1. Julie was delighted with L.’s news:

“Congratulations on the new opportunity as Executive Director at [an East Coast law firm]. Everyone is cheering on this end! We are so happy that you were able to move back to [your home state] and be near family. You even hit your goal date to move by Nov. 1st!”

  1. M. has accepted the offer from a regional medical center for the position of Compensation Consultant! George tells us she currently lives in the Northeast. Her elderly parents live in a southern state, and she wanted a job in that area. She also loves healthcare, so she is very happy with this situation. That’s a win, George!
  2. Vivek is pleased to announce that C. has landed as Director of Enterprise Program at a food company; he starts this week! He felt quite good about the position, as it’s $100/hour, W2 with a permanent position offer after the initial probation period. Great news, Vivek!
  3. Anne says it’s permanent!

“D. was working as a consultant for the past six weeks and just accepted the full-time role as COO at a company [that provides severe weather detection technology].”


  1. W. reached out to Julie:

“Hi Julie. I’m sorry to have been out of touch.  I have received six offers and one is clearly the best option for me. I [had] some meetings with them, actually just finished. Maybe we can catch up later this week or next?”

Wow, here’s a client who took the program and ran with it! Keep it up, Julie! 


  1. Lori’s anonymous client progresses: he interviewed at a western state university for an Associate Director of the Research Center (title unclear, yet to be decided) yesterday with the Operational Manager of the University. He has a series of 15 interviews scheduled with different individuals spread out over the next 10 days! 💃
  2. Paula tells us J. is in what we fervently hope are truly FINAL interviews with a pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical company and a global association of investment professionals. He hopes to have final answers (and at least one offer) by next week.


  1. M. was contacted by a recruiter yesterday for a VP position at a private, startup company for an interview today! M. was able to complete the Interview Assessment late last night (after working late into the night for his current position on a project deadline). Lori met with him quickly this morning and interview prepped him for the position! He appreciated the quick turnaround and the Answer Guide prepared for his use in advance of his interview! Atta way, Lori!
  2. Lori also tells us: K. had a series of interviews this week, the first one was for a Chief Development Officer position. Through executing her UNP1 calls, she spoke with a colleague who immediately contacted individuals within his network for K. He identified one company that was especially interesting, and he spoke with three people in the company, highly recommending K. for the role. The position began as a Project Manager, but quickly segued into a Chief Development Officer position, based on K.’s extensive experience. They will be continuing discussions next week and mapping out the job description which continues to evolve. Stay tuned! 🙂


3. Paula’s news: D. has interviewed with the CFO of a commodity sourcing and wholesale ingredient distribution company for the position of National Sales Director!

4. George pulled out his Rolodex to help: “V. spoke with my friend at [an American financial services mutual organization]. He decided that V. should have an official interview, so he set it up with the Director of Sales. She has introduced V. to the hiring manager for the position (Asst. Director of Strategy Integration), and V. is waiting to get a date for that interview.” Nicely done, George!

5. Now that L. has accepted one offer, she is following up on the other opportunity still remaining, with a regional governmental entity that operates airports. She had the initial interview yesterday (rescheduled from last Friday) with the General Counsel and another attorney and will hopefully hear back soon regarding next steps. They hope to fill the position by the end of the year. Julie and Waffles are steering her through the process, and there’s a bird in the hand and one in the bush!

6. Lori loves it when clients take her great advice:

“J. has yet another interview today for a Regional Sales Director position with [a dental equipment maker]! 😊 He followed TBG steps by tailoring his resume and cover letter, went to LinkedIn and checked 1st and 2nd degree connections, he didn’t have any, so he submitted his application. And then he took it to the next level: he reached out to several individuals within the company and inquired about the company, their jobs, and the culture to gain insight. He achieved a referral who sent his name over to HR resulting in an interview! Way to go J.!” 💃

  1. D. has a first interview tomorrow with a private equity firm for a CEO position. Thanks for the great news, Anne!
  2. Also, from a busy Anne this week: J. had an interview at a provider of packaging solutions and a provider of electronic manufacturing services as a Business Development Manager. Keep up the coaching, Anne!


  1. Paula was eager to share with the resume writer, Ralph:

“R. is VERY HAPPY with his resume and feels he could never have taken it to this level!”

  1. To George, from his client M.:

“Thanks for summarizing our discussion, George. I appreciate you and Waffles taking the time to meet with me and look forward to our future collaboration efforts. Best regards, M.”

  1. R. was appreciative of quick, short notice service:

“Fantastic Waffles … thanks so much for your & Jerry’s help! I will be in-touch … take care!”

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