The Hiring Line:

  1. Lori is delighted! Here goes:

“H. just received an offer from a midwestern State University for a Physician, Professor, Vice Chair & Endowed Chair for Research, and Clinical Practice Sites Assigned Chair in the Department of Emergency Medicine!

He has had a lot of different opportunities come into his midst, but this one was especially interesting to H. as it offers a “family atmosphere”. 

H. received a 68-page offer and Paula was kind enough to collaborate with me on the review and feedback provided to H. He also utilized an attorney friend who specializes in MD contracts to do a full review of his contract and confirmed that the information provided by TBG was on point with their review also. Thank you, Paula! 🙂 Very exciting!! Way to go H.! 💃”

  1. M. has landed! Greg tells the tale:

“Our clients never stop amazing me. M. had had a phone conversation with an old work associate about two weeks ago. The guy who used to report to M. is now the CEO of [a bread making] company!

On Friday, the guy called M. and asked him to drive down to [the headquarters] which he did.

On Monday, the guy offered M. the job of VP of Operations.

$220K + 30% bonus + $200K Superbonus which M. has been told is achievable. Hooray!!”


  1. Jerry has great news from his client S. He’s been offered a position as an advisor and business broker. He now has two offers to consider while he’s on vacation. The other offer is from a remodeling company as a Sales Director. Pandemic, Schmandemic!
  2. From R. to Vivek:

“I have received an offer from [a supplier of project-based manufacturing solutions] for the IT Management position and am currently assessing the benefit package. As with many offers, there are some extraneous statements ‘depending upon the company’s profitability’ and therefore will require further investigation and negotiation. I will begin inputting the data into our Barrett Group Compensation Foundation offers worksheet.”

Interviews Advance:

  1. E. to Isabelita and Waffles; while still in Clarity, she received the news from a company that offers vehicles for hire, food delivery, package delivery, couriers, and freight transportation, after going over compensation negotiations with W & I:

“I hope you are doing well. I want to let you know that we had the debrief today and I have good news for you: we’ll move to the final calls. 🙂

[They] need me to meet the person you would be reporting to, the Head of Strategic Finance.

At this point he will meet with the two finalists selected in the debrief, [me] being one of them. He will further test specific points relevant to the role like stakeholder management. [They] will share with him the business case [I] prepared for visibility so he might as well dive into it and ask [me] to explain it or share insights on the numbers.

Have a lovely night!”

  1. Dan continues to help R. with multiple interviews. This week R. has advanced with a software as a service (Saas) company and has two follow up interviews on Monday!


  1. S. followed Waffles’ advice, and:

“[The organization] just phoned! They have scheduled an interview with the ED/CEO for an hour-long phone interview on Thursday. Tomorrow when we speak, I would like you to help me get ready. This is the COO position. Thank you so much!”

  1. N. had her first Clarity meeting with her coach Kristin, but she already had an interview scheduled. Lori jumped right in and conducted full interview prep the same day!  Here’s the recap opening:

“Natalie, it was wonderful meeting with you today to discuss your background and assist you with interview preparation for the Attorney position today! Exciting opportunity!”

Thank you, Lori!

  1. From S., to Waffles / Greg:

“I just snagged another interview, this is for the President/CEO opportunity.”

S. had just done his interview deep dive with Greg and hour before, he learned a great deal, apparently just in time! Excellent coaching, Greg!


  1. From L.:

“Hi Julie and Waffles: I received my official offer for the Attorney-Advisor position tonight, which I accepted! Thank you for all of your assistance with my interview preparation and negotiation of the overall compensation package. Best, L.”

  1. From M.:

“The Barret Group (TBG) was fundamental with helping solidify the implementation of my talents, gifts, and passions. Their attention to detail and focus to provide a successful business transition was personal, professional, and uplifting. An entire team, from research to resume writers, coaches to administration, worked in tandem to help me achieve my goals. For me, TBG gave me a sense of peace during a difficult time of seeking and transition. They teamed me up with the perfect coaches that interactively walked me through every step of the process.


Our sincere congrats to Lori and her team! Yay, Barrett!

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