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The Hole In Your Soul

The Hole In Your Soul

Would you consider yourself satisfied?  I mean, in general, with your day to day existence, your work, your life?  The Covid-19 crisis may leave you with time to reflect on this key question and reveal – a hole in your soul. Most people we encounter can imagine a better life. For example, more...

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Undervaluing Your Most Valuable Asset

To value something or someone is a complex concept when you reflect on it. You might value your relationship with your spouse or other loved one, but you would generally never put a monetary value on it, right? You might value your house by looking at comparable houses and their recent selling...

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Where Will You Be After The Disaster?

Things were going so well. An eleven-year-old bull market, for example. Business confidence up. Unemployment down. Then suddenly everything changed. Did we, as a society, prepare adequately; react fast enough; take the situation seriously soon enough? Probably not, because in general it is human nature...

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For our first twenty-seven years or so the Barrett Group was a physical company. We had an office. People worked there. But much of the career consulting and coaching that we delivered was provided over the telephone. So in some ways, we were already well on the way of being a “virtual company.” About...

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A Light In The Darkness

Fear saps your will. It freezes you in terror. And it makes it hard to think straight and may leave you in darkness. That may have been helpful to our ancestors, but it does not help in the face of the current health crisis. Having time to sit and stew during your social distancing does not necessarily...

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Put Your Worries To Work

To worry is natural. In fact, it is allegedly an evolutionary advantage that helped our earlier selves anticipate possible threats by imagining them and preparing for them. For example, “could a cave bear wander into the cave tonight, and if so, what would I do?” [See Daniel Goleman’s Emotional...

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Are you just fooling yourself

Are You Just Fooling Yourself?

Having an accurate understanding of themselves and how they are viewed is sometimes the biggest challenge our clients face when contemplating a change of career.  In talking to thousands of prospects and clients each month we truly see all kinds. From people who have an over-inflated view of their...

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Living The (Bad) Dream

Most executives have had to travel on business. Some have to or choose to commute. Some hate it. Others love it. For some, it’s a dream. For others, it’s a nightmare. Which are you? In my case, for decades I lived in a beautiful place (the Vienna woods) where I could not earn enough to...

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Today Is The Day

Most of our clients have a specific reason for pushing the button and getting started with their career change programs. Our Senior Career Consultants capture these reasons in brief orientation messages.  Here are three examples: FED UP Heidi is fed up with her present employer. She runs sales for...

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