Recruiters are Special

People often confuse the Barrett Group, a career management firm, with recruiters, also known as headhunters. There is a fair amount of mystery surrounding the distinction, so let me address that up front.

Recruiters often specialize in one or more industries and/or geographies. 

So, choosing the right recruiter for your target is itself an art. Most recruiters work very hard. They typically have little free time to hobnob indiscriminately with candidates who may or, more likely, do not fit the recruiter’s current vacancies. So, it is typically not easy to casually connect with recruiters.

Personally, I have had 12 jobs so far in my career. Even though I have worked with recruiters, I have never found a job through a recruiter. This is in no way indicative of the market, but it is illustrative of why I say that recruiters are special. They are in fact specialists. Only about 10% of our clients find jobs through recruiters exactly because the recruiter is looking for a very specific profile that most candidates do not fit.

Candidates often think they are looking for a recruiter. Possibly because they either are unaware that there are alternatives, or they think somehow it will be easier and cheaper if they utilize a recruiter. Again, the laws of chance suggest that this cannot be true for most candidates—in our case, 90% of them!

In contrast, the Barrett Group works directly for the candidate—not for the employer. 

We help our clients clarify their career objectives holistically during the Targeting stage of our career change process, a process called the Clarity Program© that often ends up actually changing and refining our clients’ career targets because it looks not only at history but affinities (what clients like to do) and adjacent opportunities (different industries or roles that may be even better targets from a probability, life/work balance, and/or compensation point of view).

At the Barrett Group, clients will not have the poor fit or “square peg in a round hole” issue that they usually face when working with a recruiter. 

Instead, we help bring the market right to the client’s door, metaphorically speaking. 

These are exactly what they appear to be: opportunities that exist in the minds, on the desks, or in the computers of a potential employer who has for whatever reason not yet published them to the market place in the form of an on-line ad or the hiring of a recruiter.

The Barrett Group specializes in helping our clients locate these unpublished opportunities by being in the right place at the right time (again, metaphorically) so that there is little competition and as a result, higher compensation when the offer comes through.

As a result, 90% of our clients who follow our program will land a job of their choice within the contract period. 

Here are two landings announced just today:

  1. George (the Barrett Group consultant) helped [Client 1] negotiate the offer from [Employer]. The title is Senior Portfolio Manager. It has a base of $210,000 and a 25% bonus, as well as paid relocation. [Client 1] got a nice return on his investment in the Barrett Group program. The negotiated offee included a $15K signing bonus! Our consultant was particularly happy for [Client 1] who had been out of work since 10/18 and had been experiencing some serious age discrimination. Following George’s sage advice [Client 1] landed in under 90 days!
  2. The negotiations are finally complete and [Client 2] has finally accepted the offer from [Employer]. In the end, the employer came up with another $15K over a technicality. Basically [Client 2] also got all her Barrett Group investment back in the negotiation process.

So, by all means, interact with recruiters because they are special. But if you want to cover the whole market, hire someone who will represent your interests first and foremost. May I suggest the Barrett Group?

Peter Irish
The Barrett Group

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