Frontline- 12-23-20- interview

The Hiring Line:

  1. J. just accepted a six-month contract role at a financial services group of companies as Information Retention Team Specialist.  She’s still working with Anne on obtaining a full-time permanent role.
  2. S.’s coming in hot—woo-hoo!! He has accepted an offer as Director of Development at a new home builder and will be relocating to the southeastern U.S. Anne helped him to negotiate a $10k increase over the initial base salary offer to $140k, with a bonus of $55k. His wife is a contract worker and committed until June, that will give them time to sell their house, etc.

He shared some of his learnings:

  • It’s necessary to change up your resume so you don’t show too many successes or be more experienced than your boss, lol!
  • LinkedIn is a good tool that was something he would never commit to and when he did it was the source of this lead.
  • Don’t be afraid of technology, final interview was an online panel and he learned something new in a virtual world!
  • He’s very happy with the opportunity and long-term contributions he can make!
  • Thankful for TBG assistance with special thanks to Anne for her patience and professionalism!

  1. J. was jubilant when he told Waffles:

“I just e-signed the [letter of intent]! The negotiations went very well…

I am now in with [an executive search firm] – (they got me my last job, 11 years ago!) – well known in the start-up world – and [the founder and CEO] is the guy I am working with – so that is good for the future – he is connected! I’ve jumped from CEO to the Board of Directors at [one company] – and became an investor – have some good ideas there – right on the cusp of something good…

And when I told the new company investors what I was up to – “can we buy them or invest?” I am working on the 8-10 split…. Enjoy the weekend….  Been a long year – we will catch up in the new year…  enjoy…I will still pick your brain for a while – and exhaust my welcome!”

  1. Vivek’s client R. wrote:

“Good afternoon Vivek. As you are aware, I’ve been negotiating properly with [a supplier of project-based manufacturing solutions] for their open IT Manager role. I have been very impressed by the intangibles this role offers. I will do my best to detail the parameters of this role below, for which I have accepted employment as of yesterday.

-Annual salary $105k

-PTO 136 hours

-Fully paid Healthcare (PPO), Dental, Vision, Life & ADD

-401k match was 1%, will now be 5%


Travel to office was 55 miles, now 22 miles (time for travel was 90 minutes, now 30 minutes). This saves 2 hours per day/10 hours per week or more than 500 personal hours per year. A conservative value of 500 hours personal time multiplied by $50 equates to over $25,000 savings per year

And travel to work was 30,000 miles per year and will now be 12,000 miles per year, equating to both fuel savings and more than 60% reduction in vehicle wear and tear

Member of the Strategic Board for employee and cultural advancement

Full responsibility for P&L of organization’s technology initiatives, advancement and operations

Full responsibility of IT Department including hiring, firing and employee education and advancement

Over the last 5 years company has grown by approximately 30%, and signs indicate continued growth leading to further career and financial growth

These are only the highlights, but I was able to spend several days creating a Pro/Con for this organization and role. The results led me to accept this offer with the included negotiated improvements. The bottom line is I have an opportunity to help an organization advance their leadership culture and a potential to become an investor within 5 years.

Kind regards,


Nicely done, Vivek!

  1. C. has self-landed! When he joined us, he was considering employment or his own company – he has decided to follow the American Dream and go the entrepreneurial route! He has titled himself Aircraft Conceptual Design Consultant. He has a consulting gig already and has filed two provisional patents for himself/his company. Thanks for your excellent coaching, Paula!
  2. Greg was delighted when K. told him she had accepted the new job:

“Hi, Greg – I did get the offer! And it was beautiful – $200k base + 25% bonus + LTI incentive of $75k + $15k relocation. The full package came in well over $300k.”


  1. From the hiring company to Waffles’ client J.:

“Your position would be that of Chief Executive Officer of the Company. The position will report directly to the Board. Below are the basic terms of your compensation package:

  • Annual base salary of $300,000
  • Annual bonus target of 30% which will be tied to achievement of mutually agreed upon milestones that will be both individual and corporate in nature and determined by the Board.
  • Equity of approximately 7.0% basic ownership.”

  1. R. has had a lot of activity within the last week and has interviews into next week:
    1. First interview and job offer for an investment management firm for a Regional Development Director role (and opportunity within 18 months to move into a VP position). He is “keeping this opportunity on ice” as a back-up as he is seeking a role outside of his current industry and keeping the interviews moving forward over the next few weeks.
    2. Next interview for a Managing Partner for a life insurance company
    3. Then Interview for an Agency Head role at a mutual insurance holding company

Keep us posted on this one, Lori!


Two from Anne this week:

  1. M. has interviews with: An advocacy organization for VP Marketing U.S. He also just received request for a second interview next week and Director of Loyalty at a retail company.
  2. J. received an offer for Alternative Risk Team Leader at an insurance program manager and wholesaler.
  3. Greg shares S.’s good news:

“Dear S., Hello!

Thank you for your interest in the Vice President of Development position. 

And we are excited to learn more about you and how your experiences may be beneficial to us.

We would like to meet with you as soon as possible. And we would like to conduct an in-person interview if you are comfortable with that.  The interview will be held in our offices.

Thank you,

Human Resources Director”

  1. J. asked Julie to order up some fresh interview prep research for her upcoming meetings with the provider of a health management solution for the role of Director of Product/Project for Ventures.
  2. Lori was pleased to hear that M. applied to an educational institution for a Vice President of Human Resources position and has been contacted for an interview early next month! 

Interviews Advance:

  1. M. worked with the Julie and Waffles on a special presentation for his 2nd interview with an aerospace manufacturer for the position of Senior Manager, Learning and Development, a great fit and perfect advancement for him. He is also gearing up for the battery of interviews at a provider of cloud computing platform for the opening of Head, Learning Program Management. Best of luck, M.!
  2. Next M. tells Anne:

“Hi Anne,

Happy Holidays to you! I am about to have my 4th interview with the Life Insurance company, which is a good thing (meeting with different members of exec team). This looks pretty promising.” 

  1. Isabelita reported to Waffles that his interview coaching has paid off! E. did well in her second interview with a company that offers vehicles for hire, food delivery, package delivery, couriers and freight transportation, and will have an in-person interview next! E. also advanced with a software as a service (SaaS) company and has two follow up interviews on Monday!
  2. S. interviewed directly with the CEO/Founder of a nonprofit organization for the COO position. His assistant told her she didn’t have to schedule many interviews and the CEO/Founder was impressed enough with the presentation Waffles had coached S. on that he laid out plans for the in-person interview and tour right on the call!


  1. George was pleased to hear that M.’s recruiter frenzy following Jessica’s recent outreach has yielded 19 new active ongoing relationships with recruiters eager to place him!
  2. This update from T.:

“Paula – It occurred to me this morning that I should bring you up to speed on a conversation that came my way from an Executive Search rep.

He called me on an unsolicited reach out two weeks ago about [health service provider]. They have recently entered the US market and are looking for a Head of Payer to direct a “land and expand” initiative in the health plan/payer market. Based on conversations I’ve had with colleagues, I know that he has spoken to a few people from my former company. One of those former colleagues commended me to him (after I had already spoken to him initially).

Earlier this week, we had a second call via zoom. He is sourcing candidates with a background like mine (Healthcare), tech, and others. They recently hired a US president. He is presenting him with a series of candidates (myself included) today or tomorrow and will be circling back next week with a more tailored picture of what the president is looking for. He also indicated that there is significant enough activity in the space that if this opportunity is not right, it might be worth us talking about other opportunities.”

  1. “Wow!” (To Julie and Waffles)

“The changes to my email message have really stirred up a lot of interest in helping me find work. The amount of interest and feedback from the most recent email campaign has been overwhelming. The tweaks in the verbiage really made a huge difference. I have gotten so many emails and calls in the last two days, that I can hardly keep up with them.

Thanks for helping,



  1. To George from M.:

“Hi George,

I really appreciate the extra time that both you and Waffles have spent with me. I am hopeful that it will yield the results we want.

Best regards,


  1. Paula tells us that D. was very impressed with the detail and speed by which we were able to get the interview research to him and found it extremely helpful.
  2. From H. to Anne:

“Thank you so much, for sharing your intelligence, your strategic mind, and your tremendous energy with me. It’s really helping me. I’m very optimistic about the months to come!”

Kind words from H. Nice way to end the week!

  1. A. was brought on board by Tomasz, received his Clarity coaching by Hiyam, and is going through the program with Dan and Isabelita. He finds the people friendly and helpful, the program robust and invaluable to the job seeker, so much so that he has already volunteered to be a reference for our sales team and has decided to purchase a program for his wife as a Christmas present! Thanks to the whole team for this!
  2. From our own Marion, to Dan:

“Thanks for sharing, Dan – a delightful testimony of personal growth! The work that all of you do is just phenomenal and such a wonderful contribution to enriching our clients’ lives. Thank you!”

This came after reviewing the recording Dan sent of Paula interviewing her recently landed client, L. Paula had asked L. what her biggest learnings were throughout her career transition process, and L. told her that, thanks to the Barrett process, she was able to convince Talent Acquisition Specialists and recruiters that she should be considered for senior management positions even though she was making a career change. She also had the revelation that she would like to pursue the role of CEO! Career consulting at its best, Paul! Submit your resume!


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