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The Barrett Group’s purpose is to help you to land the job you want, at the compensation and in the location you want.

Peter Irish, CEO, The Barrett Group

After years of a successful career, you find yourself at the crossroads. You know you want a change, but you are still unsure in which direction it should go. Continue with the same role, but in a different organization? Move on to a new role, or maybe start something completely new? And if so, what could it be?

Navigating your career on your own is not always easy. On one side, as much as 75% of new executive searches are completed via the unpublished market with the remaining 15% covered by the published market, such as on-line job boards, and only 10% by recruiters. On the other side, the recruitment industry primarily serves the needs of the employer, leaving executives on their own for the most part.

Recent estimates suggest that the average time for executives to find a job on their own now takes around 12 months for a €120,000 job, and even more time for higher paid roles.

This is where The Barrett Group comes in, working for the executive – serving your needs first and foremost, helping you to navigate the full spectrum of the job market, including networking your way to the hiring managers in the unpublished market, and all of that in significantly less time.

We at the Barrett Group are here to help you to land the job you want, at the compensation and in the location you want.

This process, based on 30 years of experience, proved to be extremely effective. The Barrett Group (TBG) achieved 90% success rate in landing clients in their new job within 12 months, with an average time of 6 months.

ROI: 6

TBG potentially offers a very attractive return on investment, assuming:

Average time to land a new job on your own at €120,000 = 12 months,
with TBG = 6 months
TBG fee is around monthly salary = 1 month

ROI = (12-6)/1 = 6

*2018/2019 track record for clients, who follow TBG methodology

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Executive Service For Your Next Career Step

Our 5-step proprietary methodology is comprised of:

1. Clarity Program©
2. Personal Branding and Campaign Development
3. Market Access to Hiring Executives
4. Preparation for Interviews and Offer Negotiation
5. Onboarding

All 5 steps are executed by a team of 7 specialists led by a career consultant dedicated to you

Step 1 – Clarity Program©

You know you want a change, but you are still unsure in which direction it should go. Continue with the same role, but in a different organization or start something new? Spend more time with your family, take better care of your health? Clarify what your strengths are, specify the work environment in which you could flourish (e.g. high pace / high stress or more balanced)?

The Clarity Program© is designed to improve your own self-knowledge so as to help you be more effective and avoid career obstacles, as well as to validate what is important to you not only professionally, but also in your whole life. Our experience shows that as much as 50% of clients want a change in their career after going through the Clarity Program©.

Your strategic plan both for work and for your life, and a better understanding of your behavioral profile.

90% of our clients rate the Clarity Program© as “excellent.” It is also available on its own.

Step 2 – Personal branding and campaign development

Not only is uploading your CV on different websites ineffective, but it is also risky. As thousands of CVs are managed by junior HR people and/or algorithms, unable to properly evaluate your skills, your CV looses its value.

That’s why step 2 is defining your value proposition and the best way to position you. What makes the difference is to quantify your value to the specific audience / employer rather than depict a generic set of activities that don’t get you anywhere. It also helps in negotiating your offer later on.

Your social capital strategy, including resumes and cover letters tailored to each opportunity, your upgraded LinkedIn profile, and clear briefings for each stage of reaching out to your new network.

Step 3 - Market Access to Hiring Executives

Getting the access to the key decision makers is not easy. On one side, you may not even know about the opportunity as 75% of new executive searches are executed via the unpublished market. On the other side, approaching the hiring executives with cold calling is simply not effective.

Therefore Step 3 provides you with access to the hiring executives in the company and the location you desire, as well as a social capital strategy to approach them with referrals rather than cold calling. Our research team has access to thousands of contacts, intelligently segmented based on the role of hiring manager, desired company and location.

The key deliverables are the contact information for key decision makers and the strategy to approach them to secure interviews.

Step 4 – Preparation for Interviews and Offer Negotiation

How to be well prepared to respond adequately to tough interview questions? And how to negotiate the offer, in a positive and respecful way, not leaving money on table?

It is all about anticipating tough interview questions and developing fluid, authentic responses.  We also help identify critical gaps and potential pitfalls, such as whether your experience is truly transferrable.  Through role play, we equip clients with practical interview experience that assures they will perform much better in their live interviews.

The key deliverable is to help you get the interviews, improve performance during the interviews, and then receive better offers.

Step 5 - Onboarding

How to get off to a good start in the new, unknown territory? How to identify the needs of key stakeholders? How to prioritize all of them? How could interdepartmental politics affect your performance?

We find the first 100 days are critical for future success and we want all of our clients to get off to a good start. This is where we can help with onboarding, ensuring a happy landing, including planning ahead and how to manage and prioritize stakeholders.

The deliverable is your onboarding plan, an evaluation of the organizational landscape that includes an analysis of functional interdependencies, and coaching to get it right.

Your Career Management Team

Throughout the process, you will be supported by 7 specialists, led by a career consultant dedicated to you.

What’s Next

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Within 48 hours, we will contact you to schedule an introductory call with our senior consultant.

When we agree to proceed, we will follow up with a longer meeting to understand your needs better and to provide you with the best-suited service offer.