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Landing the executive job can be an uphill struggle and take 12 months or more. Why?


Traditional recruiters / headhunters represent only 10% of executive job landings, because most of the time they don’t have an order matching your profile.


On-line job boards represent only around 15% of executive job landings, as they focus on more junior roles.


Unpublished job market represents 75% of all executives landing.


The Barrett Group operates for 30 years and has 90%* success rate of helping our clients to land their desired jobs, because we focus on the unpublished market.

ROI: 6

Average time to land your job with us is 6 months* versus 12 months on your own. Our fee is around 1 month salary. ROI = (12-6)/1 = 6.

* 2018 - 2020 track record for clients, who follow TBG methodology

Success Studies

  • 169604332_l_sq_Agata

    Agata Lewandowska

    Operational Efficiency Consultant

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  • Bob Meara3b

    Bob Meara - Part 2 of 2

    Regional Sales Director

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  • Lisa Carpenter


    Executive Director

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  • Martha Anderson_1

    Martha Anderson

    Sr. Consultant

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  • Mike Logozzo_sq_72268025_l


    Financial Services

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  • Robert Hukshorn

    Robert Hukshorn

    Segment Director Petfood 

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  • Elfreda Massie


    Vice President K-12 Strategy 

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  • Lindsay Kesselman_sq_151979980_l


    Director of Business Development

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  • 124718875_l_David Kratchman_sq


    Business Development Manager

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  • Alisa Preston

    Alisa Preston

    Leading the growth of a marine services company’s underwater technology resources

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Our Proprietary 5-Step Methodology

1. The Foundation Step: The Clarity Program©

2. Personal Branding and Campaign Development

3. Market Access to Hiring Executives

4.1 Preparation for Interviews

4.2 Offer Negotiations

5. Onboarding

Your Career Management Team

Throughout the process, you will be supported by 6 experts, led by a career consultant dedicated to you.

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