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Success Stories: About our clients

  • Tim D., California

    Tim came on board as our client with three mandates for his consulting team.

    He: 1) wanted to open his own business, 2) serve on a board, 3) teach at a university.

    We accomplished all three in six months. He is owner and serving on the board of an adult daycare business and serving as Adjunct Professor at two universities.

  • Robert P., New York

    Robert had thought he was an excellent interviewer until he completed the Barrett Interview Coaching process; he said it “really opened my eyes.”

    He also lauds the quality of research as being instrumental in his landing at his targeted compensation level.

  • Bob J., Massachusetts

    Bob had entered Phase Two of our process, during which the client is introduced to the recruiter community.

    One of the recruiters presented Bob for a junior level position and wanted to send him to NJ on an interview. When he discussed his reticence to take the trip with his consultant, the team returned with a winning value proposition and Bob agreed to give it a shot.

    The company made him an offer, he turned it down, then took our advice to request a more senior position at their local facility, which was ten minutes from his house. He was hired and said that he would have never received the opportunity if not for The Barrett Group.

    Bob has told us that he found the greatest value in Barrett’s abilities to uncover the hidden job market and that our coaches are professional and provide objective feedback and advice.

    His transition was from a VP of Ops at $200K to VP of Operational Excellence at the $300K level.

  • Rhonda K., Wisconsin

    Rhonda was unemployed when she came on board and landed her position in just three months.

    She found the new position by following our Circle of Influence process and her team was gratified when she told them that Barrett had changed her life.

    She started her new position at the VP level and is on track to assume the Presidency within six months; currently she is at the $150K level.

  • Chuck L., Rhode Island

    Chuck came to us after a difficult departure from his company. He was in a very frustrated state of mind both because he was forced to leave what he considered an ideal job at a high level of compensation, and he had no idea how to market himself.

    He started his search the way most people do, but the internet job boards produced less than desirable results, and no recruiters were interested in him. He was almost embarrassed to use his network, as he didn’t feel comfortable having to defend why he left his past role.

    He finally hired The Barrett Group. We created a search strategy that suited his needs focused on his industry of choice. We recognized that his networking skills were very strong; it was his confidence level that needed a bump. We showed him a different way to penetrate his circle of influence that started producing results.

    Since he was previously employed by an international firm that was a great fit for his skill set, we did some specific research on other locations throughout the world, something he hadn’t considered. Before long, he had interviews, landed a position and increased his compensation to over $1.4 million. He credits The Barrett Group with getting his career back on track!

  • Ray S., Pennsylvania

    Ray landed within five months and enjoyed our highest compensation negotiation increase to date: from an initial offer of $3 million to an estimated final compensation package topping $15 million. He is now a co-owner of an LLC that brings new drugs to market.

  • Randy D., Missouri

    Randy is a Human Resources Professional. He came away from the process with the feeling that having an in-house expert at his side who provided objective advice was invaluable and our research was fabulous.

    He applied to a position at a world-renown manufacturer in Nashville and the HR department ignored him. We introduced him directly to the CEO, who interviewed and hired him on the spot. We coached him through his meeting with the CEO and assisted him directly in hammering out a highly favorable compensation package.

  • Paul G., Massachusetts

    Paul loves the circle-of-influence process, finding it particularly apropos for entrepreneurs and senior executives. Through the transfer of knowledge and Paul’s skillful application of our processes, he now serves as part-time CEO and owner of several companies. Paul is able to work in a consulting capacity and earn over $500K per year.

    Like many of our clients, he loves being an active member of our Barrett family and regularly works with our clients as a business partner for gigs he cannot manage himself.

  • Margaret D., Lansdale, PA

    Margaret started with us in July. Margaret was employed but just in a tough environment. Our program had a dual approach.

    • Assist Margaret with the politics at her current employer and while at the same time,
    • find a new opportunity, preferably as a General Counsel.

    Margaret had numerous interviews during her campaign and could afford to be picky about the correct position. We assisted her with many interview preps.

    By February she received a response to a management introduction that we sent notifying the CEO of her application for a GC position. She received an offer in April.

    She found the strategizing to be of most value to her. Continuing with our career management program after being hired, we were able to help her to negotiate a salary increase in six months and a bonus increase as well. She went from $102K the previous year to $155K.

  • Andres T., Mexico

    Andres had been downsized from his $175K Senior Legal Counsel position.

    He most valued Dan’s help in interviewing and negotiations. Dan Resendes headed up the team, guiding and managing Andres through a convoluted and highly sophisticated hiring process at a major corporation.

    He is now at the partner level and increased his comp package over $45K, to $225K, signifying an excellent and rapid return on his Barrett investment, most remarkable in this economy.

    Time from Orientation to Offer: three months. Andres received half a dozen interviews from our processes and continues to receive interviews and calls since his landing.

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