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In recent years, private equity has added significant fuel to the executive job market. While PE fundraising has cooled off in the second half of 2022 for many segments, PE firms are still sitting on unprecedented cash reserves. Some in the industry see this as the best time to invest in strategic initiatives, and PE companies will be forced to invest if they do not want to lose advantage.

This opens opportunities for executives, and we would strongly suggest that career changers consider exploring the PE universe in their career plans

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Private Money in Your Future


Dry Powder (Part 1)

So when did the rise of PE and VC companies begin? And how does this compare to public companies? In this article, we explain the fundamentals of Private Equity (PE).

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PE/VC Private-Money-in-Your-Future-Part-2_PRIVATE-MONEY-PART-2

Who’s Who and What’s What (Part 2)

We recount who is who in the industry with particular focus on the underlying portfolio companies (where the true executive opportunities lie).

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Private Money in Your Future – Part 3 (Life After Landing)

Life After Landing (Part 3)

Private Equity and Venture Capital are not immune to macroeconomics. Fundraising has indeed declined in 2022, however, PE & VC are incredibly resilient. We share how our clients have landed in PE portfolio companies of late.

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Private Money in Your Future – Part 4 (Be Part of The Bigger Picture)

Be Part of The Bigger Picture (Part 4)

This fourth article will back off about 30,000 feet and look at the bigger picture. We will then return to earth and consider what all of this means for executives considering a career change.

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Upsidedownsizing - Fight or Flight (Part 1)

Fight or Flight (Part 1)

It is understandable when executives who might like to make a professional change hesitate in light of the current news headlines – and miss on the action. Those who do would be well advised to access the full market, as our clients do, and be seven times more likely to succeed than working with an executive recruiter alone.

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Upsidedownsizing - Turmoil in Tech (Part 2)

Turmoil in Tech (Part 2)

Tech stocks had a rough year in 2022: the tech-heavy NASDAQ index was down 33% (versus the overall S&P 500’s decline of “just” 20%). Consumer confidence fell in the first half and negatively impacted tech revenues before recovering. Interest rates rose, further dampening the party. All in all, it wasn’t pretty.

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Industry Updates

Industry Update - Big Tech

Big Tech

What may most connect these diverse companies is their need for talent, specifically, executive talent. But before we delve into that subject, let us take a quick look at these competitors’ recent results.

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The increasing frequency of extreme weather events seems to be focusing public attention at last on the accelerating climate change humanity has inflicted on the planet for more than 100 years.

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INDUSTRY UPDATE: Private Equity & Venture Capital

Venture Capital / Private Equity

We take a closer look at executive employment in the Private Equity/Venture Capital industry, top 50 employers, employing industries, titles and specializations.

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Industry Insights: Venture Capital/Private Equity

The Barrett Group’s CEO, Peter Irish, interviews Fabiano Aguilar, Managing Director, Parabellum RE

Industry Insights: Venture Capital

The Barrett Group’s CEO Peter Irish Interviews David Kerr, Managing Director at Allos Ventures


Industry Insights from the Executive Recruiter Perspective

The Barrett Group’s CEO, Peter Irish, interviews Silicon Valley Executive Recruiter and CEO of Match Star, Tim Tonella 


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