1. G. accepted an offer after our negotiation meeting, comparing his old and new salaries and perks with an automotive retailer for a Director of Vehicle Procurement position with a newly launched segment! He starts on Monday! Way to go Lori!
  2. Greg received this one:

“Just to let you know that I have a new job and have signed a contract with a startup accelerator to become a mentor in their VC accelerator program (the largest in the US). This new position will allow me to learn more about current startup projects and fully utilize my financial experience in M&A and fintech.



  1. To our client T., from George:

“You made a bid for a position which you assumed would not be accepted so you could move on, then you received a job offer based on that bid! That sounds like pretty hearty congratulations are in order, and you have them! Isn’t it nice that they are letting you work remote and at the same time help them devise a remote program for the entire company? Then, the plan is for you to be stepping into a to-be-created COO role. That’s not a bad gig!  I’m very excited for you and, based on our conversations, not surprised.”

  1. L. landed a sweet deal:

“This brings me to the real reason for my e-mail.  Out of right field literally, my SVP at my old company called me back and asked me to return to the company in a new position as Regional Director of Sales, with a targeted promotion to Vice President in June of next year when the current VP will be retiring. This job offer comes with a raise from my previous salary, no requirement to pay back the early retirement lump sum payout I received in March, and fully paid relocation. I feel this is an exceptional opportunity and will accept this offer when presented with the formal letter in the next week. When I left [the company], I did not burn any bridges and went above and beyond to assist with the transition-I believe this is why they reached out to me.”

  1. L. has tentatively accepted the greatly improved offer for the position of Attorney-Advisor at an army installation in the Midwest! Julie and Waffles are glad to see one of the four deals she is working put to bed, but there are three more to negotiate!


  1. George is busy helping M. with the negotiations for the written offer she received from a regional medical center for the Compensation Consultant (a full-time staff position, she’s already doing independent consulting). She would love to relocate if they can work out the details, especially, of course, the compensation! Sharpen that pencil, George!
  2. George is fighting on two fronts this week: C. received an offer from an energy company to become general manager of a division. They have made him an offer and next week are sending their private plane to pick him up and fly him to their HQ where he will meet with his future staff should he accept the position. They hope he will accept the offer at that time, but he has another pending offer from a private equity firm. 
  3. K. did receive the written offer for Director of Diversity and Inclusion from a local county; Paula is busy with K. on the Compensation Foundation Spreadsheet Strategy. It’s a good thing K. has a solid pro like Paula on her side for this one!
  4. Update from Anne on J.:

“He was able to renegotiate his offer and add $10k to base and another $10k to incentive pool for Core Business Solutions Business Development Manager, closer to his earnings goal and it is giving him a start in the SaaS space which he needs to continue to grow his career.”

Well done, Anne!

  1. Dan is deep into the analysis of our 108-Line Compensation Foundation and Offer Negotiation Spreadsheet with Julie’s client M., who is reviewing his written offer for the position of Assistant VP of Hospital Solutions at an online networking service for medical professionals. First offer is coming in at $270K total comp, a $60 bump over his most recent position!
  2. Jerry pulled Dan in to help his client J. negotiate the initial offer from an online security payment company for the Director of Implementations position.


  1. The latest from J.:

“Hi Paula. So I am through to the final interview with the Chief Operating Officer at [a global association of investment professionals] next Tuesday at 10:30pm! I will let you know how it goes.”

We are all cheering for you, J.!

  1. To Greg:

“Things are going well. I had a great interview Tuesday with [a glass manufacturer] and I’m just waiting on an offer! I have an on-site interview with [a defense contractor] next week, just waiting on their schedule. Interview with the VP of Quality and OpX, just waiting on schedule. Probably today or tomorrow. I have initial phone calls today for two positions for CI manager. I am going to send out follow up management intro letters this week.”

From a very busy R., working his Barrett program just like Greg showed him!

  1. M. has a four-hour panel interview with 15 people for a Director of Finance position with a local county! This lady just keeps going at it, with Lori coaching every step of the way!
  2. Jerry’s client D. will be in his second round of interviews with an online student education company for the position of area Director in the Midwest.


  1. Lori prepped A. for her interview at a food corporation and it went “extremely well”!
  2. Anne tells us J. had an interview for M&A Project Manager at an insurance brokerage and consulting firm today.
  3. Mo jumped in with the mock interview as soon as he learned that A. has been sent by an executive search firm to an interview with a health information company for a Medical Liaison position! 


  1. To Lori, from her ecstatic (and very busy) client, J.:

“Just an update from the introductions you processed to the 3rd party recruiters:  

-725 Profile Views in less than 24 hours
-195 LinkedIn Messages
-395 Connection Requests
-Over 520 responses to the emails and counting (requesting meetings with me and for resumes).

Pretty incredible! I have filled my calendar for two weeks now and still going. All in less than 24 hours!”

A special call-out here to Scott, Jessica, Dan, Julie, and Christina for reinventing our recruiter outreach program and getting it to work better than ever!

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