Choose The Right Role (Not Just Any Role)

Wouldn’t you really rather have a choice of employment offers from two or more companies? Having two offers (or more) gives you leverage when negotiating the terms of that next step. Not to mention being somewhat choosey about the actual role, the benefits, the company culture, etc.

Having a choice of roles is good.

That is why we are often concerned when executives rush to accept the first offer they receive—so happy to have received the offer that they forgo the benefits that postponing instant gratification often deliver.

Even before that stage, we think it critically important to take a little time and think through what it is you actually want in your next executive role. That is why we include the Clarity Program© as the first step in our career change process. This program helps clients reflect holistically on their whole-life circumstances and longer term requirements before committing to target a specific executive role.

Here’s how one successful client described his Clarity Program© experience:

“I’ve had coaches before, but they’ve always tried to change me to conform to the picture of what employers want. Lisa [his Barrett Group Clarity Coach], however, encouraged me to embrace the distinctions in my career and to feel free, frankly, to show them off.”

“The value of the TBG program outweighed the cost in the first three days! Through Clarity, I recognized that I want a job in which I can have higher altitude conversations about vision, depth, architecting, and ‘What is the 5- and 7-year outlook for this company?’. That goal, alone, eliminated half of the positions that I applied for…” [Paul Cabellon, 2022. Read more: Success Studies.]

It requires discipline, of course, to follow our process, but clients who do typically engage in interviews and/or offers within 3-6 months of signing on. Here is a sample of the titles our client have obtained so far in 2023: 

    We also help our clients negotiate their compensation packages.

    By leveraging our three decades of experience, we almost invariably add $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 or more in total compensation. Here is a selection of their packages so far in 2023.

      Most importantly, we help clients exercise choice in their professional futures, realizing dreams they often previously felt were unattainable.

      Here are a few examples:

      Alisa Preston — Alisa has an incredible range of experience and talents and has never lacked for opportunities, but she didn’t want just any job. She likened her job search to “trying to find a unicorn” — a job that involves everything from robotics to engineering to marine technology. She wasnt disappointed! She said, The job I have now includes everything I wanted – every aspect! The diversity of what they do is top-notch, and their integrity aligns with mine. I found the unicorn!” said Alisa. [Read more.]

      B Randall Willis — Randall offered talents and experience that anyone would have valued, but he had very specific ideas about what he wanted. He most certainly was in search of the right role, not just any job.” It was a long search, but he did find the role he wanted. He said, Its better than I ever could have expected.” [Read more.]

      Elfreda — Elfreda had risen as high as she could go at her organization. She was pretty close to retiring, but felt that she wanted to explore new roles that offered her new challenges. She wanted to be very thoughtful and intentional about her next move and hired TBG to help her. I knew I had more value,” said Elfreda. But I wanted to work with an organization where I would feel like a partner on a team and be excited about the work I was doing.” She has been delighted with where she landed! [Read more.]

      Now what?

      Sure, sometimes it might be necessary to take a stepping stone position to have the title on your resume or the specific functional experience to reach your ultimate goal, or even just to have cash flow while you land the perfect job. That is all perfectly legitimate and part of the personal strategic plan we help each client develop as part of their career management program.

      However, you should never settle for second best. Your career is your most important pre-retirement asset—treat it accordingly. Invest in it. Believe in it. If you don’t, who will?

      You should also hedge your bets by hiring the preeminent expert on executive career management (recognized by Forbes as one of the best in the business). Choose and hire the Barrett Group. We make it our job to help you find yours.

      Peter Irish, CEO
      The Barrett Group

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