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Senior Trainer: Tracy Katz

When her company of 20 years underwent a merger, Tracy found the newly available roles unappealing and wanted professional help transitioning to her next career.

Senior Compensation Consultant: Mara Marino

When Covid forced state-wide construction suspensions, Mara’s job was eliminated, and she struggled to find work in the deteriorating economic climate.

Plant Manager: Russell H.

Major corporate strategy shifts at his company compelled Russell to leave and seek new employment, but his job search efforts were going nowhere.

Head of Quality Assurance: Kathleen P.

When Kathleen didn’t get a promotion she felt she merited, she left the company and sought an executive coach to help her self-reflect and understand how to market herself better.

Manager, HSE Business Unit: Kwasi Asare

Kwasi’s job was eliminated when Covid forced his company to restructure, but after 20 years at the company, he needed help navigating today’s employment market.

Managing Director: Rob Szafraniec

When his company went bankrupt unexpectedly, Rob found himself cast into the employment market for the first time in over 20 years.

VP of Operations: Diane

After two years in a consulting role, Diane realized that she preferred and wanted to return to a corporate environment.

Chief Commercial Officer: Peter Witke

When an executive-level disagreement about management structure forced him to seek other employment in the middle of the Covid crisis, Peter knew he needed help.

Area Sales Manager: Bob Meara

When new senior leadership made corporate changes Bob disagreed with, he decided to leave. But after 20 years at one company he didn’t know where to start.

Design Consultant: James Henderson

Throughout his career, James had been recruited for roles throughout his entire career – until now.

Senior Associate of Credit Risk: Barry G.

After an involuntary departure from the organization, Barry struggled to find another position that met his needs.

Scheduling Executive: Heather S.

Heather S. wanted a change of both corporate environment and geography, but her job search efforts failed to gain traction.

Director of Intellectual Property: Vinod R.

After a new job in a new field went badly, Vinod R. sought a better fit. However, job prospects were limited.

Senior Manager: Erin D.

After several successful years working at her company, Erin D. felt that she had outgrown it and wanted help transitioning to a more senior role.

Regional Sales Manager: Erik W.

Furloughed during the Covid-19 downturn, Erik W. couldn’t wait for an economic bounce and needed help making himself more marketable in a tough job market.

Chief Administrative Officer: Bibi D.

Bibi D. wanted a change, but she didn’t know how to navigate the modern job market.

Director of Systems Quality Engineering: Manan J.

Manan’s job search was stymied by an underdeveloped network in a field where most jobs are filled through networking.

Head of Revenue Technology & Operations: Chris Burger

When new leadership proved to be a poor fit, Chris B. decided to pursue alternative opportunities. But after 20 years in the same job, he didn’t know where to start.

Director of Finance: Laura

When her superior left, Laura asked for a promotion to his open position. She was told something vague and discouraging, like, “You’re not quite ready.”

State Director for Texas: Lee Price

Lee had retired. Then Lee unretired, and that’s how he came to engage The Barrett Group to help him with his third act.

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