Why are your LinkedIn messages going to SPAM?

Do you know how to use LinkedIn to its fullest? One of the steps in our executive career change process is to help clients expand their networks. We help our clients learn to effectively communicate—particularly on LinkedIn.

So let’s review the contents of my LinkedIn messages and see who we’ll respond to and who we’ll relegate to the spam folder, shall we? [Admittedly, I’ve left off some of the more telling details…]

LinkedIn Message #1 – Direct But Irrelevant

Hello Peter,

If you need any kind of help into IT Services we are very glad to help you.
We have very well expertise into CRM, Mobile apps and Web development.
We are also providing the best remote sources.
Let me know if Anything that we can help you.

In general, it is a mistake to start with a pitch. We advise clients to “sell it forward” by offering value up front and making the connection valuable before making any requests. At least this appeal is clear and direct. Unfortunately, it’s also not of any interest: SPAM.

LinkedIn Message #2 – Flattery Opens Doors

Dear Mr. Peter Irish,
Today, I came across one of your articles, “𝑻𝒉𝒆 𝒕𝒊𝒎𝒆 𝒊𝒔 𝒏𝒐𝒕 𝒐𝒏 𝒚𝒐𝒖𝒓 𝒔𝒊𝒅𝒆.”
It was intriguing and that led me to check out your other articles.
I am really amazed that how you connect dots of life incidents with your business.
Your writing skills are exceptional, and as a web content writer, I would love to connect with you so that I can have your content at the top of my feed.
Best regards,

Good job of creating relevance, demonstrating that she has actually looked at our company data, and she is trying to offer something positive up front. So if I wanted flattery, I could connect and no doubt she would try to sell me something. But it’s unclear what she has to offer. So, no thank you: SPAM.

LinkedIn Message #3 – Unassuming

Hi Peter greetings, it’s nice connecting with you! You have a very impressive professional record which happens to be the reason why I connected with you. I think it’s reasonable for us to get to know each other in terms of business fields.
Best regards,

We actually share a past employer though this fellow did not notice it or mention it, so I think I’ll respond: ANSWER.

LinkedIn Message #4 – Pushy and Demanding

I am Social Media and Lead Generation Expert if you need any kind of service or need LinkedIn targeted connection please click my link and order me.
Linkedin Marketing & Grow [Link]
Social Media Marketing & Manager : [Link]
Lead Generation : [Link]
Please have a look and if you need any service order me.
Kind Regards

This pitch seems brusque to the point of being rude, not to mention very generic and has probably been sent to numerous parties without any research into what our company might actually benefit from, so, no thank you: SPAM.

LinkedIn Message #5 – Personable but Misguided

Hey Peter,
I came across your profile and was really interested in your background as CEO in the Retail Industry and I would love to connect with you! I share a lot of content about a retail’s business growth that could be useful to you.
Looking forward to hearing more about you,

Unfortunately, I have never actually been in retailing nor is that my current focus, so, thank you but no: SPAM.

LinkedIn Message #6 – Breaking News (or perhaps not)

Hello Peter,
I’d like to learn more about what you do and how we can help each other.
[Name] is an innovative LinkedIn Development marketing company. Our system will target your top thousands of ideal clients and put you in front of those key decision-makers.
Our Services: LinkedIn Bundle
– Unlimited LinkedIn InMail – [Name] Leads Tools
– Follow Up LinkedIn InMail – Email Marketing
– Increase LinkedIn Followers
We guarantee you’ve never seen this marketing concept before and that you’ll be impressed by what our company has to offer.
Do you have a free slot for a quick chat next week? Let me know if you’re interested so we can schedule a brief call.

Again, pitching out of the gate is not a good way to connect with potential clients or networking partners on LinkedIn. Actually, I have used services like this before and some of them actually worked, but spamming potential clients is not part of our ethos, so, no thanks: SPAM.

LinkedIn Message #7 – Honest and Self-deprecating

Peter, looking for some wins?
We know you get dozens of requests from companies like ours each day and are pondering whether to roll your eyes, say “thanks but no thanks”, or completely ignore. Peter, talk is often cheap and hard to figure out the good firms from the bad.
I’d like to provide some wins that [Name] generated for clients this past year (whom all can be referrals) to prove our word and success.
1. [Name] – $1.5M++ Revenue Generated to date (2 years)
2. [Name] – $172k during Pilot (3 months) – 800k+ to date (1.5 years)
Looking for some wins? I’d like to share some ideas and insight as to how we help businesses like yours scale – and scale fast. [Link]

As I’ve mentioned, selling in the first contact is poor form on LinkedIn. This pitch is realistic, self-deprecating, supported by a few achievements… but not of interest: SPAM.

LinkedIn Message #8 – Free Offer

Hi Peter, thanks for connecting. I am the CEO at [Name], a service solution that optimizes an executive’s online presence, generates thought-leadership content for that executive, and grows followers and engagement with that executive’s content and profiles.

The team would love to take you through a complimentary analysis of your current online presence and recommend ways to strengthen it going forward. I can see a big opportunity for you to further develop your thought leadership.

Would you have time to review it next week?
Best regards,

It’s usually best not to solicit anything on the first contact, but to build relevance and rapport first, however, as such pitches go, I like this because it is simple and direct. This kind of hit or miss approach can work. But in my case, I’m not interested. So: SPAM.

LinkedIn Message #9 – Self-confident and Repelling

Hey Peter!
Let’s cut through the noise. Are you looking to recapture any lost health and fitness goals from the past year and a half?
If so, I’m your Man! I’m not just a Coach, but a Health and Fitness specialist willing to hold you to the highest level of accountability? My 40 years of experience as an Exercise Physiologist, helping individuals achieve what they desire. From removing terrible joint pain, weight loss, or just be the best that You can be!
I am here to make sure your health and fitness dreams and desires are not just put on the back burner.
But to help you RECAPTURE those goals that you may have let go during the past year or so. Many leaders focus on their career while compromising other aspects of their health and well-being.

HERE IS THE TRUTH BOMB: It doesn’t matter how successful you are without your health it all means very little.
Schedule a 30-minute Breakthrough Call today! Message me here or cut through the noise and just call me at [Number]. Together, I give you my word, we will discover or recapture the health and mindset solutions you’ve been looking for, helping you overcome obstacles and struggles standing in your way and deliver You insider advice, tips, and tricks to get you on the path to health, fitness and wellness success…..Assisting your bounce back….. And helping You finish 2021 better than ever!
Lastly and not cliche: Your health is your real wealth!
Your Health and Fitness Expert

Personally, I find this kind of extended hyperbolic over-selling simply repelling. As noted above, pitching out of the gate is a turn-off generally on LinkedIn. SPAM.

LinkedIn Message #10 – Simply Misguided

Hi, very cool product you guys are making. [Name] here from [Name]. I’d love the opportunity to learn more about your order fulfillment challenges and needs. [Name] provides scalable order fulfillment and customer service solutions to the world’s fastest-growing brands. Can we connect?

This person is wasting her time. We don’t actually sell products at all. SPAM.

For thirty years now the Barrett Group has been helping executives clarify their career objectives and then discover the job of their dreams. Our clients typically land within six to twelve months, 75% of them through the unpublished market where they have been introduced to an opportunity by someone they may or may not have known in advance.

One of the five steps in our proven process involves expanding clients’ network of contacts as part of their career change process. In the context of job search we employ a number of principles such as “selling it forward” (in other words, giving before you ask for something), “targeting” (don’t use scattershot approaches, but study your contacts in detail and make each contact personal and relevant), and “create engagement” (what you really want is to create advocates for yourself—people who will voluntarily introduce you to potential employers because this may be mutually beneficial).

Let us know if we can help you in your career change process. That’s what we’re here for.

Peter Irish
The Barrett Group

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