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How is your Job Search Going?

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Career Change

The Barrett Group

Is your career positioning exactly what you always wanted? If not, you may benefit from having a dedicated team of job search specialists by your side throughout your journey. Are you changing careers, or looking for a new career? We’re here to help!

When you contact us, we will review your background and plans for change. If we feel that our services might be right for you, we will contact you to schedule a confidential in-depth analysis of your needs.

Meet Your Career Management Team

  • Daniel W. Resendes

    Chief Consulting Officer
  • Michael Vignery

    Senior Consultant
  • Donna Mase

    Senior Consultant
  • Rich Levy

    Senior Consultant
  • Peter Irish

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Duke Hamm

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Mark Steinke

    Chief Strategy Officer
  • Rick Gelber

    Senior Career Consultant
  • Waffles P. Natusch

    Chief Operating Officer

Client Testimonials

  • Richard Bellas, CCO DFI Corporation

    I was very skeptical at first but decided to call the Barrett folks anyway. After working 22 years at PepsiCo in various senior management positions I was looking at new opportunities and/or senior executive/corporate roles. Another Ex-PEP executive spoke very highly about the group and their capabilities.  That was almost two years ago and it ended up being a great decision to call and they helped me with my professional choices and offered some helpful personal counsel, too.
    ~ Richard Bellas, CCO DFI Corporation  

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  • Kevin Baker, Regional Director, Metamark Genetics

    My team at the Barrett Group was an outstanding consulting force in assisting me with securing a career position that exceeded my expectations. Always highly professional and responsive, they delivered on their promises. I was particularly impressed with the quality of my consultant’s personal advice, guidance and coaching and the group’s career document preparation. Partnering with the Barrett Group was the most important investment that I have made in my career. I strongly recommend their services to anyone interested in advancing their career.
    ~ Kevin Baker, Regional Director, Metamark Genetics

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  • Svetlana Tikhonov, Senior Director of Corporate Strategy, SAP

    I could not have done this without my consultant because she kept me on track for my entire career search, and helped me to understand what type of opportunities and geographical areas to focus on.
    ~ Svetlana Tikhonov, Senior Director of Corporate Strategy, SAP

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  • Carol Knouse, IT Consultant

    Working with the Barrett Group was a game changer for me. It had been years since I looked for a new position and my consultant really educated me with regard to changes in the recruiting industry along with the use of social media like LinkedIn. She kept me on track and I really learned how to market myself. Anyone looking for a job or career change owes it to themselves to work with TBG!
    ~ Carol Knouse, IT Consultant

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  • Lee Price, Arkansas State Director, US Department of Labor

    TBG delivers exactly what they promise! I would NEVER have been able to do this or to get the same results on my own. Without TBG, I would still be searching!
    ~ Lee Price, Arkansas State Director, US Department of Labor

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  • James Henderson, District Manager, Thomas Pink

    My TBG team provided excellent support, preparation, guidance and assuredness as and when required, with an outstanding humanistic approach. Your services were invaluable to me and helped me to land my ideal position! The investment to work with you was worth every penny!
    ~ James Henderson, District Manager, Thomas Pink

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  • Lori Scozzafava, VP Operations Officer, GBB,Inc.

    Every executive selects talented people with the right skills to meet their objectives. To achieve my goal of finding a new job, I’m glad I had the Barrett Group as part of my team.
    ~ Lori Scozzafava, VP Operations Officer, GBB,Inc.

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  • Miriam Balsamo, AVP

    If I had to do this job search on my own, I would never have gotten the job that I got! My consultant provided a perspective in that she always kept me grounded, especially when I was feeling anxious. She was always readily accessible to me, and I had the utmost of confidence in her advice. It was always spot on. I ended up with 3 offers to juggle, and she rehearsed the negotiation with me so I got the highest offer possible from the company that was my first choice. I would not have been successful without her guidance on this.
    ~ Miriam Balsamo, AVP

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  • J. Martocchio, Company Confidential

    TBG was very good at helping me take a fresh look at my personal situation i.e. background, qualifications, brand, etc. and they ultimately helped me to achieve my professional career goals faster. I was able to see my skill set and accomplishments from a different prospective, which resulted in my being able to pursue a new and different career path, without taking a salary cut.
    ~ J. Martocchio, Company Confidential

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  • C. Crocker, Confidential Company

    The Barrett Group helped me capitalize on my strengths and recognize my potential. Their knowledge of LinkedIn analytics and help with the revamp of my LinkedIn profile and resume was a huge boon to my job search. My consultant in particular, was a fabulous resource and source of encouragement!
    ~ C. Crocker, Confidential Company

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The Future Of Work Is… Virtual!

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Contact Us To Change Your Career

Are you in a midlife career change? Are you changing careers at 30, 40 or 50 years of age? Do you need a new career? If you are currently experiencing difficulty in your job search, we’re here to help. Please send a message with your information or call.


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