Are You a Dim Bulb or a Bright Light?

Flick a light switch. As too many electrons travel through a tungsten filament, they jostle one another. Some electrons push other electrons into higher orbits in their excitement. When these excited electrons ultimately lose their energy, we see it as visible light. That’s how an incandescent light bulb works. It’s a process that is actually pretty inefficient since much of the energy is released in the form of heat… rather like the average job search.

The light bulb metaphor provides us with a useful model to consider the professional lives of so many executives who come to the Barrett Group. They complain of feeling like “dim bulbs.” No, they do not use that language. Instead, they speak of being passed over for a promotion. Of working long hours without recognition or reward. Of being bored and lethargic. Or perhaps worse, of having been made unfairly redundant. In any case, their light is dim and they can imagine a brighter future. BUT, they are not sure how to achieve it.

The Barrett Group has been helping executives achieve a better life for more than 30 years now. So, definitely, we can help.

The process begins with a light bulb’s missing element.

A dim bulb suffers from too few electrons passing through it. You can think of this as a lack of excitement if you will. Our process uniquely begins with a deep dive into who our clients are at the personality level. This is because if, for example, you ask an introvert to exhibit a workplace behavior in an extroverted manner, ultimately this will diminish that person’s light, i.e., cost them energy and prematurely wear them out. Or, if the candidate is too extroverted for the role, he or she will struggle to appropriately influence others and may therefore retard his or her own professional progress. These are just two examples of the many ways people can be unfit for the roles they occupy. We help our clients understand why they are uncomfortable and where they will be more comfortable.

Next, we take a snapshot of their current life circumstances because regardless of your personality, you exist in a context. This context can be helpful to you professionally or a hindrance, so we need to establish where you are in this context and where you would like to be, illuminating what needs to change as a result.

Lastly, we help our clients envision a role in its entirety, a role where their light can shine fully and they will be personally satisfied, financially rewarded, and ultimately comfortable.

Then we help them lay the tracks to achieve this targeted role.

All of that takes place in the Clarity Program©—the first stage of our five-step career change program.

Here is how one client explained his Clarity experience:

“I will admit that before starting on the Clarity Program© I was somewhat skeptical, as I thought I was pretty clear about my career objectives. Once I started on the Clarity Program© it became clear to me that there was a whole other level of clarity I could achieve, and as I went through the program with the assistance of my coach, I reached a level of clarity that I didn’t think was possible.

“I now have a crystal clear vision for what I want from my next career move, along with the core values and requirements I am not willing to compromise on. I also have a clear sense of the steps I need to take in order to stay true to my core values as I achieve the goals I have set for myself. This was an excellent process and well worth the investment of time. “ [Dush Ramachandran, 2022]

And he is not alone. Here is another client’s perspective:

“The Clarity Program© is not just for those who want to learn more about themselves to achieve success; it is more to gain a happier sense of success. You can be the most confident person in interviews, negotiations, meetings, etc., but if you do not seek to better your understanding of yourself and your happiness, that success will not mean near as much. 

“The Clarity Program© provides insight into who you are as a person, both professionally and personally, and your ‘why.’ Their counseling to go into depth on communication styles and how to go through your career with your best foot forward is unmatched. They provide the tools to help you understand who you are and where you want to go, and they genuinely want you to be happy with your choices. They make you believe you are worth it because you are.” [Janee Stanton, 2022]

Once we are clear on our clients’ targets, the rest of our process is focused on helping to achieve them—something we helped hundreds of clients realize in 2022, and thousands over the past 32 years.

Here is one example, excerpted from a landed client’s Success Story:

“My Clarity coach, Laura Leaton, was awesome. She got me to think broadly about what I wanted to do. But she also gave me a reality check,” said Jothy [Rosenberg]. “Entrepreneurs are ridiculous optimists, and they don’t necessarily plan well for retirement because they expect a windfall payday someday that doesn’t necessarily happen. As I don’t want to work too much longer before I retire, I realized that I should focus on finding a well-paying job.

“My career consultant, Barbara Limmer, was great to work with. She was enthusiastic and had lots of energy. Our working sessions were very informative,” said Jothy. “In one session, for example, she taught me the right way to create a LinkedIn profile. Like probably 99% of people, my profile was a copy and paste of my resume. Barbara convinced me that it shouldn’t be a resume repository – it’s a business network and they shouldn’t look the same!

“I was very stressed in the beginning of my job search because I tried to use my personal network on my own and I wasn’t getting anywhere. Working with TBG, I learned how to use my network more wisely to make something good happen.” [Jothy Rosenberg, 2022]

So if you feel your light is diminished, or that no one sees the value of your experience and potential, or you can envision a brighter future but you do not know how to achieve it, come talk to the Barrett Group. We make it our job to help you find yours. Let your light truly shine.

Peter Irish, CEO
The Barrett Group

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