Suddenly Unemployed and in Shock

In these blogs we like to explore situations that can happen to our readers, such as becoming unemployed, in which the Barrett Group (TBG) can really help alleviate job search stress.

Let’s talk about Dominic.

Here’s what our Senior Career Consultant had to say about Dominic in March at the beginning of our engagement:

Dominic just lost his job on Friday so he has a high sense of urgency to get things moving. He has both an MBA and Doctorate as well as speaking 3 languages. Originally from France. He loves to talk but in a nice way. I know that the Clarity Program© will be a tremendous help to him. He wants to move to our full program next week if possible.

How can we help him? He has no idea of how to market himself at a high level. He talks a lot but his approach is scattered. Not sure at all what is possible with his background. Our systems and strategies can make a huge difference in his career.

Very sincere gentleman who needs our help. Our initial discussion lasted over an hour. He loves to talk. He definitely has talent but needs structure big time. Needs to stay in Indianapolis due to wife’s job with which she has had for a long time.

One aspect of our process that clearly sets us apart is that at the Barrett Group we like to explore our clients’ objectives much more deeply via our Clarity Program© because we look at the whole person when clarifying career objectives—not just the targeted title, compensation, and geography—regardless  if they are executiveslawyerspeople transitioning out of the military, or other professionals seeking support.

During the Clarity Program© we discovered that Dominic, like many of our clients, is a high I (Influencing) and high D (Dominance) with relatively low S (Steadiness) and C (Compliance) dimensions in his natural DISC style.  That means, of course, that he is highly extroverted—hence the “talks a lot”—and that he is not very self-reflective or analytical.  Helping him recognize these tendencies was key to helping him succeed.

Dominic also emphasized improving Financial Independence and Business Success as the most important elements in his short term objectives. 

His Vision (part of his Personal Strategic Plan) included these comments:  “I work for a global organization that appreciates my multi-lingual and international capabilities and values me as a unique employee.  I live in the Indianapolis area.  My annual compensation is $150k, with 401(k).  I am in a leadership role.”   This is a simple and clear Vision that proved to be highly attainable.

At the Barrett Group we follow a process that begins with Targeting (the Clarity Program©), then moves into Packaging (resume versions plus LinkedIn), then Market Access (here’s where we open up three main markets including the Unpublished Market where fully 75% of our clients land), Preparation (interviewing and compensation negotiation), and On-Boarding.

Our clients are supported by a six-member team including a Clarity Coach, a Career Consultant, a Writer, a Researcher, a Negotiation Coach, and a Client Concierge, so, while it is critical that clients be willing to do the necessary work, they never have to do it all by themselves.

Dominic started with us in March of 2019.  Slightly less than six months later, Dominic wrote to his TBG Career Consultant: 

“I was surprised with a letter of offer.  While salary was never discussed ever in the 5 interviews that I had with [new employer]. It was a firm and straightforward offer and it was acceptable to me. I accepted that offer officially!  My start date will be 9/23.”

We still ring a bell when a client lands, and these days it is sometimes hard to get any work done with all of those bells ringing.

Peter Irish
The Barrett Group

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