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Career Change Testimonials: What our clients are saying about their career change process

  • James Henderson, Design Consultant At Anglian Home Improvements (UK)

    Firstly, I recall being incredibly apprehensive initially, as this was obviously a significant investment that required a lot of trust.

    It had been over 20 years since I had to put myself out into the market again as I had always been recruited for for roles throughout my career.

    I also understood that I was ultimately the one who would secure my new role. That The Barrett Group would not just get me a new job, but support, direct and guide me through a very thorough process that would prepare and enable me to be successful through leveraging relationships in my portfolio whom I trusted as mentors throughout my career to date.

    Waffles Natusch, Dan Resendes and several support team members were all instrumental in not just support with weekly calls, but available at incredibly short notice if an interview came up. Even on weekends. Everything from refreshing a relevant resume/CV, training for interviewing techniques, depending on either agency or direct company members and their backgrounds, LinkedIn data mining, company databases etc. and a journey of home work and ground work in preparation.

    I think it would also be relevant to add that obviously as of late, the world has changed massively. Major retailing/business trends that are coming out of COVID19 are focusing on collaboration, partnership, community & transparency. The need to be agile, flexible and must have the ability to pivot their business and to pivot digitally. Balancing technology with humanity is now vital and how we navigate the physical environment and digital environment become more relevant.

    The rise of sustainability and the rise of the mindful consumer and mindful consumption increases. Todays consumer is much more thoughtful, that cares, is focused on health & safety, security and trust. When searching for the right fit with future roles, candidates should focus on challenging to understand how brands/companies nurture the consumer, focusing on empathy, inclusivity and feeling safe. The future will quickly become PEOPLE FIRST, SAFETY FIRST as apposed to product first.

    ALL of this is completely how The Barrett Group focuses their support and I fully endorse them 100%!

  • Carol Knouse, IT Consultant

    Working with the Barrett Group was a game changer for me. It had been years since I looked for a new position and my consultant really educated me with regard to changes in the recruiting industry along with the use of social media like LinkedIn. She kept me on track and I really learned how to market myself. Anyone looking for a job or career change owes it to themselves to work with TBG

  • Richard Bellas, CCO DFI Corporation

    I was very skeptical at first but decided to call the Barrett folks anyway. After working 22 years at PepsiCo in various senior management positions I was looking at new opportunities and/or senior executive/corporate roles. Another Ex-PEP executive spoke very highly about the group and their capabilities. That was almost two years ago and it ended up being a great decision to call and they helped me with my professional choices and offered some helpful personal counsel, too.

  • Anita Bowers, Business Analyst, Visions In Education

    Anita Bowers landed her new job after only six weeks in our program – and that while changing industries! Anita comments: “I believe the interview question guide was a contributing factor in securing the job. When I asked questions of the interviewers from your list, they almost always commented ‘Great question’.”

  • Indira G., Sunnyvale, CA

    I had a very positive experience with The Barrett Group (TBG). I engaged TBG to help me find my current job.

    Sue Mitchell was my consultant and she is incredibly knowledgeable and thorough in her work. We had weekly calls in which Sue taught me the TBG methodology of executing a job search. She also helped me update my resume and rewrite my LinkedIn profile. I am incredibly grateful for some of the powerful networking techniques she taught me which not only helped me get the job offers I got, but is also something I continue to use now to increase my social capital.

    Within 3 months of engaging TBG, I landed my first job offer which paid a significantly higher compensation than what I had. I decided to pass on that offer since it was very similar to the job I was doing and I was really looking for a change. Also by then I had a few other interviews in progress. I received my second job offer a month after the first one. However, my employer had offered me a retention bonus to stay for another 9 months in the meantime. So, I passed on the second offer as well and took my time looking for the perfect job. Finally, a month before I got my retention bonus, I landed my current job.

    Sue also taught me some salary negotiation techniques that proved to be very useful with all the three offers. The timing was so perfect, I left my prior employer right after receiving my retention bonus.

    In summary, not only did I get the job of my choice at the right time, I also learned some life long skills in networking, negotiations and had an overall positive experience.

    I will highly recommend TBG to anyone looking for a career change.

  • Kevin R., Regional Director Of Operations

    For a businessman who had not had interview for a new position in over a decade, the dedicated team at The Barrett Group (TBG) provided me the insight into where my strengths and opportunities are, a good update to my resume as well as my LinkedIn profile, and professional career coaching throughout my almost year long job search. I was hesitant at first, but after speaking with their Clilent Concierge, and reading many successful reviews posted on their website, I decided this is what I needed to help me put my best foot forward.

    I did an initial consultation and took a DISC assessment and I made a life plan based on my values, strengths and opportunities. This helped me to truly focus on what I wanted most in my career and personal life. After that I was paired up with Paula, a professional career coach who, along with her team at TBG, helped me create a very professional resume, a LinkedIn profile that “works,” and provided weekly hour-long counseling sessions. We worked to focus on companies that would provide me with my position requirements and salary in the area of the country I wanted to relocate to.

    Paula and I discussed and practiced how to best answer difficult interview questions as well as how to handle rejection and move on. While we had scheduled weekly sessions, she was ALWAYS available to take my call any time I might need additional help even on weekends or evenings. We discussed how to best utilize search engines, recruiters and finally direct email as resources to get in front of decision makers. I was able to generate much more interest and land many more interviews with much more going into the final selection due to my relationship with Paula and The Barrett Group team.

    Once I finally decided and accepted a position with my current company, a large operator of several restaurant chains, they again updated my resume and LinkedIn profile and offer lifetime updates as my position changes throughout the rest of my career.

    One thought before going in: though TBG provides many resources, it is still up to you to do the daily legwork and networking necessary to land the job. They can show you the way, but only you can do it. If you are a long term executive that is currently looking for professional help and coaching during transition in your career, The Barrett Group is a great company to reach out to. I’m glad I did.

  • Craig Richards, Lead Investigative Security Agent Global Security Organization At ADP

    Coming from law enforcement and the corporate security world where I had spent the last 28 years, I was in need of re-learning how to find a new career challenge. I knew my resume and job seeking skills were out of date, so I did a lot of research on where to find help.

    My research (after careful analysis) led me to The Barrett Group. The Barrett group took the time to learn about me, my area of expertise and helped me rewrite my resume, worked on my LinkedIn page, assisted me in mock interviews and was basically there for me whenever I had a question or concern.

    After receiving some decent job offers, The Barrett Group helped me to become more skilled in negotiating salary and benefits packages. Due to this assistance I was able to turn down jobs that did not meet my expectations, and eventually succeeded in landing a great job with a very fair compensation package.

    The Barrett Group remained flexible, patient and followed up with me throughout my entire job search and even still continues to stay in touch and update my resume etc. I would recommend them to anyone looking to improve their opportunities to land the best career for them.

  • Bill Swirtz, Vice President - Arizona, Colliers International

    If you are interested in reading a testimonial from a Barrett Group client, who’s campaign did not go as planned, look no further.

    After leaving the corporate world in exchange for a slower pace that included travel, great food and beverages, with great friends, I decided to re-enter the corporate arena once again. That’s when I hired The Barrett Group. This was a totally new experience for me as I contemplated what avenues I wanted to explore. The Barrett Group assisted me in updating my resume, as well as identifying potential opportunities. I found them to be exceptionally qualified and motivated to get me back into the marketplace.

    The Barrett Group did a great job of living up to their accountabilities and service deliverables and in turn I was diligent in following their instructions and executing.

    What did The Barrett group do? They refused to give up on me.

    Because I worked the program and followed their instructions, the management of The Barrett Group added additional resources to my campaign and extended the term of our agreement. They told me that success was the most important element of their company’s mission.

    Today I am working in a wonderful job environment, in the correct location, with a fantastic company, and serving in my targeted executive-level role.

    I highly recommend The Barrett Group as they truly care for their clients and work relentlessly to achieve the desired results.

  • Kristina Brown, Senior Counsel At Brown, Moskowitz & Kallen

    The resources provided by The Barrett Group (TBG) are invaluable – from resume drafting to business contacts/research, the tools cannot be underestimated. But, most importantly, the genuine service and support from my career coach, George Schulz, helped me land my new position. George’s unrelenting pushes and prods, coupled with motivational and encouraging words, were the biggest asset of the TBG program for me. Many thanks!

  • John Shaw, General Manager, CTDI, Inc.

    I can honestly say that if it had not been for the life & career coaching by Greg & Julie, I would likely not been able to convert on this opportunity. Although the job opportunity did not come from the traditional networking activity that I was doing, the tools & procedures that I was coached on for the preparation of the resume & cover letter, the initial phone interview and the subsequent 8 face-to-face interviews, I can honestly say that I would not be in this position. I thoroughly enjoyed and will value for the rest of my career the work that I did with the Barrett folks. Thank you everyone!!

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