Frontline Report for 12-21-22

Front Line Report Stats:

Offers Accepted: 4
Offers Received: 1
Interviews Advanced: 6
1st Interviews: 14
Interview with Recruiter: 1


Offers Accepted:

1. Joan Sebring’s clients J. and F. accept offers.
-First, Client J. is now a director at a robotics automation company in the utilities and energy industry. Current pay was $211K. The new compensation is $495K. Joan notes: “This total package is over 2x his current compensation.”
-Next, Client F. was offered a position to help his friend who runs a flooring company. F. will be helping the owner navigate through the process of putting the financials together. This is a consulting gig for 6 months and an acquaintance.

2. Julie Mathern’s client M. was the owner of an automotive company. Julie reached out to Client M., and he responded:

“Hi Julie, thank you very much for reaching out and for the holiday wishes! A quick update on me: After going through the process with The Barrett Group and interviewing for several positions at various dealer groups (and I received some nice offers), I decided the best thing for me was to stick working for myself and search for a dealership acquisition opportunity.”

Client M. continues, “With that being said, I currently have an executed Letter of Intent with a dealer and I am working with my attorney to create all the documents that are associated with a dealership buy/sell. I am looking forward to getting back into the business.”

3. Larry DiBoni’s client R. has accepted the offer from a financial services company. He will be the associate director, earning $125K salary + $40K bonus. He transitioned from the IT sector to financial services.

Offer Received

1. Asli Bilgin’s client G. landed a three-month freelance assignment with a financial company, with the possibility of permanent employment afterwards. He will be serving as HR Director.


Interviews Advance

1. Barbara Limmer’s clients J. and L. had interviews.
-First, Client J. at a scientific instrument company for a director position.
-Next, Client L. at an IT company for director of sales.

2. Isabelita Castilho’s client H. at a railway company for an officer position.

3. Jerry Fronczak’s client B. at an insurance company for a sales leader position.

4. Lori Chevalier’s client T. and N. had interviews.
-Client T. at a pharmacy company for director and business management.
-Then Client N. at a recruiting company for a position.



1. Rob Wicker’s clients K. and A. had interviews.
-First Client K. at a consulting company for a delivery consultant position.
-Second Client A. at an online retailer company for Supply Chain Director.

2. Asli Bilgin’s client L. and G. had interviews.
-Next Client L. at machine manufacturing company as a VP Finance role.
-Client G. at an animal health company for HR manager.

3. Joan Sebring’s client S. at a logistics company for a consultant role.

4. Barbara Limmer’s client P. and C. had interviews.
-Client P. at a global company for an HR role.
-And Client C. at a credit card company for a position.

5. Julie Mathern’s client D. at a claim management solution company for claims representative.

6. Vivek Agarwal’s client M. at a software company for sales/marketing/business development executive from UNP1-Social Capital.

7. Ramesh Shivakumaran’s client S. at an airport for CFO from a 3rd Party recruiter.

8. Barbara Limmer’s client D., W., and P. had interviews.
-First Client D. at a Technology company for an option of 6 different roles open. Opportunity came from UNP1-Social Capital.
-Second Client W. at an IT company for TBD.
-Third Client P. with Barbara at a consulting company for digital practice leader.

9. Jerry Fronczak’s client H. at a financial services bank for an advisor position from UNP2-LinkedIn.


Interview with Recruiter:

1. Barbara Limmer’s client O. at a communications company for a chief HR position from a 3rd party recruiter.
“This is a great combination of social capital, job postings and 3rd party recruiters: her mentoring program leader sent her a job posting for the company, so she connected with the 3rd party recruiter who posted it and has an interview with that 3rd party recruiter now.”



-From client C. about his recruiter email campaign that went out from Barbara Limmer.
“Just a quick update. I will have had phone conversations with six 3rd party recruiters by the end of the day. The campaign seems to be working well! Having a call with one later this morning who possibly has an opportunity that might be a fit. The others expect more activity after mid-January. Have a great weekend!”

-Client M. shared this appreciation to Lori Chevalier for working on her resume: “You are sooo good at your editing skills!! Amazing! You make me shine!”

-Barrett Group clients are benefiting from the Barrett Group network. When Lori asked one of her clients if she could introduce them to one of Barbara’s clients, Lori’s client quickly agreed. We look forward to many of these connections and the success that they bring.

We wish you to have a happy career search around the holiday season. And we want you to get the best gift this year, a career you love. The Barrett Group is here to help clients fine tune their job search, so they can reach their career goals. To learn more contact The Barrett Group.

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