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Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 6
Interviews Advanced: 9
1st Interviews: 14
Interviews with Recruiters:


Offers Accepted:

Congratulations to Lori Chevalier and her clients, B. and J.!

Client B. accepted an offer from a Hospitals, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals company to serve as Senior Design Engineer. 

Client M. accepted an executive role.

Congratulations to Asli Bilgin and her client, C.!

Client C. accepted an offer from a beverage company  to serve as a Packaging Expert. C.’s compensation will be over €150K with a 12-month contract, extendable to permanent, and possible, partial education reimbursement. This was an increase of over €10K from the initial offer. C. found this position through a job posting.


Congratulations to Isabelita Castilho and her client, G.!

Within one month, Client G. accepted an offer from a Finance & Financial Services company, to serve as a Senior Commercial Officer. G.’s compensation will be CHF160K. 

Congratulations to Rob Wicker and his client, C.!

Client C. accepted an offer from a Manufacturing company to serve as a Manufacturing Engineering Manager. C.’s compensation will be $130K plus a bonus. C. found this position through a job posting.

Congratulations to Julie Mathern and her client, R.!

Client R. accepted an offer from a Hospitals, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals company to serve as Human Resources Director. R. found this position through a job posting.



We are grateful to hear feedback from our clients. 

The Barrett Group (TBG) client, J. shared the following with Executive Career Consultant, Program Manager and Staff Writer, Lori Chevalier:

You are the best. Your insight is so helpful and you frame everything perfectly. You are a marvelous ‘teacher’.” 


TBG client, N. shared the following with Executive Career Consultant and Program Manager, Isabelita Castilho’s client, after an Unpublished Market Session with her:

“Albeit the late reply, I need to confirm that the session is remarkable and helps to reshape the mind to leverage connections on LinkedIn and the method to “promote” myself.”


These 5-star Better Business Bureau reviews are from satisfied clients.

TBG client Amee E., left this glowing review:

“I had to work very hard to get through this program and there were times I was very frustrated and struggling. That being said, I decided to trust the process and continue forward. I didn’t find a new job the way I envisioned, however by learning to advocate for myself I landed a job that is absolutely amazing! Plus there are great growth opportunities to get me back on track with my career plans quickly. I cannot express my appreciation any other way than to simply say “thank you”! Now I look in the mirror and see the value I bring and there is no way to put a dollar amount on that feeling. My recommendation would be for anyone considering this program would be to trust the process and do the work. You will grow and it may hurt a bit, but you can do this!!!!”


TBG client Simona M., shared this review:

“I recently started the process with Barrett Group and just finished the *************** step. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but indeed the program really helped me gain insights on my unique strengths and skills and helped me better define the value that I can bring to a company. Working with my clarity coach ******* was great, I can absolutely recommend the program to anyone looking for their next step or considering a career change.”



Unpublished Market – The Unpublished Market is a vast, open market where executive positions are not listed. Learn more about it here.  About 75% of our clients land jobs through the Unpublished Market. 

It’s time to fulfill your career potential and follow those career aspirations. Standing out in the field of executives will be vital to your success. Work with the professional career consultants at The Barrett Group. Contact us today.

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