Sixty-Three Stunning Successes

The last nine weeks have been really busy at the Barrett Group with more than sixty clients landing the executive roles of their choice. We think these are stunning successes! If you are still trying to find that perfect job on your own, perhaps it’s time to hire a professional. Because we can typically help you land a role that fits you better. At a faster timeframe than you can if you are alone. And, at a higher compensation.

How can we say that?

The Barrett Group has more than thirty years of experience as the leader in the career management industry. We have hundreds of testimonials and success stories. And we have third-party recognition of our success by none other than Forbes magazine… These are some of the reasons.

So where did those sixty-plus clients land? Geographically, they landed across the US, Europe, and the Middle East. We cannot divulge their actual employers, of course, but here is a sampling of their titles:

  • President
  • CEO
  • Chief of Staff
  • Chief Strategy Officer
  • Senior Vice President
  • Vice President
  • General Manager
  • Head of Global Partnerships
  • Operations and Strategy Lead
  • Americas Strategy and Partnerships Leader
  • Director Private Bank Lending
  • Business Development Manager
  • Associate Creative Director

How much do they now earn?

Well, our tried and true negotiation strategies can usually add $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 or more in total compensation, and this season’s crop was no different. Here is a sample of their packages and/or their increases over their prior compensation:

  • $140K base
  • $165K + 15% bonus + equity
  • $170K + 34,000 bonus
  • $220K base
  • $300K + 30% bonus, profit sharing, $35K relocation package, etc.
  • $350K + perks
  • $190K + OTE of up to $600K
  • $10K increase on initial offer to 180K
  • $20K increase on initial offer + 10 additional PTO days
  • $30K increase on initial offer
  • $75K increase on initial offer and added a partnership bonus of $500K
  • $125K increase + commission

Sometimes potential clients ask us whether we have expertise in their specific industry or segment because they think this is important to the career change process.

Although we have helped professionals in virtually every industry over the last three decades, frankly, their industrial segment is generally not very important to the search process. More important is guiding clients to really clarify their targets, packaging and branding them appropriately, and then helping them access decision makers. We specialize in helping clients to demonstrate transferability and thereby to migrate to growing and more interesting lines of business, almost regardless of their backgrounds. (Read: Are you an Expert in my Industry?)

Nevertheless, here is a sampling of where clients have landed over the last few weeks from an industrial point of view:

  • Financial Services
  • Human Resources
  • Legal Services
  • Banking
  • Health
  • Pharma
  • Management Consulting
  • Technology
  • Non-profit
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Nuclear Engineering
  • Retail
  • Digital Marketing
  • Sports
  • Manufacturing
  • Information Technology
  • Energy

Why do we talk about “Stunning Successes?”

Well, naturally, because our clients are so successful, they often share their experience. Here are a few sample excerpts from recent Success Stories:

Read a snippet from Peter Witke’s story:

“This has been a great learning experience,” said Peter. “I greatly appreciate the compassion shown to me by my two coaches, and their willingness to support me in getting to my next role. This coaching can really make a difference in how you approach the job market.” [Peter Witke, Read More]

Also, here’s a bit from Hugo Vereeken’s story:

“Age discrimination is against the law, but they never say you’re too old. They say, ‘Are you digital enough? Will you fit in with our dynamic team? Are you aware of the latest technological developments?’ These are all hidden reasons for rejections on the basis of age,” said Hugo. “I heard 25 different ways to say, “Hugo, you’re too old! Go and retire!’ That’s when I decided there has to be another way.”

“Before I began working with The Barrett Group, I had been out of a job for ten months with nothing to show for it except frustrating experiences and a feeling that I was too old. I learned a lot from Greg and Anne. Thanks to them, I felt better able to handle recruiters, and I developed the confidence that, even at my age, I can expect great opportunities.” [Hugo Verekeen, Read More]

And, here’s what Advik had to share:

“The Barrett Group is very helpful when it comes to helping you set your goal objectives and organizing your job search. They are good at helping you to revise your resume, practice interview skills, and market yourself through various channels, like LinkedIn. All that creates a great foundation,” said Advik. [Advik, Read More]

So where are you in your search process?

Are you struggling to get traction? Are you frustrated that you are not receiving the opportunities you think you deserve? Why not explore the strategy that is working so well for hundreds of executives right now?

Why not explore the Barrett Group? We want you to have a stunning success, too!

Peter Irish
The Barrett Group

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