100 Job Interviews in One Month

It’s actually more than 100 job interviews last month.

At the Barrett Group (TBG) we have been helping clients clarify their career objectives and then discover the job of their choice for more than three decades. Our five-step career change system gets results and we are proud of our clients’ success.

But we’ve never seen anything like this!

Our clients were invited to 105 job interviews in July—during the slow season!

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Now that in itself may be impressive even by our standards. But the preparation that goes into those interviews. The critical questions. The crafting of truthful and compelling responses. The articulation of how prior achievements relate to the opportunity at hand. The demonstration of how skills are in fact clearly transferrable from one industry or role to a new one. Mock interviews and role-playing… that is the truly impressive part.

Here’s how one recently landed client shared his TBG interview preparation experience:

“In the practice questions, George [his career consultant] made me realize that I needed to change my answers. He helped me prepare better responses for what a hiring manager would want to hear and put my best foot forward.” [Mike, Financial Services, 2021, Read More]

George is no exception, either. For TBG that is just business as usual. We work for our clients—not for an employer—so we listen hard and help clients clarify what they really want, and then hold them accountable as they move through our tried and true process—proven by thousands of successful executives over the past thirty years.

Our career change system begins with a targeting step, because we can only help a client if we agree on where he or she wants to end up. From there we help the client create the right “package” for their skills and experience, and then we introduce them to the three principal markets where our clients find opportunities: the recruiter market, the published market, and the unpublished market—the latter being the most productive by far because there is little competition and the compensation is higher.

Then comes the preparation stage when we help the client prepare for interviews as described above and assist them in negotiating their offers once they start to come in, usually adding tens of thousands of dollars in the process.

Lastly, there’s the all-important on-boarding stage when we help the client figure out what they have gotten themselves into. We help them to navigate the new organization. Position themselves for advancement. And generally, avoid any pitfalls in the first 100 days.

Clients appreciate the support they get during what can otherwise be a pretty lonely process:

“The more I learned about The Barrett Group’s services and its team, the more I realized that the company’s goal is to build a system for me to effectively transition my career from education to business. I felt that The Barrett Group’s mission wasn’t just to get me a job, it was to help me find the career I wanted – and to be a partner in my job search.” [David Ludwig, VP, 2021, Read More]

So ask yourself, if you are embarked on a job search, how many interviews have you had lately? Maybe you would benefit from some professional support? Give us a call and find out. We make it our job to help you find yours!

Peter Irish
The Barrett Group

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