Pay for help finding a job?

Pay for help finding a job? Really?

What an absurd notion, right? You may be thinking, “I do my own car repair, fix my own roof, manage my own stock portfolio, self-diagnose my illnesses, act as my own fitness trainer, and never need to consult a vet when I’m doctoring the cat.”

What? You’re not thinking that? You don’t fix your own car? Why not? Ah, cars are complicated, they require specialized equipment, and deep knowledge to repair these days.


What about your roof? You don’t have the time, the tools, or the experience to actually repair it yourself, so you hire an expert?


You don’t actually manage your own stock portfolio? You hire a professional to handle that and pay thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of dollars a year for the service?

I see.

And when you feel sick… you actually go to a doctor? Why? Ah… eight years of med school, years of being an intern, specific, hard-won knowledge… You recognize that your doctor is better qualified than you are?

So what about your career?

If you earn $150,000 per year, your career over 20 years will generate about $3 million in income, so it is likely to be by far your most important pre-retirement income-producing asset. You invest in professionals to help manage your car, your roof, your stocks, and your health… but not your most valuable asset?


Personally, I started using career management professionals back in 1984 when no one had ever heard of them. The company helped me better understand my own behavior using Myers-Briggs, and increase my income by 250% in a matter of months. As I have reported multiple times in this blog, I went on to use other firms (including the Barrett Group) five times in total, investing more than $60,000 in these career management services over time, and I achieved an 80% success rate (4 out of 5) and a return well over 2,000% so far.

So you can understand perhaps why I encourage executives to follow my lead.

But not with just any firm. Find one that has decades of experience. One that has important third-party endorsements such as the Better Business Bureau and Forbes magazine. One that openly and regularly shares the results of its work in the form of testimonials and success stories. One with a professional, experienced staff who follow an intelligible process. Hire a company that places an entire team of professionals at your disposal (not just one exhausted career coach). One that has a high success rate and a great reputation.

Probably there is only one career management firm out there that ticks all of these boxes: The Barrett Group.

We have been helping executives clarify their career objectives and discover the position of their choice for more than 30 years—always under the same name. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and Forbes again cited us as one of the country’s best executive recruiters in 2021 (even though we are not a recruiter) because we are so effective—90% of our clients who follow the process will land within 6 to 9 months.

The Barrett Group openly shares the successes of our clients every week on our FrontLine Report. (We love celebrating the success of our clients that received offers or landed jobs—read about it!). Our team is certified in all process steps and religiously follows our tried-and-true process: Targeting, Packaging, Market Access, Preparation, and On-Boarding.

Clients enjoy support from a six-person team of professionals who help clients clarify and redefine their career targets, package themselves effectively for each targeted position, discover market channels they have never even heard of, excel in demanding interview processes, negotiate significantly higher total compensation, and avoid pitfalls while charting a course for early promotion once they land.

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what one recent client had to say:

“I went from having no confidence in conducting a job search to feeling very confident. I wish everyone could do The Barrett Group program. When you’re going through the process, you don’t realize how it will all come together for you. I found it to be worth every penny.” [Lynn Duke, HR Director, 2021, Read More]

The Barrett Group helps clients rethink their careers and discover more lucrative, more enjoyable working lives while getting to market faster and far more effectively simply because we have done this thousands of times before… just like your doctor, your vet, your repair person, your auto mechanic…

Our job is to help you find yours. Give us a call.

Peter Irish
The Barrett Group

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