Industry Update: Construction & Real Estate

INDUSTRY UPDATE: Construction & Real Estate – April 2022

Introduction In this Update, we decided to marry two industries that are quite intertwined. We felt we could provide a better prospective on the total executive market in these sectors if we combined them. Nevertheless, at least at the outset, let us look into the major segments of Construction and Real Estate. And understand some of the underlying factors driving demand. In the US, conventio…
Seventy-Five Careers that Thrive

Seventy-Five Careers that Thrive

Seventy-Five Careers that Thrive Each of us has probably had the experience of being at the top of our game. And then we discover a few weeks or months later that after the peak there often comes a valley. The answer is to recognize where you are on the so-called sigmoid curve. And make your move when you are approaching the top (whether in income, influence, and/or satisfaction). The key is t…
VC Interview David Kerr - Allos Ventures

VC – The Barrett Group’s CEO Interviews Managing Director of Allos Ventures

The Barrett Group’s CEO Peter Irish interviews David Kerr, Managing Director at Allos Ventures as they discuss the challenges and opportunities within Venture Capital  Peter Irish: Hello there. Welcome to this edition of the Hiring Line. I’m Peter Irish with the Barrett Group, and it’s my great pleasure to welcome David Kerr from Allos Ventures today. David, would you be so kind as to introd…
Industry Update: Female Executives

INDUSTRY UPDATE: Female Executives – March 2022

Introduction We are often asked questions such as have women made real progress in infiltrating the executive ranks. And what is the prognosis going forward? We thought therefore that it makes sense to see where the female executive ranks stand at the moment so we can take stock in the future. The Economist recently published their Glass Ceiling Index. (See Source). It provides an excellent g…
Unlock your professional future

Unlock your Professional Future

Have you ever had a job interview and been left wondering what went wrong when there was negative feedback—or possibly no feedback at all? How do you unlock your professional future when you don’t have the key to what went wrong? Dan Resendes, our SVP Consulting Services, explains why this happens very simply. “Most people don’t actually understand the purpose of a job interview,” he says. “Mo…
Industry Update - Legal Services

INDUSTRY UPDATE: Legal Services – February 2022

Introduction As in other industries, there has been a seismic shift in focus in the legal industry over the last year or two. This is in part because of the pandemic and the rise in remote working. On the one hand, this relates to the content of the work whereby compliance with the fast-changing masking, vaccination, and other pandemic-related legal proscriptions have tilted the playing field….
Fifty-four Jobs They Adore

Fifty-four Jobs They Adore

It seems undeniable that the executive job market is strong right now. But nine clients landing across the US, Europe, UK, and the Middle East per week for the first six weeks of 2022 is simply unprecedented! Fifty-four! In fact, it is not the volume of client success that really occupies us, but rather the quality of it. Our clients have worked hard to achieve their gains, but they tell us tim…
Industry Update - Procurement

INDUSTRY UPDATE: Procurement – February 2022

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INDUSTRY UPDATE: Procurement – February 2022 Introduction to Procurement Imagine for a moment that someone forgot to buy food… tea, coffee, water, sugar, vegetables, rice, beans… toilet paper…  Anything that you consume regularly in your household. What would happen? You would probably experience something between dissatisfaction and total disfunction, right? Perhaps this brings home the cri…
Motivation Matters

Motivation Matters

What drives thousands of people to explore career options every day? What’s their motivation? Dissatisfaction. The ability to envision something better. A bad experience at work. Envy. Boredom… The list goes on. Are they all equally powerful? No. Some constitute minor irritations while others are fundamentally life-changing. Here is a short sample of several executives who appro…
Industry Update - Human Resources

INDUSTRY UPDATE: Human Resources – February 2022

INDUSTRY UPDATE: Human Resources Introduction Is there a mass resignation underway and if so, what can be done to retain talent? How does a company sensitively roll out an improved focus on valuing diversity without seeming boorish or arbitrary? How does a company really decide whether to ask employees to come back to the office or continue to work remotely when there are so many varia…

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