1. Great news from Paula regarding a client who wishes to remain anonymous. He received and signed an offer from a large consulting firm.
  2. Paula scores again:

“Way to go, L.!!!  We are all so happy for you!!  I so much enjoy working with you. Thanks for your feedback… we continue our partnership.”

L. has accepted the offer from a nonprofit organization:

“Hi Paula, I got the extra week of vacation and have made it official! Yippee! Thank you so much for all the work to get me to this point!”


  1. First Jerry’s client S. has received an offer from a national home improvement company. S. will be a sales rep. Jerry tells us he feels S. will accept the position based on the new career direction he and S. recently strategized. This is one where S. no longer wants management responsibility and only wants to do sales with unlimited income potential. Excellent coaching as always, Jerry!
  2. Second Greg was scratching his head over J.’s offer with a startup. The position is Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and pays $240K… when they get the money, which is supposed to be in a couple of months. He asked Waffles if J. should get an attorney to look at it (yes!).  And we asked, “So where’s the equity for this major risk investment of J.’s time and expertise?” Stay tuned!


  1. To begin, S. has graduated to the next level, an in-person interview, and is flying to an in-person meeting on Monday for a Commercial Director role. Waffles is following this one closely. In the meantime, his consulting business continues to build, even in the pandemic.
  2. Next, Anne tells us J. has his third interview with the owner at a manufacturer of candy for Outside Territory Manager and second interview with the team at an energy company for Business Development Leader!
  3. And also, E. is laying out all the cards: he told Waffles he has no less than four interviews this week, one of them the fifth and last, another one finally brought in HR to work out the comp, so there should be an offer to review shortly. You go, E.!


  1. First, Anne: J. is interviewing for Director of Risk Management on the East Coast. She grew up in that area and her aunt is well acquainted with the exiting Director, who is part of the interview committee. She will be interviewing with five people via zoom.
  2. And finally, Dan was pulled in on short notice to help R. with one of his interviews this week.

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