When I had My Eyes Replaced

You may have heard the expression on occasion, “My eyes were suddenly opened.” Metaphorically, this means that we come to a new understanding. We see things differently. We adopt a different and new perspective.

In my case, I suffered from radial cataracts (as no doubt do many people) that cause a painful reaction to bright, glaring light as the illumination is scattered unproductively across your cornea. Glasses did not particularly help and night driving was increasingly dangerous.

So, I had my eyes replaced.

Well, actually, just the lenses in my eyes. Using a laser the surgeon destroyed and extracted my defective natural lenses (while I was still awake… a pretty uncomfortable feeling, believe me!) and then inserted new lenses like tiny, rolled carpets through a minute incision, unrolling them and positioning them just so.

Within 24 hours I could suddenly see perfectly again, and it was literally a new and exciting perspective. I could actually see the leaves on the trees across the park. Colors were different and brighter. Glare didn’t bother me. It was like having new eyes.

What does this have to do with career change, you ask?

Well, a lot of the emotion we experience professionally is a matter of perspective. For example, the first time I was without a job (at the age of 43) I was terrified. Was this the end of my economic world? I flailed around looking for work in a total panic… just as many of our clients feel when they come to us. However, by the time I found myself exiting employment for the fourth time (granted, having reached a series of amicable solutions), I could look ahead to the next chapter with curiosity and a certain degree of enthusiasm.

Today we see entire industries on the verge of at least short-term implosion. For example, responses to one of our recent want ads were rife with refugees from the entertainment industry, trying valiantly to make their experience sound applicable and transferable. Aviation and the aerospace industry are two other net donors as they collectively shed tens of thousands of jobs. Cruise lines, amusement parks, restaurants… all of these executives will need a new perspective to reposition themselves vis-a-vis the new demands in the marketplace… and there are demands! As we reported earlier this year on the Hiring Line, we helped 53 clients land executive jobs in a wide array of industries in Q2 2020 alone.

So, how does The Barrett Group help executives “get new eyes” on their careers?

The first stage in our career change program focuses on clarifying our clients’ targets (the Clarity Program©) by examining their personality and behavioral tendencies, their current life circumstances, and then defining their strategic career plans. Clients seem to really appreciate this unique service from the Barrett Group exactly because it opens their eyes to how their experience and skill should be applied elsewhere, potentially opening up more options for roles in other industries, alternative functions, even geographies—all extracted by a gentle coaching process.

Here’s what client David Lynch had to say about his Clarity Program© in early July 2020, for example:

“Laura [his Clarity Coach] has done a tremendous job as she is ‘tuned in’ and focused on her client. She allowed me to identify strengths but most importantly to look at anything as possibilities! There are no limits, boundaries, borders or barriers. Thank you, Laura. You are a Rock Star!” 

Consider then, whether you might need a new pair of eyes yourself to put your career in perspective and chart the most lucrative or secure or scintillating course for your future career.

The Barrett Group can help.

Peter Irish
The Barrett Group

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