1. From George:

“C. and I had a great call today. He has an offer from [a water filtration company] after being flown on their corporate jet to their HQ to meet all the people. He has decided to give them a final decision this week which, at this point, he expects to be positive. He also has another very favorable contingent offer from [a private equity firm]. They are in negotiation to add an oil and gas company to their portfolio. If their bid is successful, they are offering C. the job to be CEO.  Since the latter offer is not yet definite and he must give [the water filtration company] an answer, unless he firms up a better offer with [the private equity firm], he will accept [the water filtration company’s].”

  1. A client who wishes to remain anonymous landed an executive position at a healthcare provider.
  2. Paula just sent this over before we went to press! J. is accepting his offer from a pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical company, full report later this week!


  1. Paula again: T. is getting an offer from a provider of information technology, consulting and business process services – in process – hope to see it by Tuesday!
  2. R. has two offers coming this week, both for Chief Revenue Officer, and yet another from a company that is hiring him to pull in investment capital though his network. Dan has been working overtime, as always! Thanks, Dan!


  1. Lori was happy to report in: “M. had a first interview on 10/28/20.  He has now been invited for a second interview with the CEO tomorrow!” 💃
  2. Lori again: “J. has a 2nd interview with [a dental equipment maker] for a Regional Sales director position with a panel of three people via Zoom [this week]. 💃

“We reviewed his interview questions, discussed a multitude of additional interview methodologies, including: Star, Behavioral, and 5S strategies (I quickly created an overview of this strategy and provided it to him after our call)

He said the first interview with the HR director went very well because, as I had coached him in the Barrett style, J. asked ‘what are the next steps in the interview process’ during the interview. The director indicated J. was the only one that day that asked that question – which landed him the 2nd interview! In addition, he asked the series of questions TBG equipped him with, along with a list of questions derived from various questionnaires obtained by another client!

He is prepped, excited, and ready for [this week]!”

Thanks for all you do, Lori!

  1. J. had a great interview with the President and CEO. He received the rubber stamp of approval his potential, the COO, was seeking! Here’s how Dan made it happen:

“The 3rd party recruiter had called him up and told him he had a F2F interview with the entire team on Thursday. I coached J. on articulating his value proposition in that venue and they are taking him out to dinner that evening. We did some role playing, I coached “tiny bites” and the one drink rule, as well as not letting his guard down and representing himself properly for consideration.”

Dan’s strategy paid off!


  1. George’s client V. is having an interview today for a Finance Manager position at human resource consulting firm. George jumped in to have a role play session with him earlier this morning. Way to go, George!
  2. Also from George: his client D. is interviewing for the Senior Director of Finance, reporting to the Executive VP and CFO. The interviews included the HR Coordinator, the VP, Group Finance Operations, the HR Director, and the HR Coordinator. George is crossing his fingers, but you know D. is fully prepared, thanks to his Barrett team!
  3. Anne’s client D.:

“Anne…the interview with the [private equity firm partner] for the CEO opportunity went well last week and they have asked me to sign an NDA and talk to two of the other P.E. partners later this week.” 

  1. Anne again: J. has an interview with the maker of high- performance microelectronic components as North American Regional Sales Manager.
  2. Anne’s client A. has an interview with a real estate investment firm as Director of Acquisition and Asset Management. His internal advocate has dubbed him as “best free agent!”
  3. Jerry’s client N. has an interview with a professional staffing agency for a Director of IT and another interview with a startup company as their Chief Information Officer. Nicely done, Jerry!
  4. Lori is pleased to tell us S. followed her advice in applying for a Senior Producer of Live Events position and has an interview later this month!


  1. George wants you to know:

“You have a friend at [a network of community and specialty hospitals in the South] who accepted the offer for Senior Compensation Consultant, Human Resources. That’s right, my client M. just landed in the above position, and this very large health organization is looking for people in all areas of healthcare. M. would be delighted to work with any of our qualified clients to help them land at one of the largest hospital/health organizations in “The Happiest Place on Earth”!”

Thanks, George!


  1. To George from V.:

“I saw a YouTube video and an ad popped up for TBG so I just wrote back to comment on it to staff: Love it!”

Props to Marion!!

  1. From J. to Lori:

“Hi Lori!!!

Just a quick update two weeks into the specialized and highly effective recruiter outreach:

– I have had 28 scheduled phone meetings with recruiters across 22 different states in the US!
– I have my five more throughout Monday and Tuesday of this coming week.
– I am up to 1,264 LinkedIn profile views in two weeks!I have connected with 402 new people that have sent me invites (recruiters) pushing me over the 5,000-1st connection mark and almost 3 million 1st and 2nd degree connections combined now.

There were 912 total responses from recruiters looking to get a hold of my resume to put on file from all over the country. And yes, I have replied to all 912 with a great response you authored for me, reminding them that I can do many different things, and to not have tunnel vision thinking that I am looking at a single type of role. I am open to many opportunities!! One even asked if I was single and wanted to move to Salt Lake City, Ha!!

Thank you, Lori, for all you have done and I will continue to work hard to follow the Barrett process and continue to practice & develop myself marketing skills along with all the great things you have gone over with me. It’s all up to me now, and I’m going to kill it!!


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