Where Are the Executive Jobs?

It currently seems that both Europe and the US will narrowly avoid a recession, even though inflation continues to pose a threat, and interest rates are likely to rise a bit more. Still, there is tremendous life in the market for executives regardless of the economic cycle—especially in the unpublished market.

In fact, we have seen 75 clients land executive roles in recent weeks. Here is a sample of the titles they have obtained (find more information on our Weekly Frontline Reports):

CB 150- Where are the Executive Jobs_ Titles Graphic

Bear in mind that a senior manager may well have higher total compensation than a VP or C-level officer depending on the size of company and the industry. Here is a selection of their packages—virtually all of which were improved by the Barrett Group leaning in at the negotiation stage with our three decades of experience in helping executives manage their careers.

CB 150- Where are the Executive Jobs_ Income Graphic

Of course, there is a constant churn in the macroeconomy with some industries or companies always gaining or losing opportunity.

See our recent Industry Update on the Big Tech sector, for example. In fact, LinkedIn tells us that some industries are experiencing very high hiring demand at the moment. We have isolated them in this chart, and encourage all to think twice about whether you are currently on the right horse or whether your skills would not be more appreciated in some other industry or role.

CB 150- Industries Experiencing Very High Demand


The Barrett Group specializes in helping executives transition by superbly illustrating the transferability of their skills and experience—one of the many reasons our clients are so successful in their career changes.

One particularly strong opportunity remains the green energy revolution that has been significantly accelerated by recent events. (See our Industry Update on Energy.) The Economist, for example, reports that the war in Ukraine and the consequent tightening of energy markets has greatly accelerated green energy in part by making brown energy more expensive. (“War and subsidies have turbocharged the green transition”, The Economist, February 15, 2023.) PitchBook also reports that this green energy sector had no problem raising $13.8 Billion in new private equity capital in 2022 (See source). That means a lot of executive opportunity.

In any case, if you are concerned about your industry’s future, or if your career is not progressing at the rate you feel is commensurate with your talent and achievements, we can help you take that next step as we have helped literally thousands of executives who are serious about investing in their careers. After all, your career is typically your largest pre-retirement asset, so it only makes sense to invest in its maintenance and growth rather than leaving it to chance.

Contact the Barrett Group. We make it our job to help you find yours.

Peter Irish, CEO
The Barrett Group

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