Clarity Program

The Clarity Program

After years of a successful career, you find yourself at the crossroads. You know you want a change, but you are still unsure in which direction it should go. Continue with the same role, but in a different organization? Move on to a new role, or maybe start something completely new? And if so, what could it be?

This is where the Clarity Program© comes in, designed to improve your own self-knowledge, and to identify what gives you energy and which situations to avoid. Ultimately, the program helps you to build an effective career plan, as well as validates what is important to you – not only professionally, but also in your whole life.

The Clarity Program© helps to define your strategic plan both for work and your life while providing a better understanding of your behavioral profile.

Clarity Coaching achieves extremely high satisfaction scores among our clients and comprises three major components:

1. The Career Preference Profile,
2. The Whole Life Snapshot, and
3. The Career Navigator.

    All 3 steps are executed by your dedicated Clarity Coach, certified by FocalPoint Business Coaching

    90% of our clients rate the Clarity Program© as excellent

    50% of our clients choose to change their career direction after completing the program

    "I enjoyed the process and felt like it helped me obtain better focus on moving forward."

    –Jeffrey Smith (July 2020)

    Step 1: Career Preference Profile

    Working with your personal, certified FocalPoint Business Coach, you will gain Clarity first on why you behave the way you do, both at peace and under pressure. 

    The Birkman Profile approach and the professional debriefing offer tremendous insight into patterns of behavior, a basic professional development plan, and the opportunity to consider adopting compensating behaviors that will help you be more successful going forward.

    Step 2: Whole Life Snapshot

    Next, your Coach will guide you through the Whole Life Snapshot process whereby you gain Clarity on where you really are in your life with respect to four key parameters:

    1. Financial
    2. Career
    3. Social, and
    4. Health.

    The Whole Life Snapshot process will also coach you through what you need to do to improve the balance in your life.

    Step 3: Career Navigator

    Lastly, your Coach will help you to create a Career Navigator, including your highly specific answers to key questions you will need to answer in order to realize your ultimate potential.

    The Clarity Program has been carefully streamlined to allow great results in just four sessions and is the most important first step on your career change journey.

    Clarity Coaching represents a unique service that helps the Barrett Group clients improve their career beyond the obvious “same industry,” “one level higher” targeting to a much broader evaluation. The outcome informs our career consultants as they engage with our clients and greatly improves their ability to target optimal industries, segments, positions, and other parameters to achieve industry-leading business success and satisfaction for our clients.

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