A Light In The Darkness

Fear saps your will. It freezes you in terror. And it makes it hard to think straight and may leave you in darkness. That may have been helpful to our ancestors, but it does not help in the face of the current health crisis.

Having time to sit and stew during your social distancing does not necessarily help either, of course. So perhaps you might want to think back about other crises in your life… what caused them, how you responded, and what you might learn from them. One comforting thought may be that, if you are still here, then you survived them.

Perhaps you will survive this crisis, too.

Train your mind if you can on that thought and take it a little further. What will you be doing a year from now when the current crisis has abated? If you can, steer your thoughts toward a feeling of calm, of peace, of satisfaction.

Now ask yourself, where am I? What am I doing? With whom do I interact? What have I accomplished? What am I looking forward to…? Build yourself a vision of that time 12 months from now when you are in a better place. The more detailed a picture you can conjure up, the better. Consider how you feel in that place, what it looks like, what it sounds or even smells like. Make it as real as you can.

Perhaps your fears have faded a little now and you can think a little straighter about your life and context.

Nature can help, too, if you have access to it. Despite the crisis, the sun rises and sets. The birds sing. It rains. The sun shines. These are phenomena you can (more or less) count on. Darkness comes to an end.

Now that you feel a little calmer, let us consider your livelihood.

Has your livelihood been impacted already or is it likely to be? Should you take preemptive measures? Are you comfortable doing what you have been doing and earning what you have been earning? Or are you uncomfortable anyway, crisis or no? Remember, in this context, waiting is probably a strategy for failure.

Discomfort comes from many sources: a poor skill or personality fit, boredom, an aggravating work culture, irritating co-workers, the boss from hell, an industry in decline or stagnation…

Now realize that you are not a victim. You have power. You can change your circumstances, especially over the next year as you steer toward the vision we just co-created… a light in the darkness. What I have just walked you through is part of your Career Change process.

This targeting exercise under the guidance of an experienced Clarity Coach helps our clients clarify their career targets and gain peace of mind. Perhaps it would help you, too.

Here is what one recent client had to say about her Clarity Program© experience:

“I have no suggestions [for improvement]. Justin [her Clarity Coach] was great and was truly a joy to work with. I appreciate his encouragement as I worked to fully examine who I am and articulate my goals. Great Job Justin…thank you!”

Dr. Karoline Oliveira, March 2020

Our service goes well beyond clarity of purpose, though. Imagine being able to rely on a team of six professionals as you navigate the complexities of the job market: a researcher to help you sift the data on industries, companies, titles, and locations; a writer to help you express your USPs (Unique Selling Points) succinctly; a negotiation coach to assure that you leave no money on the table; as well as your Clarity Coach, your Career Consultant, and your Client Concierge, all helping to steady you and keep you focused as you move toward that light in the darkness.

We help hundreds of executives each year and have done so for 30 years. Do not allow fear to paralyze you. Envision a better future and move toward it now. And if you need a guide, think of the Barrett Group.

Peter Irish
The Barrett Group

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