she had not only a retention bonus, but a better salary, a better title, a better employer, and, bottom line, a better job. She became a director and then a global director. Her new employer allowed her to grow and, to this day, encourages her to grow. And so, what began as a story of one manager believing in her valuation of herself, continued as a story of her finding someone else who believed in and supported that valuation. And it ended as a story of a third party, her new employer, recognizing both her present value as an executive and her growth potential. Together, the three of them, the client, The Barrett Group, and the client’s new employer, succeeded in unlocking her value.

Lee Price

Why are successful executives sometimes those most in need of The Barrett Group’s services? They might have a long tenure with one company, or they might, if they do switch companies, do so because they have been recruited or poached. Such was the case with Lee Price.

In some ways, Lee was an untypical client. He had had two exceptionally successful careers, and he was retired when he engaged The Barrett Group. First, a graduate of the Naval Academy at Annapolis and the Naval War College at Newport, Lee had a distinguished career as a Navy pilot, commander, and chief of staff, overseeing pilot training at Whiting Field Naval Air Station. Next, building on his military experience, Lee had a successful second career in the private sector as a director of training for a shipbuilder in Mobile, training or testing nearly 10,000 employees.

Eventually, Lee retired. Then Lee unretired, and that’s how he came to engage The Barrett Group to help him with his third act. “Retirement didn’t turn out to be what I thought it would be. It was pretty boring. After about a month, I decided I needed a job. But the economy wasn’t great and job search had changed so much since I had last looked that I was really unsure how to do it. There were things like LinkedIn that I hadn’t considered, as us old-time Boomers had sort of got left out of that.”

Engagement and Expectations

Like many clients, Lee’s engaging The Barrett Group was less an impulsive affair and more a process. He shopped around, talking to several firms, before determining The Barrett Group would be the best for him. And before making it official and engaging them, he went to a career counselor and attended a career conference. “I went to that conference and determined that they weren’t looking for guys like me, that career fairs aren’t for guys with significant experience. They were looking for much younger, cheaper, newer options. So I came back, signed with The Barrett Group, and never looked back. They did everything I expected them to do—and more.”

Lee’s consultant Michael did not whisper sweet nothings to convince him to engage them. Instead, he had serious, sober, realistic conversation with Lee about expectations. “My [consultant] was the one who basically gave me the facts up front. He said, hey, it’s going to take you this long to land a job. He said it would probably take 6 to 18 months to get the type of job I wanted, at the money I wanted, and at a place I would want to be. And he said this is going to be our approach, and this is what we’re going to do. It was actually really good to talk to him about that.”

Networking Outside the Box

The Barrett Group’s process of course involves all the strategies of a conventional job search, including identifying attractive openings, submitting applications, and following up on applications. But it also involves unconventional but tried and true strategies, such as doing a sort of end run around HR to get your portfolio directly into the hands of key decision makers. This appealed to Lee, as he sensed the shortcomings of pursing positions through normal channels. “The HR folks are often looking for other types of talent and not the leadership stuff. They don’t really know what to look for in terms of leadership. So I think the key is to get your portfolio into the hands of the leaders of the companies.“

This strategy is executed using two of The Barrett Group’s assets—their deep experience in effectively executing such strategies and their proprietary database. “They teach you what to say and how to follow-up. And, you know, it’s just a matter of people with experience that have done this for a long time teaching you how to do it.” And it is implemented in a broad but not blind or haphazard way. “The Barrett Group has an unbelievable database of who’s who in the corporate world—and in the areas you want. It allows you to write CEOs and COOs directly, and they teach you what to say and how to follow-up.”

So, in the end, was the strategy effective? Absolutely. “It was a different experience and The Barrett Group was responsible for getting my portfolio into the hands of the right people by using their database rather than going through normal channels. And their approach works. It worked very well for me. And I’ve seen it work well for a lot of other people as well.”

Lee and The Barrett Group made a terrific team, and he landed interviews fast. “I don’t believe I heard a single question in an interview—and most were the HR sort of questions—that I had not heard or discussed with The Barrett Group.”

Resume and LinkedIn

The early stages of The Barrett Group’s process are dedicated to laying the groundwork for success. In addition to mapping a course, they are about preparing the tools necessary for the task at hand. “After you sign, you use their system to write your letter, sharpen your resume, and hone your LinkedIn. Then, you’re ready to go, and they go in an orderly fashion. They are with you all the way, and you just do this as a process that you track. It gets results.”

The Barrett’s Group’s process is not intended to be easy—it is intended to be effective. “After I signed, I had a personal consultant Paula who led me through the process. She was knowledgeable. Outstanding even. She helped me prepare what I wanted to say and in some cases recommended that I say them a little differently. And she was always right.”

Focus on Happy Landing

The Barrett Group has a clear, excellent process, and one of the greatest advantages of a such a process is that it encourages focus from the beginning to the end, during both highs and lows. “I knew they were knowledgeable. With their help, I knew what I was looking for. And so, I stayed focused. They not only managed expectations at the beginning, but until the very end. They pick you up when things that happen to everybody in job search happen to you.”

Despite some ups and downs, working together, Lee and The Barrett Group got spectacular results. “Within twelve weeks of when I signed the contract, I had three quality job offers to choose from. All involved the type of money I wanted to make and were the type of jobs I wanted. And, you know, it’s nice to be in a position where you can pick, after all that time.” And the positive results did not end with the end of his job search. “You know, after I accepted a position, I got several calls from HR people saying, ‘Our leadership got your resume and they asked us to give you a call to talk about where you might fit in at our company.’”

Having spent over two decades as a development and training leader, Lee has positively impacted the careers of thousands. He currently serves as the State Director for Texas, Office of Apprenticeship, US Department of Labor. And sometimes he tries to help others by passing along his perspective about job search, shaped in part by his experience with The Barrett Group.  “When I talk to people who are looking, I go back to the fact that you’re going to have to be willing to participate in your own job search. You can’t expect anyone, even an exceptional, knowledgeable company like The Barrett Group, to do everything for you.” And, just as The Barrett Group helped him navigate some rough waters, he tries to put the down times into context for others. “One of the things about job search is there are some down times. Just when you think everything is going the right way the rug gets pulled out from under you. The Barrett Group kept me up about job search. And I now tell others, ‘Hey, it’s not always as bad as it looks when you’re on the inside.’ It’s the uncertainty that kind of gets you. But things will turn out fine. And I think that they always do.”


Katarina was facing a crisis, one she couldn’t have planned for, and she needed help. She reached out to The Barrett Group. Here is her story:

The day after her 63rd birthday, the announcement came down in the staff meeting: her company was going out of business! There had apparently been a devastating fire at the plant in Brazil and the insurance claim fell through. The Brazilian government was holding the company responsible for the fire, confiscating all the assets.

Katarina was Senior Vice President of Marketing, with a stellar record and a long history of success, but the long history was the problem: who would hire her at her age? She didn’t want to retire, she loved her work and she would miss building programs with a team. She knew how to market anything from bottled bleach to washing machines, but she hadn’t had to market herself for 28 years, how to even begin?

She called The Barrett Group.

Katarina started with our Clarity program, which put her on track with a solid plan for her career move. Working with her personal career coach, her resume was written strategically, in two basic versions: one that kept her age carefully hidden, the other one highlighting her full range of senior level experience. She learned how and when to use her professional dossier to full advantage, and when to only provide what was needed, to increase her chances of getting worthwhile interviews. She was coached on how to get around interviewers’ carefully couched questions designed to screen her out legally because of her age. Her LinkedIn profile and presence was completely reinvented to show her off as current and modern, which greatly helped her approach the unpublished market while attracting recruiters.

Three months into the program she was interviewing regularly. Sometimes it wasn’t a good fit, but her Barrett team kept her energized and focused on real opportunities for her, instead of just chasing any job that came along. The research team had delivered extensive information on a target company and the potential hiring manager was identified. Her Barrett career consultant Sue suggested a LinkedIn approach and Katarina made the connection and she was brought in for an informational interview, even though there was no job opening at the time. She impressed the Chief Operating Officer so much, he restructured the Marketing Department to best use her strongest talents! When the written offer came in, her Barrett team advised her on the negotiations, resulting in the offer being increased by $15K.

She loves her new job and plans on continuing to do what she does best!

Sarah, Nashville

Sarah was in a desperate situation: her company had decided to relocate from Nashville to Tallahassee. All three of her children were in high school and her husband owned his own company locally, so relocating was out of the question. She had a great job as Vice President of Marketing, but now, after 22 years, she was in unfamiliar and scary territory of the unemployed.

When she engaged The Barrett Group, she was beside herself because her job search was going nowhere. Once The Barrett team engaged with her to set her up with the modern ways of attacking both the published and unpublished Job markets, her job Search activity really started to pick up.

When her first interview came, she was fully coached and ready. She was getting steady calls from recruiters, and offers came. She worked with her Barrett Coach to devise a winning negotiation strategy with these offers.

Desperate no more, she loves her new job and is making a good deal more money with the new company!

Cynthia, San Francisco

During a standard orientation meeting we found our new client, Cynthia had navigated a screening interview, concluded a second interview with the head of HR, and had a pending third interview scheduled. Cynthia told her Executive Career Consultant that she was concerned with the possibility of success, and that she felt she was in over her head.

Armed with that knowledge, we reprioritized our program plan with Interview Assessment and Coaching as our #1 focus. We provided Cynthia with a list of the most typical interview questions and asked her to answer them exactly as she would during the interview. At this point we provided her with zero coaching. Once Cynthia’s answers came back, we developed a curriculum and scheduled a one-on-one coaching session. During that session, we collaborated on how she felt about her answers, as well as our opinions and the potential positive and negative consequences.

By the end of the session, we had delivered very blunt and honest opinions, given our experience, and explained the nuances and strategy to achieve success. We authored new answers and conversation elements, with her specific feelings and inputs in mind. We roleplayed to ensure Cynthia’s execution would be elevated to be best she could possibly deliver.

The day of the third interview came and we waited with baited breath for Cynthia’s update. When she called she was elated. She told us that the interview was an outstanding success! We all beamed with pride not only at her execution, but her comments that the interview assessment and coaching service The Barrett Group provided made all the difference in the world. She thanked her executive career consultant for her expertise, and commented that there was no way she would have survived the interview without her assistance.

The best news came when Cynthia received the initial offer. The first offer came in $20,000.00 higher than the amount that was discussed during the screening interview. She told us that this was a direct result of her executing our interview strategy. Cynthia then followed our Offer Assessment and Negotiation process, and in the end she was able to successfully negotiate the final offer up another $35,000.00. Talk about a return on investment! It does not get any better than that!

Alec P., Colorado

Alec was following our guided plan to expand his circle of influence, capitalizing on his background in IT consulting and media. He was networking with a Connecticut based firm that did consulting for ESPN.

Closely following our methods, the conversation was turned into a referral to an emerging opening at ESPN. Our assistance in the interview process enabled Alec to become a strong finalist for the position, but ESPN preferred to hire a local candidate. The referring network connection was so impressed they hired him to establish their West Coast operations.

He is now Senior Vice President and hiring staff for the new office, with a total compensation package exceeding $200K.

Arthur A., Florida

Arthur was in career doldrums as a store manager at Target. His first transition was accomplished by utilizing our focused networking process: a former co-worker had started his own import sourcing business, hired Arthur as his COO and they grew the business from there. With his new qualifications and accomplished, his Barrett team was able to re-market him as a reinvented executive.

An opportunity emerged at a global container shipping company, where he is thriving in the exciting world of international commerce.

Carlos D.

Carlos was determined to relocate to Boise, Idaho. His search efforts were hampered by a tight local job market and was exacerbated by his dearth of contacts in the area.

When the Barrett team took over, they empowered Carlos with the tools necessary to expand his Personal Circle of Influence and cultivate his network without tipping his hand on his plans. Patience, diligence and employing the advanced techniques of The Barrett Group methodologies paid off when he was referred to an excellent opportunity through his newly expanded network and sailed into the new position.

He is now IT Manager of Information Technical Services and is happily residing in the location of his choosing.

Craig F., Texas

Craig embraced the program and, with help from his Barrett team, explored his entrepreneurial side by starting and running an international consulting firm, which not only provided him valuable career experience and diversified his professional value proposition, but allowed him the opportunity to fully utilize our techniques with his greatly expanded network. He landed at the Vice President level with a compensation package of $200K.

Jill R., Arizona

Jill has a new position as a consultant with a medical device company. She landed by utilizing our Hybrid process.

Her mandate is to search the world for the ideal country/location for the corporation’s next manufacturing plant. This find was a testament to the entire TBG process, from the mailing to the coaching when she was deemed overqualified for a permanent position, to negotiating a consulting opportunity instead. Jill is thrilled because there will be international travel and a clear path to a senior position within the company.

Title: VP of Manufacturing, total compensation package over $300K, which includes a bump up of over $20K, an added week of vacation and a $12K relo package, direct results of The Barrett Group’s negotiation prowess. This process took four months from launch to landing.

Lena P., Florida

Lena went through a complete life change with Barrett at her side. After being laid off, she sold her house and followed our advice, enrolling in and completing a Masters program in Advanced Project Management that she would need for her next position.

With our assistance and guidance, she then launched her own consulting business, relocated to Maryland to start her new position, Senior Development Officer for a local university. Her compensation is in the six figure range.

Paul A., Montana

Paul had interviewed with a company eight months before coming on board with us and, at that time, turned down an offer which was well below his market value.

When they could not find a qualified candidate of Paul’s caliber they came back to the table, but this time Barrett was at Paul’s side! The new offer was negotiated up over $30K, well into the six figure range. Paul cinched the deal and more than recouped his Barrett fee through just our negotiation counseling.

Brad W., New York

Brad came to us after being relieved of his VP position for a major retailer. We launched the processes in October and Brad landed his new position at the EVP level for a highly prestigious luxury retailer the following February.

We had introduced him to a recruiter who knew of a position that was open but there was little chance of him being presented. Under our guidance, Brad mined his reputation within the company and was able to get an interview. With our coaching, he was successful in the interview and negotiation process and he is now heading up a major corporate expansion nationwide.

Brian H., Virginia

Brian received great response from the recruiter community once we did a full strategic rewrite on his resume and provided targeted introductions. We created numerous interviews for him, researching all companies and helping him with all leads. Brian’s Barrett Team delivered case-by-case interview coaching.

He landed at a 100% woman-staffed company and is loving the new position. He just moved his family out to Iowa and they are settling in nicely. His title went from SVP to CFO and his comp level is around $300K.

Cindy R., South Carolina

Cindy was between opportunities when she engaged us. We found her a job as a COO in the unpublished market by making direct introductions to CEO/Chairmen at companies. She became a COO at an electronics firm in Rhode Island due to our efforts. When she decided to relocate to California we assisted her in opening her own consulting firm.

Eugene Q., Minnesota

Eugene landed three jobs with us so far through Circle of Influence and Recruiter processes. He came to us as an unemployed executive. He first landed a transition job with an agro conglomerate as a territory sales executive, ($165K comp) and then a VP of Sales position at a nationwide distributor ($196K), then, most recently, as General Manager of Global Sales for an industry leader ($225K).

Gary M., Quebec

Gary found great value in our databases, providing him the ability to get to people he wouldn’t have been able to contact through regular channels. He was able to do a major industry transition, maintaining his CEO role while moving from telecom to software.

With a comp package exceeding $1 million, he heads up a VC-backed firm in Calgary.

James J., New York

James credits our interview coaching and skillful authoring of marketing materials as the major keys in overcoming age discrimination as he launched his search at age 63. His background academia was rewarded with a Dean of Education position.

Jeff D., Virginia

Jeff had recently retired from the military. During the past year we helped him pull in over $150,000 in 1099 income. As his search for permanent employment took hold, we helped him to decide between four offers. With our continuing coaching, he has since received a major promotion and is working directly with the owner now.

Kristen H., Virginia

Kristen found her dream job at a charitable organization within a research hospital in Tennessee. Transitioned from Consultant to Non-Profit. She did very well with TBG recruiter introductions and published market support programs. Had 5-6 interviews. Going from Consultant to Vice President of Strategy and doubling her income from $150K to $300K.

Andres T., Mexico

Andres had been downsized from his $175K Senior Legal Counsel position.

He most valued Dan’s help in interviewing and negotiations. Dan Resendes headed up the team, guiding and managing Andres through a convoluted and highly sophisticated hiring process at a major corporation.

He is now at the partner level and increased his comp package over $45K, to $225K, signifying an excellent and rapid return on his Barrett investment, most remarkable in this economy.

Time from Orientation to Offer: three months. Andres received half a dozen interviews from our processes and continues to receive interviews and calls since his landing.

Margaret D., Lansdale, PA

Margaret started with us in July. Margaret was employed but just in a tough environment. Our program had a dual approach.

  1. Assist Margaret with the politics at her current employer and while at the same time,
  2. find a new opportunity, preferably as a General Counsel.

Margaret had numerous interviews during her campaign and could afford to be picky about the correct position. We assisted her with many interview preps.

By February she received a response to a management introduction that we sent notifying the CEO of her application for a GC position. She received an offer in April.

She found the strategizing to be of most value to her. Continuing with our career management program after being hired, we were able to help her to negotiate a salary increase in six months and a bonus increase as well. She went from $102K the previous year to $155K.

Paul G., Massachusetts

Paul loves the circle-of-influence process, finding it particularly apropos for entrepreneurs and senior executives. Through the transfer of knowledge and Paul’s skillful application of our processes, he now serves as part-time CEO and owner of several companies. Paul is able to work in a consulting capacity and earn over $500K per year.

Like many of our clients, he loves being an active member of our Barrett family and regularly works with our clients as a business partner for gigs he cannot manage himself.

Randy D., Missouri

Randy is a Human Resources Professional. He came away from the process with the feeling that having an in-house expert at his side who provided objective advice was invaluable and our research was fabulous.

He applied to a position at a world-renown manufacturer in Nashville and the HR department ignored him. We introduced him directly to the CEO, who interviewed and hired him on the spot. We coached him through his meeting with the CEO and assisted him directly in hammering out a highly favorable compensation package.

Ray S., Pennsylvania

Ray landed within five months and enjoyed our highest compensation negotiation increase to date: from an initial offer of $3 million to an estimated final compensation package topping $15 million. He is now a co-owner of an LLC that brings new drugs to market.

Chuck L., Rhode Island

Chuck came to us after a difficult departure from his company. He was in a very frustrated state of mind both because he was forced to leave what he considered an ideal job at a high level of compensation, and he had no idea how to market himself.

He started his search the way most people do, but the internet job boards produced less than desirable results, and no recruiters were interested in him. He was almost embarrassed to use his network, as he didn’t feel comfortable having to defend why he left his past role.

He finally hired The Barrett Group. We created a search strategy that suited his needs focused on his industry of choice. We recognized that his networking skills were very strong; it was his confidence level that needed a bump. We showed him a different way to penetrate his circle of influence that started producing results.

Since he was previously employed by an international firm that was a great fit for his skill set, we did some specific research on other locations throughout the world, something he hadn’t considered. Before long, he had interviews, landed a position and increased his compensation to over $1.4 million. He credits The Barrett Group with getting his career back on track!

Rhonda K., Wisconsin

Rhonda was unemployed when she came on board and landed her position in just three months.

She found the new position by following our Circle of Influence process and her team was gratified when she told them that Barrett had changed her life.

She started her new position at the VP level and is on track to assume the Presidency within six months; currently she is at the $150K level.

Bob J., Massachusetts

Bob had entered Phase Two of our process, during which the client is introduced to the recruiter community.

One of the recruiters presented Bob for a junior level position and wanted to send him to NJ on an interview. When he discussed his reticence to take the trip with his consultant, the team returned with a winning value proposition and Bob agreed to give it a shot.

The company made him an offer, he turned it down, then took our advice to request a more senior position at their local facility, which was ten minutes from his house. He was hired and said that he would have never received the opportunity if not for The Barrett Group.

Bob has told us that he found the greatest value in Barrett’s abilities to uncover the hidden job market and that our coaches are professional and provide objective feedback and advice.

His transition was from a VP of Ops at $200K to VP of Operational Excellence at the $300K level.

Robert P., New York

Robert had thought he was an excellent interviewer until he completed the Barrett Interview Coaching process; he said it “really opened my eyes.”

He also lauds the quality of research as being instrumental in his landing at his targeted compensation level.

Tim D., California

Tim came on board as our client with three mandates for his consulting team.

He: 1) wanted to open his own business, 2) serve on a board, 3) teach at a university.

We accomplished all three in six months. He is owner and serving on the board of an adult daycare business and serving as Adjunct Professor at two universities.

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Diversity in the Workplace is a Win-Win-Win

Diversity in the Workplace is a Win-Win-Win

Corporate America has a long way to go to achieve true diversity, especially at the executive level. Change has come at a snail’s pace for decades. But then the Black Lives Matter protests happened.

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Which Industries Will Sink and Which Will Swim in the Post-Covid World?

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Career Management and the New Normal

What will work life and job seeking look like after the Coronavirus Crisis? The coronavirus crisis has unleashed a maelstrom of uncertainty about every aspect of our lives.

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