Author: Philana Orem

The Executive Market Shows Distinct Signs of Life

At the Barrett Group we help clients clarify their career objectives. This means often changing industries or roles in the process—and then go out and discover their dream roles. We have been doing this for 30 years. We have developed a very successful, five-step program to navigate the job market....

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We've Got Your Lucky Number

We’ve got your lucky number: 50-8-4-9

Have you noticed it? There is a distinct sense of spring in the air. Not just the season, mind you, but the spasmodic heave of the economic engine… with a tang of ozone… Business optimism is growing, feeding off increasing vaccination rates, economic stimulus, pent-up consumer demand, and loose monetary...

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Return of the Roaring Twenties

Mix low inflation, government largess, easy money, pent-up consumer demand, low business investment, and vast amounts of hoarded cash… and what do you get? Once the pandemic eases, we predict a return to the Roaring Twenties. Economic news outlets such as Kiplinger may highlight higher...

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Free Yourself from the Economic Cycle

There seem to be two prevailing theories on offer at the moment regarding the economic cycle: A) Too much fiscal stimulus will ignite inflation and lead to recession.; or B) well timed and adequate stimulus combined with the broad success in vaccination will allow for a sustained and full-throated...

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