Clarity Program

Our Clarity Program Offers Career Changers Relief

Most of the executives who come to The Barrett Group for assistance in finding that ideal next career opportunity think they know exactly what they want, but they often end up repeating the same experiences over and over—and not just the good ones.

We find that taking the time to be very clear on…

  • who you are,
  • where you are in your life, and
  • where you would like to be…

in the next two to five years is invaluable in terms of actually achieving your career, life, and financial objectives.

That is why we offer The Clarity Program.  

Working with your personal, certified FocalPoint Business Coach, you will gain Clarity first on why you behave the way you do, both at peace and under pressure.  The DISC Profile approach and the professional debriefing offer tremendous insight into patterns of behavior, a basic professional development plan, and the opportunity to consider adopting compensating behaviors that will help you be more successful going forward.

Next, your Coach will guide you through the Diamond Map process whereby you gain Clarity on where you really are in your life with respect to four key parameters:

  • Financial Independence
  • Business Success
  • Family and Relationships, and
  • Health and Fitness

The Diamond Map process will also coach you through what you need to do to improve the balance in your life.

Lastly, your Coach will help you to create a Personal Strategic Plan, including your highly specific Vision, Mission, Purpose, and the Goalsyou will need to achieve to realize your ultimate potential.

The Clarity Package has been carefully streamlined to allow great results in just four sessions and is the most important first step on your career change journey.

Recent Testimonials for the Clarity Program

Clone Scott H. He was awesome!!! If there was a better word than “excellent” to describe him, I would use it 1,000,000 times over. I almost didn’t do the Clarity Program. I signed up for it because I received incredibly helpful career advice from Donna M. before I enrolled in Clarity. Scott was the perfect fit for me as my coach and really, really, really helped me. I will be forever grateful for him and for Donna and the program. THANK YOU!!

– Karen H. (February 2019)

Julie M. was outstanding! I truly enjoyed working with her and she brought clarity and function to each exercise. I am confident without her insight, input and forethought I would have felt the work was somewhat remedial and pointless at my career stage.

– Sammy M. (February 2019)

Greg E. did a great job explaining the “why” in everything. Really made me think about goals more strategically. Setting small steps and mapping how to get there was a different way of thinking.

– Corey C. (February 2019)

George S. was OUTSTANDING in all regards. He consistently went above and beyond with his coaching and guidance.

– Kristina B. (February 2019)

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