We’ve got your lucky number: 50-8-4-9

Have you noticed it? There is a distinct sense of spring in the air. Not just the season, mind you, but the spasmodic heave of the economic engine… with a tang of ozone… Business optimism is growing, feeding off increasing vaccination rates, economic stimulus, pent-up consumer demand, and loose monetary policy… There it is again… the unmistakable aroma of executive opportunity.

Naturally, many executives who will leap at these early signals of economic renewal will think they can navigate the market on their own given the strength of their resumes, however, they are not alone. Literally hundreds of others will line up behind every published opening and there will be an inevitable jostling of shoulders, sharp elbows, and a lot of competition for those executive opportunities. This competition depresses compensation because it remains a buyer’s market—unless you free yourself from the economic cycle and take matters into your own hands.

That’s where your lucky number comes in: 50-8-4-9.

We help executives find jobs every week—generally executive opportunities that were never published, positions with little competition and therefore higher compensation. In fact, 75% of our clients land through the unpublished market.

Each week we publish the progress our clients make in the market on our Hiring Line Report.

So far this year alone, 50 clients have found new positions, 8 of them this week. Where did they land? We protect our clients’ privacy, of course, but we can give you a sense of their satisfaction:

  • Manager Regulatory Affairs
  • VP in Vietnam
  • General Manager
  • CFO
  • Regional Director, Capital Markets
  • VP of Compensation
  • Development Engineer
  • Head of Global Policy and Communications

On average, in 2020, our clients spent 24 weeks in the market before landing their executive positions, virtually always at a higher compensation level then their last job thanks to the 100-odd list of compensation factors we bring to the table during our interview preparation and offer negotiation support phase.

Additionally, 4 clients also received offers in the latest week, three of which we can share with you here:

  • $235,000 base with a maximum 40% bonus
  • $250,000 salary with a $50,000 guaranteed minimum commission, and
  • $300,000 fixed with a 20% bonus and 401k

How did all of these clients land and receive such offers?

They followed the five-step career change program that we have crafted over 30 years in the career management market. Among other achievements, they interviewed more successfully than their competitors due in part to our assiduous support in preparation for each interview. They were primed and ready.

Which brings us to the last component of your lucky number: 9 clients had interviews in the latest week, too. They interviewed for titles such as these:

  • SVP Sales
  • CBO
  • R&D Manager
  • Senior Project Director
  • Senior Leader of Implementation Services
  • System Director
  • VP of Operations
  • Business Unit Manager
  • Regional Head Accounting and Tax

Most executives who come to us realize they actually have no idea how to navigate the executive career market and have wasted precious months trying it on their own. They recognize the advantages of having a six-person Barrett Group team of experienced career management experts at their elbow, our incredible track record of success, and our ability to help clients optimize their interview experiences while adding to their final negotiated offers.

The numbers don’t lie.

So consider improving your odds in the executive career market today by consulting the Barrett Group. Remember, we have your lucky number.

Peter Irish
The Barrett Group


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