Seven Satisfied Clients (Last Week)

At the moment I am working on a review of the economic data that is emerging showing a weakening world economy increasingly supported by government largesse (at the taxpayer’s expense). It is a worrisome picture and I will address it again soon, however, in spite of the general gloom, we helped seven clients land jobs last week—seven in one week!

We must be doing something right!

Certainly, the economic impacts of COVID-19 are not homogenous, and you can easily see this from the industries where our clients are landing. Here is a recent selection of client landings from April to July (please find the details on our Hiring Line website where we report anonymously on all client interviews, offers, and landings every week):

Technology and health care have moved up the rankings since the last time we reported. Consulting has retained the top spot. Construction even managed to join the list, surprisingly perhaps given the changes in that industry. But there are in every industry a few companies with their eyes open, alert for the opportunities that adversity reveals. Conspicuously absent from the list are net losers due to the twin crises of Covid-19 and the resulting economic malaise such as commercial real estate, restaurants, hospitality, travel, and aviation.

Particularly now in the face of such economic transformation, it is critically important that clients see their whole spectrum of opportunity. It is imperative that they see past the narrow path they have so far pursued in their careers prior to meeting the Barrett Group. The Targeting component of our career change process (the Clarity Program©) is a unique approach. We ensure we see our clients in their whole life context. Clients are offered the opportunity to consider different futures and career tracks before they commit to a course of action.

Here is how one recent client described her Clarity Program© experience:

“I very much enjoyed my sessions with Dominic [her Clarity Coach] and the insights he was able to provide. He was able to push me on some of my statements or beliefs in a very supportive way to see where I needed to adjust my thinking or behaviors to maximize my potential.”

July 2020 – client chose to remain anonymous

In fact, sometimes we feel like physicians because most clients come to us with one degree of “pain.” Practically no one seems happy with their present circumstances.

Here are a few examples from the past month of our client’s “pain points:”

  • W. left his last employer in April of 2020 due to a restructuring. He was shocked when he was laid off. He had been with them for 29 years.
  • She looks for a global leadership role in contract and vendor management, in London, Switzerland or the Netherlands.
  • B., age 61, is a long-time attorney who wants to leave the field of law. Has been considering this change for five years but is not even sure what he is looking for…
  • V. is an incredibly talented engineer who has been stuck at a “management” level for many years.
  • J. is presently working in the National Guard and is resigning his commission. He lives in New York, but he and his family want to relocate to Alabama.
  • After 20 years with [employer], B. took early retirement with the Covid layoffs in May.
  • R. was laid off a couple of months ago due to Covid and has not had success in his search.
  • He wants ideally to go to the next job level as GM / Business Leader.
  • He looks for a GM or business leadership role in Singapore (due to his wife’s career) possibly changing industry.
  • D. left his last job in 2018 due to excessive travel that interfered with his family and had upset his work/life balance. He has been home taking care of his daughter while his wife has pursued her career. He is now ready to go back to work.
  • L. was with the same company for the past 18 years. He took early retirement on a buy-out basis in December 2019. He wants to continue on an executive path, such as VP of Sales or Account Management. Aged 51 and open to a reasonable relocation…
  • C. was working in Paris, France but Covid basically shut down the aviation industry…
  • He wants to move from Europe to the US, his wife is a US Citizen. He looks for a management role in automotive or a different industry.

We can help practically any executive clarify their career targets and then go and find the job of their choice—as long as the client is willing to put in the effort required to achieve the same success as those seven clients who landed last week or the fifty-three clients who landed in Q2 (in the middle of a pandemic and economic crisis).

We can help you, too. Give us a call.

Peter Irish
The Barrett Group

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