Nine Clients Landed New Jobs In The Last Two Weeks

The dismal headlines in these dark times can be pretty demotivating for would-be career changers. Yet, clearly, even now some people need or want to change jobs. If you are one of these people, what should you do?

How experienced are you at looking for an executive job?

Perhaps you have done this two or three times in your life and perhaps you have been lucky. Most people, though, waste precious time applying to on-line jobs, or casting around for an alternative strategy instead of doing what seems pretty obvious.

When your car starts flashing warning signals, do you try to fix it yourself or take it to an expert?

If you have a medical problem, do you try to fix it yourself? No, you go to a health professional.

To manage hard-earned wealth most people utilize an experienced wealth manager.

How experienced are you at looking for an executive job?

Probably you have no asset more valuable than your career, right?

So why not take your career to a career management firm—particularly one that has been helping executives clarify their professional objectives and then go out and get the job of their dreams for thirty years?

That’s the Barrett Group, of course.

Some prospective clients will, of course, say “What about now? How effective is your approach during the corona virus pandemic?”

And to those clients we say: “Nine of our clients landed new executive jobs in the last two weeks.” We publish details regularly on the Hiring Line, a special feature on our website that reports on interviews, offer negotiations and signed contracts right now during the pandemic. Of course, we cannot reveal the names of these clients due to our confidentiality agreements, but here are the titles they landed:

The Barrett Group clients land jobs in a diverse list of industries.
  • CFO
  • VP of Operations
  • Project Manager
  • Senior Vice President
  • Deputy General Counsel
  • VP Advertising and Social media
  • Vice President
  • Project Manager 
  • (consulting role leading to) SVP of M&A

They landed in a diverse list of industries, too, including financial services, transportation, legal services, food retail, digital marketing, IT, software, and the pharmaceutical industry.

The Barrett Group works across the full range of industries because our five-step career change process is industry agnostic.

It begins with Targeting (via our Clarity Program©), establishing clear and realistic targets for each client that fit their personality, life circumstances, and career aspirations. Then we help the client package him/herself appropriately. Next we implement the Market Access stage during which we educate the client and provide tailored research on the three main markets we work in: the recruiter market, the published market, and the unpublished market (where, by the way, 75% of our clients land). The following step is the Preparation stage where we help clients prepare to interview successfully and coach them when the offers start to come in, usually adding $10,000-$20,000 or more in total cash due to our decades of experience. The last step, On-boarding stage, sees clients preparing to avoid missteps and to optimize their success as they begin to on-board at their new employer. 

These five stages generate a 90% success rate for clients who follow the process.

What about you?

Peter Irish
The Barrett Group

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