Industry Update - Hospitality

INDUSTRY UPDATE: Hospitality – November 2021

INDUSTRY UPDATE- Hospitality Other than perhaps the airlines, no other industry has been hit as hard by the pandemic as the hospitality industry. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) cites industry job losses in the US in the millions at the beginning of 2020. (See source including Chart 1.) However, the net job changes swung in a positive direction during the balance of 2020 and into 2021….
Industry Update - e-Commerce

INDUSTRY UPDATE: e-Commerce – November 2021

INDUSTRY UPDATE: e-Commerce – November 2021 Introduction to e-Commerce Do you actually remember a world without the internet? According to one source, e-commerce was invented about 40 years ago—even before the internet via dial-up modems. (See source.) Along the way, some important milestones include: 1969 Compuserve founded 1979 First electronic shopping 1982 Boston Computer Exchange…
How does the unpublished market work

So how does the unpublished market actually work?

What did Walter in 1985, John in 1988, Anthony in 1991, Tony in 1995, and Kristina in 2012 have in common? Each of them was a hiring executive who had a unique challenge. A hole in their organization. A business opportunity without a solution… that they had not yet advertised. They had an unpublished job opening. And, in each case, I happened to be “Johnny on the Spot” (the right person at the …
Industry Update - Energy


INDUSTRY UPDATE: Energy Energy Perspective: Change is in the Air If change represents opportunity, then this is a great time to be in the energy industry. Let us highlight some of the key challenges driving these transformations. To summarize: Climate change has mutated from a threat to a reality. Policymakers are actively wrangling to keep the global temperature from rising even more disast…
Industry Update - Venture Capital / Private Equity

INDUSTRY UPDATE: Venture Capital and Private Equity – October 2021

Industry Update: Venture Capital and Private Equity It is a fact that the current business environment has been difficult for some industrial sectors while allowing others to flourish.  Clearly, venture capital (VC) and private equity (PE) belong to the latter group. “Global venture capital investments hit record high” read one recent headline from Reuters. (See source.)  The article went on …
VC/PE Interview

VC/PE – The Barrett Group’s CEO Interviews Managing Director of Parabellum RE

The Barrett Group’s CEO Peter Irish interviews Fabiano Aguilar, Managing Director at Parabellum RE as they discuss the challenges and opportunities within Venture Capital and Private Equity Peter Irish: Hello there. This is Peter Irish here from The Barrett Group today. It is my pleasure to introduce Fabiano Aguilar, who will talk to us about the private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC…
The Horse in the Kitchen - Where Do I Go From Here?

Is there a horse in the kitchen?

As a kid, one day I was having breakfast with the rest of the family at the kitchen table. My mom was at the stove. Suddenly a horse walked in the back door and poked his enormous head around the edge of the stove vent hood to peer curiously at my mom who immediately shrieked my name and exhorted me to “get that horse out of the kitchen!” That was King, our 16-hand, iron roan gelding who must …
Blockchain Interview

Blockchain – The Barrett Group’s CEO Interviews CEO of Yaliyomo

The Barrett Group’s CEO Peter Irish interviews Nihat Arkan, CEO of Yaliyomo as they discuss the emergence of Blockchain technology and applications Peter Irish: Welcome to this podcast. Today we are speaking with Nihat Arkan the CEO of Yaliyomo, and the subject is Blockchain. So Nihat, you have a new role as well. Why don’t you introduce yourself and your company and tell us a little bit a…
Industry Update - Management Consulting

INDUSTRY UPDATE: Management Consulting – October 2021

INDUSTRY UPDATE: Management Consulting Management Consulting Admittedly, Management Consulting is a rather broad field. So let’s begin with a little definition according to LinkedIn. (The specific geography we are reviewing is US, EU, UK, and the Middle East.) There are 105,600 executives as we define them (see Editor’s Note) in the Management Consulting field. This number has grown by 3% in …
INDUSTRY UPDATE: Big Tech – September 2021

INDUSTRY UPDATE: Big Tech – September 2021

INDUSTRY UPDATE – Big Tech Big Tech Companies Technology is a big subject and one very close to our hearts here at the Barrett Group, among other reasons because it is the co-equal top industry where our clients land executive appointments (along with financial services). We expect to look into “tech” through a number of different lenses. But let us begin with the undeniable juggernauts in th…

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