1. From George:

“I don’t have all the details yet. But you will want to know that in the past 10 days, R. had a first interview at [a provider of infection prevention and infection control devices].  He then had subsequent interviews. Received an offer. And negotiated a salary substantially higher than his current job. R. is now simply awaiting the final contract. His orientation date was only 10/8/20! The company found him on LinkedIn after we spiffed up his profile, for which he gives us all the credit. We also did the Interviewing Assessment early, so he was ready.”

Great work, George!


  1. First, Paula was so relieved the social capital finally paid off. L. got her offer from the nonprofit organization – we should know more by Monday!
  2. Next, E. got the coaching he needed to advance two offers at once: a natural gas and electric service provider up north, and an investor-owned utility. The negotiations are tricky so Waffles was pulled in. Now this is a fellow who has had over 20 interviews since coming on board, finally the coaching has paid off!


  1. To begin, V. let George and Waffles know:

“Doing a follow up video interview tomorrow at 10:30 AM. I think this might finally be it…”

  1. Next, Vivek tells us: R. just completed his 1st interview with a multinational technology company for a Director of IT position and second for a franchise. We worked with him with the preparation. He’ll be speaking with the Sr. Director in the next in 2-3 weeks. See his note to Vivek below.

“Thank you for your follow up yesterday, the answers posed were modified a bit and many of them used during my interview with [the multinational technology company] this morning. As you are aware, this was the 3rd phone interview and was directly with [a company] interviewer. As a final question, I had asked about next steps and with whom I would be speaking once selected to move forward. The interviewer stated the next round of interviews would be with the Sr. Director in charge of the area being hired for and will not occur for 15-20 days due to the large number of interviewing candidates. Although this is still a long shot due to the deep pool of candidates, I feel strongly and passionate about not only doing the job but helping [the multinational technology company] be even more successful using my experience and skillset.  2nd interview with [the franchise] is scheduled at 1:00 today… with GC and one of the Founders.”

Exciting stuff, Vivek!
  1. Also, Paula’s client J. has two opportunities moving along: An educational company – in person meeting with the Leadership team set for early December. He also had a screening interviewing Tuesday with HR recruiter for Associate GC role at a beauty company in NYC. He got the introduction from a LinkedIn fraternity brother who works there. He is following the program and getting success, excellent coaching, Paula!
  2. Then, Waffles’ client S. has been “very busy”! He has two interviews for jobs and a third coming closer:
    1. A friend has recommended him for a Commercial Director role and the Talent Acquisition Specialist has passed him on to the hiring manager.
    2. His contact at a provider of home automation solutions is working with the CEO to publish a job in mid-December, and S. is the number one candidate!
    3. A global conglomerate that recently bought the European component from a U.S. high-tech industrial company has problems managing the acquisition – they need a globally based executive to make it work. A former colleague who had been coached by S. back in the day and was in the running for the opening passed on it and suggested S., who then got a call from the executive recruiter. It turns out that S. already knew about the job from three more of his former colleagues who had all turned it down and suggested S.! Now that’s Barrett networking at its best!


  1. To start, Anne’s client J. had an interview for Client Executive Manager at an insurance brokerage firm yesterday.
  2. Also, A. has two interviews scheduled from his Third Party Recruiter Introductions launched just yesterday, both interviews are for Legal Council positions for a cybersecurity firm and for a charter school organization. A. had accepted a position on his way to his “ideal” position in September and now he’s rockin’ the program! 💃 Thanks, Lori!
  3. Next, Dan tells us R. had three interviews this week:
    1. Final interview for a chief revenue officer was three candidates, he made the final cut as one of two possible candidates. They provided him with so much information, we believe this offer will be obtained with zero problems on December 1st.
    2. One first interview, with the boss from hell, would not ever work for him.
    3. One first interview, with a compliance company ready to make an offer very fast. R. is a perfect fit for the organization in every single area. Expect an offer this week.
Three more from Anne:
  1. First, J. is interviewing for a Recruiting Manager position at a nonprofit organization. 
  2. Second, J. is happy in his new role at a company that provides services to small businesses as sales territory manager but he’s a little bored. So, he is continuing to interview, he had two this week:
    1. At a manufacturer of candy for Outside Territory Manager
    2. At an energy company for Business Development Leader
  3. And, Jerry’s client N. has an interview with a developer of cell therapy products next Monday for the Chief Information Officer position. Great work, Jerry!
  4. Also, Paula’s client R. has an interview with a strategic economics for the position of Senior Manager, Cities & Infrastructure.
  5. Finally, Dan’s client G. is interviewing:

“Actually, it is the second interview. My first was today with the HR folks. Before I got back home, they scheduled me for the second interview – this time with the CEO! It is scheduled for [this week].”

  1. And there’s more, Lori’s client H. had an interview with a clinical research organization for a Clinical Trial Doctor position! He applied for a position on LinkedIn and was contacted earlier in the week and was scheduled for a Zoom interview this week!
  2. Now finally, Dan had a great touch base with Anne’s client H. who has three birds in the hand:
    1. A supplier for the mechanical cable industry
    2. With a private equity firm
    3. Electric vehicle related opportunity


  1. From Anne, her client M.:

“WOW… been a long winding road to get to this point, patience and perseverance pays off!! Can see how social capital has played a BIG role in getting her foot in the door, hopefully she gets both feet in to show them how great she is!!”

“Hi Anne,

I hope the email finds you well.  I wanted to give you an update on my job search as well as wish you and your family a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving next week.

As for my update, after months of little movement I am now currently in conversations with three potential opportunities:

1. First, I have had two interviews (initially screening and first interview) with a company seeking to fill a EVP, General Counsel & HR/OD position.  A company looking for someone to head up both legal and human resources almost seems tailor made for me.  The position will be remote initially (until such time as we can safely get back into an office). 

2. Second, I have an interview next week with [a professional basketball team].  They are seeking a VP, GC to oversee legal operations for their entire organization which includes the basketball team and several other subsidiaries.  My former [colleague] has a strong working relationship with the organization and he was not only kind enough to pass along my resume but he also sent a very nice endorsement on my behalf to their President of Operations.

3. Third, A former co-worker started a GC position earlier this year with a small public company.  She now finds herself looking for a Deputy GC and has reached out to me.   She is eager to move forward but acknowledges that the organization is a little slow (she is aware of the other opportunities). The company is international so I would be able to work remotely and would not have to relocate.  She is hoping they will move faster but at a minimum they hope to have the position filled by end of the year.

These are three wildly different positions all of which present their own challenges, but I am excited and feeling incredibly blessed for the options.  I will continue to keep you posted on my developments.  Thank you for every conversation we have had.

  1. From George:

Hi Jessica,

Just wanted to let you know that Waffles and I both had a call with M. yesterday.  I opened the call by asking, “How’s it going?”  He took a deep breath, and smiled (it was a video call) and said, “Well, actually I’m kind of exhausted trying to catch up on all the calls and emails I have gotten from the recruiters who got the emails.” He went on to say that he had over 20 phone calls and 120 emails between Wednesday and Thursday 3pm when I made the call.  We spent the first quarter of the call helping him prioritize for the most effective way of getting back to the recruiters.  Undoubtedly, he has had more since then.

Thanks again very much for your excellent work for this very happy if exhausted client!

  1. And Anne checked in with S. after her new job started and received this:

I have been thinking of you often and wanted to contact you.

[My new company] is excellent. They are quality and safety #1. I feel so comfortable here. It turns out my office is in [a hospital], the first hospital I ever worked at coming out of nursing school. My best experience. I went full circle. LOL. I am extremely lucky. My bosses are extremely comforting and extremely knowledgeable. Our department is very prestigious. Everyone looks up to Anesthesiology. The people have included me from day one. They say I give them a “good vibe”. I have a lot to be thankful for this holiday! Thank you for ALL your coaching!!! 

Miss you!


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