It’s Raining Chairmen (And Other Executive Positions)

Weather-wise, there is undeniably a lot of rain at the moment in much of the northern hemisphere, but in terms of executive search, the deluge is clearly welcome. In fact, we have rarely seen so many clients landing such great positions in such a short time! 

Our Landed Clients' Titles Graphic - CB 192

While overall employment growth is gradually softening [See source.], comparatively, other sources talk about executive search volumes being up 8-12% or so versus prior year. The Barrett Group (TBG) works differently and as a result has significantly better results—TBG client landings are up 18% YOY!

First, TBG works for the candidate—not the employer.

We buttress each client’s campaign with a team of six professionals. The process begins by opening the aperture via our Clarity Program© to take in all possible and desirable future career directions—not just slavishly following the same track no matter what. This step alone broadens the search parameters while also helping clients address nagging professional or quality of life concerns they may only subconsciously admit beforehand.

Here’s how one landed client described her “Aha!” moment during her Clarity Program:

I had never really stopped to consider what might be a good match for me. I always just made a square peg fit into a round hole. Marsha did a really good job of teasing out of me what my ideal job is and helping me realize that I didn’t have to settle. That was a big, and refreshing, revelation to me! [Victoria Sydorowicz – Controller, Read more.]

Then, in the Market Access portion of our career change program, TBG again opens the aperture to cover not only the executive search market, but also the published market and the unpublished market.

This means our clients enjoy access to a market that is typically 10 times larger than the executive search market alone.

Fully 75% of our clients land in the unpublished market where opportunities are so new they may not have a fully fleshed out position profile or compensation package. As a result, TBG clients have tremendous latitude to shape their position and their packages proactively during the Negotiation portion of the program.

Here’s how another landed client described the benefits of TBG’s negotiation support:

I tend to downplay myself during negotiations and George [her TBG Career Consultant] showed me how to position myself for a better offer. He used the visual of a scale to explain how employers have more leverage during the hiring process, but once they give you an offer, you now have more leverage to ask for what you want. We also went over a list of negotiation questions I should ask during the process. Thanks to George, I got a better package than I otherwise would have. [Samantha – External Communications Manager, Read more.]

Prospective clients often ask, “are you an expert in my industry?”

To which we respond, no. You, dear client, are the expert in your industry. We are experts in career management and our process obviously works across a very broad range of industries. For example, here are our clients’ landed positions per industry so far in 2024.

Client Landings per Industry YTD May 2024 Graphic - CB 192

Naturally, the demand from different industries varies along with the economic cycle, but the breadth of our coverage remains expansive regardless.

And, as mentioned above, we can virtually always add $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 or more to any offer during the Negotiation phase of the program simply because we have been doing this for 34 years now. We know what works and what doesn’t. Now these additions may well be in the area of perks and benefits including bonuses, relocation allowances, paid time off, educational benefits, stock options, equity, etc.

But even focusing only on the base salary, we are pleased to report how our clients have performed so far in 2024. (See the Landed Clients’ Base Salaries graphic.)

Landed Clients' Base Salaries YTD May 2024 Graphic - CB 192

All of these benefits explain why for a fifth year in a row The Barrett Group has been recognized by Forbes as one of the best executive recruiters in the business. We are proud of our clients’ success, and of our team members who make it all happen. And we never stop improving our processes as we proactively move to incorporate the latest technology—including AI—to streamline and simplify clients’ and associates’ TBG experience.

So if your career isn’t living up to your ambitions, we can help you make a splash—but only if you take the plunge. Give us a call to accelerate your career change today!

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