1. R. weighed two offers and ultimately went with the provider and manufacturer of superior defense electronics as it offered a Director level position with people reporting to him. See Offer note below for further information from the very busy desk of our own Greg Emslie!


  1. R. received two offers within 24 hours of each other!
    1. The first was from a manufacturer of mattresses and bedding products for the position of Continuous Improvement Process Engineer. As of Friday afternoon, he was waiting for them to send the electronic documents via a secure portal on their web site.
    2. Then as he was waiting for that to happen, the provider and manufacturer of superior defense electronics sent him a written offer as a Director of Box Build Assembly.

Greg and R. evaluated both over the weekend and reached the conclusion above. Way to go, Greg!


The first three are all from Anne this week!

  1. M. has an SVP interview today with a marketing firm, Anne is keeping her fingers crossed!! He has navigated multiple hiring managers and three different roles here.
  2. H. had a busy week of interviews, all because of utilizing and continually engaging her social capital. She interviewed with:
    1. A multinational technology company – Director of Litigation
    2. A large online retailer – Assistant Director GC Global Afffairs and Policy
    3. An image sharing and social media service – Assistant GC Litigation, Regulatory and Employment

All three have been on her target list and taken a lot of 2nd degree to 1st degree connections to finally make it past an ATS to a human, good momentum! Great coaching, Anne!

  1. J. had an interview for the Global Director Talent position at a service provider. The role would be relocation consideration, but they liked her and invited her for a 2nd interview and discussing remote options.

And two from Jerry:

  1. D. has his second interview today with the provider of internet services to public schools and libraries for a senior administrator of curriculum development for the Midwest region.
  2. A. has his first interview for the Chief Financial Officer role with a nonprofit organization in the Southeast.


  1. From George:

Thought you might be interested in this comment from my call recap with V. about using his social capital with a fellow alumni:

“You’ve got social capital at [a large financial services company, a leading technology firm and a one of the Big Four consulting firms], and all of them are working at getting you interviews at those three companies. Now that’s what I call using your social capital!  Keep me posted on those.”

Thanks, George, great news! 

  1. Another of George’s clients, F., had an interview with the CEO of this firm whom F. knew from a previous position – social capital. After the interview the CEO arranged to have the hiring manager for the position F. is interested in, to talk with F. The hiring manager reached out to F., and they have a call scheduled!
  2. Lori’s client M. had an interview at a foundation for a Director of Operations position and has already been contacted for a 2nd panel interview with three senior executives! Separately and unrelated, he has additionally been offered a book deal that he did not apply for—they found him and want to pay him to write a 52-week devotional in 8 weeks!
  3. A. was contacted by an educational institution for a legal position and has been scheduled for an interview next week!  Lori and Waffles are providing dual coaching for A. 🙂 She’s a great client!


  1. From C.:

“Dan and Vivek,

I wanted to reach out first thing this morning and thank you both for your ongoing support and coaching. 

As my search continues with even more vigor than in the past, it is important to recognize successes along the way. I feel strongly that each of you have had a very positive impact and are responsible for helping me land a 12+ month contract to hire Program Manager role.

Today I will be onboarding with that team and I found the opportunity through my direct networking activity and past engagements. Please join me in celebrating that success today and know that your advice, fine tuning of the process and encouragement kept me engaged during what has been a difficult time for everyone these past few months.

Although our work is not done, this engagement gives us the opportunity to refocus for an even more targeted approach going forward. I am impressed with Vivek’s coaching and willingness to ensure the onboarding and first 90 days are also a success with long term dividends for all of us.

Best Regards,


  1. Here are M.’s words from his email to Lori:

“I would like to talk to you about your help with me getting this offer (thank you!).

I truly can say that the discussions we had and the work we have already done really closed a few gaps for me that I know helped me interview better than I have in the past, and the results are this offer.

Thank you for everything so far!!”

Thanks for all you do all the time, Lori!

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