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Lawrence – Success Study Senior Corporate Counsel Client: Lawrence spent nine years as corporate counsel for a private firm that provides IT solutions for the digital workplace. Industry: Legal, Information Technology Function: Leadership, Legal Counsel Challenge: Lawrence sought an exit when a failed...

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Ned – Success Study VP of Business Development Client: Ned was general manager of a sustainability solution provider startup in the agricultural industry. Industry: Agricultural, Startup, Advertising, Marketing Function: Leadership, Product Launch, Business Development, Marketing, Sales, Customer...

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Dave – Success Study Software Architect / Engineer Client: Dave was a senior software engineer for a small, private technology startup. Industry: Information Technology, Consumer Electronics Function: Technology, Software Engineering  Challenge: Dave had a history of getting jobs and not liking...

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Vijay Sardeshpande

Vijay Sardeshpande – Success Study Director of Process Excellence Client: Vijay Sardeshpande was director of global IT business excellence for a large, private provider of healthcare for patients with cancer and cardiovascular disease.  Industry: Hospitals, Healthcare, Medical, Software, SaaS,...

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Paul Cabellon

Paul Cabellon – Success Study Director of External Communications Client: Paul Cabellon was senior manager of corporate communications for a privately funded organization with a mission to invent technologies that solve some of the world’s most challenging problems. Industry: Private Equity,...

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B. Randall Willis

B. Randall Willis – Success Study Head of Client Success Client: B. Randall Willis was president and co-partner of a New York City-based, digital marketing agency. Industry: Marketing, Advertising Function: Leadership, Administration, Strategy, Marketing, Sales, Client Relations, Entrepreneurship Challenge: After...

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Keith Brown

  Keith Brown – Success Study Director of Development Client: Keith Brown was executive pastor and administrative consultant for a large, multicultural Baptist church in California. Industry: Religious Organizations, Nonprofit, Charity, Healthcare Function: Operations, Administration,...

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Derek Maxwell

Derek Maxwell – Success Study Senior Manager of Engineering and Supply Chain Client: Derek Maxwell was global technical support manager of electrical, mechanical, marine and drilling systems for an industry-leading, offshore drilling company. Industry: Energy, Oil and Gas, E-Commerce,...

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Joel Engle

Joel Engle – Success Study Chief Growth Officer Client: Joel Engle was pastor of a midsize, nondenominational church. Industry: Religious Organizations, Advertising & Marketing Challenge: After a long career in pastoring, Joel decided to shift industries completely, but he needed...

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Divesh Singh

Divesh Singh – Success Study Director of Software Development Client: Divesh Singh was vice president of delivery management for a leading financial services provider. Industry: Financial Services Function: Technology Solutions Challenge: After five years in his role, Divesh wanted a...

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