The End of the World Can Wait (I still have a few things to accomplish)

When you hear the news these days does it feel like humanity is lurching from one crisis to another? Pandemic? Inflation? Interest rates? Politics? Immigration? Ukraine? The Middle East? Is the end really near? It would be no wonder if you too felt depressed and lethargic in the face of this apocalyptic stream of existential threats.

You may even have put that longed-for change of career on hold, too, thinking it is a bridge too far under these circumstances.

If so, someone is glad you did: that someone just took the executive opportunity you missed because you are not in the market.

Particularly now, at the end of the year when hiring managers still must exhaust their budgets or lose them in the new year—now is the time to shake off that frozen feeling and put your hat in the ring. When others are holding back, now is the time to make your move.

In the last few weeks alone we have seen as many as 10 executive clients land their dream jobs per week (positions that could have belonged to you if you were in the market). Yes, the Autumn Avalanche of executive opportunity continues.

Bear in mind that more than 450 thousand executive positions change hands every year in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, and the Middle East—even now and under these conditions. What about your specific industry? Manufacturing: 39 thousand; Financial Services: 55 thousand; Construction and Real Estate: 28 thousand; Information Technology: 26 thousand… and the list goes on! [Read more: Cherry-picking Your Career]

Are you still feeling it might be too risky to change jobs?

“People were shocked that I would consider leaving my company, but they were happy to connect me with other people that they thought I should speak to. I soon realized that the grass was greener on the other side – and that I could do this!” [recently landed client, now a Vice President, Jocelyn Hirschfeld – Read More]  

In fact, it may be riskier to stay where you are and shelter in place. It is only natural for some people to take what they think is the safe route, but clients we studied in Q3 2023 had an attractive average return on their investment in career change: “They raised their compensation by 19% on average. Thus generating an ROI of more than 450% on their investment in career management services with the Barrett Group—year one! Add in the downstream employment income and the ROI only goes up.” [Results Don’t Lie: It’s the ROI] Ultimately, it is the return on investment that drives the smart set to invest in and grow their careers.

Or are you perhaps fearing rejection or being frustrated by answering too many online ads and hearing nothing in return?

Fortunately, that is not how our clients generally land (although we also improve your chances in the published market, too). Fully three-quarters land through the unpublished market—positions so new they have not yet been published, or even written up as fixed profiles with compensation guidelines. That means you (the candidate) have so much more leverage in helping to define the position’s content and scope as well as in negotiating an even more attractive package—particularly with our help. After all, we have been doing this for more than three decades. We know what is possible. Look at the “Cherry on the Top” column in Results Don’t Lie: It’s the ROI.

Worried about choosing the best company to support your career change plan? Well, Forbes has only picked one career change specialist (we work for the candidate, not the employer) in their top ranking of executive search firms: the Barrett Group.

Yes, the END IS NEAR—the end of your frustrating waiting game. The opportunities are there. We know how to help you find them. What are you waiting for?

Peter Irish, CEO
The Barrett Group

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