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Get Clarity Before You Make a Change

Most people find themselves in the throes of a career change as a reaction to some external event in their lives – your company reorganizes and your position is eliminated, you’re passed over for a promotion, or maybe you experience a change in family circumstances. Others experience slow-growing dissatisfaction – new management takes the company in a direction you disagree with, your interests evolve over time and you aspire to something different, or perhaps you just feel unchallenged.

Whatever the trigger, being on your heels is never an optimal way to start a job search. Wouldn’t it be nice to look ahead with confidence and really know that you’re headed towards a better situation?

Naturally, it’s hard to find a better situation if you don’t know what “better” means to you. It’s good to step back periodically, therefore, and reflect on your career and life holistically before you make a change.

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What Do You Really Want?

Why are you really seeking a career change? Are you unhappy? You don’t make enough money? You’re not progressing? Do you feel unappreciated? You want routine? Or do you hate routine? You’re bored? You’re stressed? Are you missing a sense of purpose in your work?

Many of the executives who come to The Barrett Group for assistance think they know exactly what they want, but they find themselves taking the same dissatisfying path over and over. We believe that taking the time to reassess your values and dreams and taking stock of your accomplishments every few years – especially when you are considering a career change – is invaluable in achieving your career, life, and financial objectives.

That is why The Barrett Group offers The Clarity Program©.

97% of our clients rate their Clarity Program© Coach as Excellent.

“Clarity was really good – way better than I expected! I expected everything to be focused on the career path, but you also focus on personal goals, like work-life balance, health and fitness, and 5-year targets.”

Robert Hukshorn

Before we even begin we want you to be very clear on…

  • who you are,
  • where you are in your life, and
  • where you would like to be.

We also want you to keep in mind that a career change is an ideal opportunity to consider a transition that may not have made sense before. Indeed, 50% of our clients choose to change their career direction after completing our program. Above all, we want to ensure that your career change efforts result in an improvement of your situation and do not recreate conditions that left you dissatisfied in the first place.

“The Clarity Program, along with my coach Scott, proved to be invaluable.  It became abundantly clear, right from the onset, that the Barrett group is 100% invested in my success and happiness.  Throughout the process, I was forced to consider aspects of my life that I previously hadn’t connected with having an impact on my career.  Suffice to say, I learned about myself as much as I did about the way forward.  I now walk with confidence in my search and am excited for the next steps with TBG.”

–  Vineet Mago 

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What is the Clarity Program©?

The Clarity Program© is the first step of The Barrett Group’s proven career change process, and we find that it is an important one on your career change journey. It offers invaluable clarity on the career path you should follow. Only when you understand what you want from your career and life can you make informed decisions about next steps in managing your career effectively and achieving your goals.

The Clarity Program has been carefully designed to allow great results in just four sessions. During these sessions you will co-create three invaluable perspectives on your behavior, your life circumstances, and your career trajectory:

  1. A Professional Behavior Profile
  2. A Whole Life Snapshot
  3. Your Career Navigator

Your dedicated Clarity coach will invest time discussing and analyzing the results with you to provide you with a better understanding of your behavior, values, and dreams, and help you create a strategic plan to meet your goals in both work and life. Our Clarity Program achieves extremely high satisfaction scores among our clients because they appreciate that our mission isn’t just to find you a job; it’s to find you the right job.

“I didn’t expect the Clarity Program to be as helpful as it was.”

–  Elfreda Massie 

Clarity Program© Methodology

Clarity: Career Preference Profile

#1: Career Preference Profile

How do you behave on the job? Working with your personal Clarity coach, you will use the DISC to study how you behave, both at rest and under pressure, and why.

DISC is a personality assessment tool and an acronym that stands for the four main behavioral profiles: (D)ominance, (I)nfluence, (S)teadiness, and (C)onscientiousness.

The DISC assessment and the professional debriefing which follows it offer tremendous insight into your strengths, ideal work environment, areas for improvement, and discussion about compensating behaviors that could help you be more successful going forward.

#2: Whole Life Snapshot

How is your work-life balance? The purpose of the Whole Life Snapshot is to show you where you stand with respect to four key parameters:

  1. Financial
  2. Career
  3. Social
  4. Health
Clarity: Whole Life Snapshot

During this assessment many of our clients discover that the allocation of their time and energy is not in line with their larger priorities. Your coach will talk you through what you can do to achieve better balance in your life.

Clarity: Career Navigator

#3: Career Navigator

Where will you go from here? After assessing your work style and preferences through DISC and updating your values and priorities through the Whole Life Snapshot, it will be time to make a career plan that suits your current needs in life. Your coach will help you create that plan using responses to key questions, such as:


  • Where am I going?
  • Why am I going there?
  • What do I need to change to get to where I want to go?
  • How and when will I make those changes?
  • How do I rank what is most important to me on my journey?

“I’ve taken other personality assessments, but what I like about DISC is that you can apply the findings to the next step – namely, ‘Are you in the right job?’”

Gian Toro

Is It Time for You to Reassess Your Career?

The Clarity Program is a unique service in this industry. It was introduced by Peter Irish in 2018 when he joined the company as CEO. The concept took root from Peter’s experience as a Barrett Group client some years earlier, at which time he lost four months deciding what he really wanted to do next in his career.

“If I had had clarity about which direction to go, I wouldn’t have wasted so many months in my job search. That is why I created the Clarity Program at The Barrett Group.”

– Peter Irish, CEO at The Barrett Group

Our program boasts a richer executive coaching experience than our competitors because we help our clients target career options beyond a “same industry, one level higher” mindset. In addition, the Clarity Program yields crucial information for our career consultants to build on as they engage with our clients in the next phase of The Barrett Group process, which improves their ability to coach our clients to greater success and satisfaction.

How do we know it’s so successful? Because our clients keep telling us. (Check out our clients’ success studies.)

“Clarity was great! I got a lot out of the different personality assessments. They were so impressive and really put things in perspective – they made me reflect on the ‘Why’ of my drive to make a career transition as much as the ‘How.’”


In the post-pandemic economy, workers everywhere are seeing both new challenges and opportunities. It’s a great time to reflect and make changes or plans that better align their values and their careers with the lifestyles they want. A record number of Americans are reassessing their lives and their livelihoods. How about you?

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