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Happy Landing

Happy Landing (in less than 90 days)

In this Chairman’s Blog we like to share both general information such as statistics to help career changers understand what they are facing but also anecdotal evidence of individual’s challenges and successes. Happy Landing. Today let’s talk about Rossalyn—definitely one of the latter.  Rossalyn...

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human experience

The Most Precious Aspect of Human Experience

In my time as a business coach, I often worked with teams.  Beyond the non-verbal trading exercise that required executives to communicate without speaking, my second favorite activity was to ask the team “What is the most precious aspect of human experience?” Inevitably there were a few blank stares...

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open minds win big

Closed Minds Lose Out / Open Minds Win Big

Closed Minds Lose Out / Open Minds Win Big. As I’ve mentioned before, at the Barrett Group (TBG) we speak to tens of thousands of executives and managers each year.  Many of them also fill out a survey. They share their thoughts on where they are in their careers. Their frustrations with their current...

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Many Happy Returns

Sometimes our clients are surprised at first to hear about paid search.  They ask us, why should I pay for career management services? What is my return on investment? Let me answer this with examples from my own life.  All of the numbers are exactly true.  The timing and the circumstances I will...

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Footprints in the Snow

We always try to address topics of broader interest to career changers in this blog.  By and large, this means exploring “personas” that we run into repeatedly. These personas have issues we understand and whose career challenges we can help ameliorate.  We’ve been doing this for three decades. So,...

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Suddenly Unemployed and in Shock

In these blogs we like to explore situations that can happen to our readers, such as becoming unemployed, in which the Barrett Group (TBG) can really help alleviate job search stress. Let’s talk about Dominic. Here’s what our Senior Career Consultant had to say about Dominic in March at the beginning...

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Exciting Developments

We use our blogs to share the experiences of our clients as they embark on their career change journeys.  Let’s face it: changing jobs can be daunting or downright scary.  That’s why we share.  To let you know you are not alone and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Exciting Developments! Let’s...

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