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Forbes and Statista have again cited the Barrett Group for a third year as among the best executive recruiters in the US. In fact, we rank among the top 150 from a field of more than 30,000—the top 0.5%! So, of course, we are proud proponents of our clients.

Why were we selected? Because of our impact.

We help executives find their ideal positions and have done so continuously for 30 years under the same name. For example, more than 100 executive clients have already landed through the middle of April in 2022.

The only thing is, we are not an executive recruiter because we never work for the employer.

Instead, we are career management specialists. You may think of us as an “executive proponent” because we work for the candidate—the executive him- or herself.

Definition of proponent

: one who argues in favor of something :

Our unique process helps clients identify their personal targets. In this way, they balance personality, whole-life preferences, and long-term career objectives. This assures a coherent and balanced objective.

Next, we package the client into a well-considered brand. By encompassing their resume versions, cover letters, and LinkedIn profile, we ensure they are consistent with their career targets.

We then open up the markets for our clients including the recruiter market (about 10% of client landings), the published market (another 15% of landings), and the unpublished market where some 75% of our clients find their ideal next step. Many unique sub-steps lead the way into and through these markets, circumventing would-be gatekeepers, and achieving a direct dialogue with decision-makers.

Next we prepare our clients for their interviews. This is so that they anticipate key questions and practice authentic answers, address transferability of skills and experience, and generally excel in the interview process as fairly obviously the best candidates. Our negotiation coaches step in at the offer stage. They apply more than 30 years of experience, often adding $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 or more to the total compensation package.

Lastly, our service does not stop when the client receives an acceptable offer. We go that extra mile and help the client prepare for on-boarding in the new role by anticipating the organizational landscape, key executives’ bios and personalities, or even developing a detailed 100-day plan in some cases.

Many candidates think they can manage this process on their own, however, all too often they return after a month or two in the market.

They recognize that the executive market is more complicated than they first thought. They know they need help to make an impact.

Here’s what one senior executive client had to say on the subject:

“I used to think I could do anything on my own – that I didn’t need help to successfully advance my career, but I had a rude awakening. Through The Barrett Group’s process, I learned a different approach – something I should have been doing all along.” [Sven Leverson, 2021, Read More]

If you want to make a change in your career and you need a proponent—someone who has done it before (thousands of times) and is unequivocally on your side—you may want to choose the one firm that stands out as the expert in career management, an executive proponent with impact. Choose the Barrett Group.

Peter Irish, CEO
The Barrett Group

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