1. Greg is delighted to tell us that R. has accepted the role of CEO for an exciting startup! These folks are green, though, and Greg pulled Waffles in because they have no idea what the job description (or comp) should look like! Stay tuned for the other shoe to drop on this story…
  2. Paula’s client K. wrote:

“Hi Paula,

I have some great news.  It seems that I have been selected as the new Director of Diversity and Inclusion for [a municipality on the East Coast].  I have not received an offer just yet because it needs to get a rubber stamp from the selection board. I’ll let you know more as I learn more.


Yay, Paula, another one landed!


  1. Anne is pleased to announce that J. has presented her with the written offer from a consulting firm for the position of Sales Consultant! Details in process!


  1. J. to Paula:

“So I have had the next interview with [a global association of investment professionals]. I think it went quite well; this person seemed more senior than the hiring manager. Wanted to get into a lot of detail, so I was able to do that with her, there was a lot of ‘OH, I wish we had done that’ statements – so I think it was quite positive. Let’s see – [the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical company] has also scheduled two of theirs for Friday, but still one outstanding, and [the global association of investment professionals] have one more to schedule.”

Two birds in the hand, J.!

  1. Paula’s client L. is also moving forward with two great ones: AVP interviews at a nonprofit providing disability services and for a COO role with a non-profit digital startup incubator.
  2. George stops by:

“I wanted to fill you in on my client C. He had a great call with the principals at [a water filtration company]. When he asked them what the next steps were, they indicated that they will contact him this coming Monday and set up a time where they will either travel to meet with him in person, or they will send their corporate plane to pick him up and bring him to their headquarters, as they want to move ahead with a general manager position. C. also heard from the principals at [a private equity firm]. They told him that they have made a bid to buy a new company, and that if the bid is successful, they will make him an offer to run the new company. They made an all cash offer and believe they have a better than even chance to be successful. It’s fun to talk to C.!”

Great news, George!


Sue Mitchell weekly news as the market is heating up for her clients:

“Several clients interviewing. It’s very active this past week for both European and US clients.”

  1. A. – interview at a multinational beverage corporation for a Global Head, People Insights & Culture opportunity
  2. M. – on 3rd interview with the provider of providing on-demand cloud computing platforms for a Global Readiness Leadership Development position 
  3. M. – Panel interview with a sustainability consultancy for a Global Lead in Food & Agriculture. Also has another interview with a startup company
  4. M. – interview with an educational production company for a Director position
  5. K. – interviewing with a global manufacturer of brake systems and the position is Director of Operations. She reached out to the CEO and their marketing executive through LinkedIn and was able to have a conversation with both, getting a referral to the hiring manager.
  6. S. – interview at an automotive noise, vibration and harshness company for a Business Unit Director position
  7. Anne:

“Things are happening for my client J., he has an interview for a company that is in defense software and reached out via LinkedIn for a Business Development lead role at [a defense aerospace company].”

  1. George last Friday:

“V. had his first interview with two folks at [multinational investment bank and financial services corporation]. It was supposed to be 30 minutes but at the end of 50 they had to stop and scheduled a follow up interview for tomorrow afternoon.”

  1. Dan chimes in, sharing that M. has two interviews set up:
    1. 1st interview at a SaaS healthcare company that has startups, in a Head of Sales role.
    2. 1st interview at another healthcare company for a senior sales executive position.
  2. Lori’s client J. has an interview for tomorrow for an Assistant Vice President position 🙂
  3. Lori again: M. has landed yet another interview for a Director of Finance position at a county on Friday!
  4. J. is interviewing for a Venture Commercialization Director position at a provider of financial products and services. The 1st screen call is with the SVP of marketing today. This will keep you busy, Vivek!
  5. Jerry’s client J. took his advice and ran with it!

“Jerry, I wanted to let you know I have a phone interview with [a payments and identity fraud prevention company]. I will be speaking with [three vice presidents]. This came from a recruiting company a former employee of mine went to. Summary: I am meeting with [a military technical recruiter] tomorrow for an informational interview. I also had coffee today with a very trusted advisor who has agreed to look at my resume and recommended I look at [a provider of managed workforce solution]. Talk to you soon!”

Activity like this always leads to success, great consulting, Jerry!

  1. Also, another client of Jerry’s, D., has an interview on Thursday.
  2. Paula’s client D. is interviewing for a senior executive role with a large French appliance company.
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