The Hiring Line:

  1. Julie tells us her client T. landed at a financial technology company! She had met a recruiter at an outplacement job fair, an example of something that never happens – happening.
  2. B. sent this “howdy” to Greg:

“It looks like I’m going to get an offer from a well-funded startup. I’ll likely get their compensation proposal in 5-10 business days after they’re done checking my references and putting the package together. The work is very interesting, and the equity could potentially be extremely good.”

Congratulations, B., and hats off to Greg on his excellent consulting!

  1. Vivek was pleased when he heard the latest from D.:

“I wanted to give you a quick update on where things are with me. I have accepted a position at [a company that provides an automated data-driven pricing solution] as their Chief Content Strategist. And, I will be in charge of all of the written content produced for the website, as well as writing talking points and speeches for the C-Suite officers. It is definitely a different place than where I thought I would end up, but I am really happy and excited for this new challenge!

I also wanted to thank you again for all the help and support you provided for me. It was very valuable for me!  Take care and keep in touch.”

  1. Lori’s client M. landed a new position working for a nonprofit organization as a Director of Operations! 💃

“The cool thing about this is that M. was working as a volunteer for the organization for a few months helping them with various items. He had an interview with another company, started looking at the job description for the interview, and thought – why couldn’t I do this for this nonprofit? So, he proposed it to the founder, they got into a conversation relating to the position specifics, salary, incentives, and planned out the next three years for salary and bonus increases. M. created his own opportunity from an existing opportunity using another company’s job description!!

Additionally, because the salary the first year will be a start-up and will grow with time, he will dually continue working as an adjunct teacher. This is interesting because M. just wrote a book – and the college professor who he reports to – asked him if he would teach a class using his newly written book!! This means that every student will have to purchase his book and he will be receiving the proceeds, in addition to teaching on his own content!!

Lori calls this one a Double Win!!

  1. Again from Lori: A. has accepted a job offer at a provider of environmental, industrial, mechanical, and commercial diving services for a Director of Technology role – she has her first day at work is today! Here’s Lori’s story: 

“With the amazing help of Dan assisting with A.’s presentation to the company a few weeks ago, A. furthered discussions, and the day after Thanksgiving she and I met to discuss the offer and negotiate a position that included the salary she desired, 4 weeks paid vacation, and a paid VISA (she currently resides in Canada) to work in the U.S.!!

A. is an amazing client and she has such a plethora of experience in engineering, certified diving, compliance/regulatory, and she is heavily involved and part of a multitude of organizations, and is also an adjunct professor to boot! This opportunity was wonderful because A. essentially networked with the individuals she will be working for, inquiring how to approach the job market given her qualifications.  They loved her inquiry and essentially furthered the conversation, requesting her to create a proposal, allowing her to “develop her own job description” which included everything in her background. It’s a perfect culmination of her skillset and allows her to move to the U.S., which was also her desire!! Win Win!! Way to go A.!” 💃

  1. L. – extra info from Paula regarding her acceptance of the nonprofit organization offer. The title will be Assistant Vice President – Affiliate & Network Advancement. The highlights:
    1. She got the job by networking with the CEO who she used to work with.
    2. They initially were talking around $160K, the organization then raised it to $175K as they really wanted her.
    3. She got AVP title, which she has wanted for a long time.
    4. She does not have to leave her hometown.
    5. This role gives her more visibility, externally and internally, than her previous role.
    6. This moves her into a new sector, so it is a career change.

Nicely done, Paula!


  1. Greg is happy to report that J. has received an offer from a SaaS technology firm as the Associate General Counsel. He tells us:

“We went through a session on Offer Negotiation yesterday and he is in the process today of doing some negotiating. Will update his status as soon as I hear from him.”


  1. Paula’s client C. knows how to make things happen! He is doing consulting work for a startup company (since November – he did a few days of work for them earlier this year). They made him an offer – it is in advancing start-up mode – he was not interested. He is instead working on getting a consulting contract further finalized which will be renewable.  Concurrently, he is patenting two inventions and is planning on starting the new year by working on developing/funding his own company!

Interviews Advance:

  1. Phase 3 interview: E. reached out to Dan. Although she’s landed, the internal politics/culture are not to her liking, and she has been approached by a tech company (she loves tech!) for a highly appealing role. Dan will jump in to help with the negotiation when the offer comes down.

  2. Dan tells us G. will receive a written offer shortly!
  3. J. brought Paula up to speed:

“Just wanted to update you. I had 5 in person interviews last Thursday at [an early education company] for the General Counsel position which I thought went well. I also had a video interview with the CFO on Friday that I thought went well as well. The interviews were more geared around me getting to know the team … not so much about my background or experience, which was encouraging.”


  1. F. had an interview with HR at a manufacturer of exterior building products today, after previously being interviewed by the CEO and the COO.  He said:

“Thanks to you I was prepared, as he asked me many of the questions that you gave me as well as some that weren’t exactly the same but similar.  As a result, the interview which was supposed to be 1 hour went 2 hours! I am supposed to hear by early next week.”

You’re spot on, George!

  1. Anne’s client S. has an interview tomorrow with a new home builder as Director of Development.
  2. D. has been keeping busy here during the Second Wave. Here are the interview updates he sent to Paula:
    1. The interview for a National Director of Sales role went well, they are a small start-up but well-funded. We haven’t talked $$, I have no idea what they would be thinking, but I would guess the benefits would be acceptable. We are supposed to talk again ‘soon’…
    2. The interview for a Sales Director role was good, another start-up, not very well-funded. Two young guys, chemical engineers. A lot of chem stuff, wastewater treatment, etc. – 100% commission, no benefits. High risk, high reward.
    3. The recruiter is calling my references. I am cooling off on this one just because it would be the same thing I have been doing for the last 20 years. …we’ll see what happens.


  1. E. called Waffles out of the blue Friday afternoon:

“Tell Dan and Julie how much I appreciate them staying with me: the networking has paid off, now companies are seeking me out directly! This Barrett stuff really works!”

  1. Dan met with H. and reports back to Anne:

“She praised the service you have been providing to her, and she also said the rest of the team, most notably Christina, as ‘amazing’. It was very nice of her to send such compliments along.”

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