Frontline Report for the week of 10-14-20


  1. N. has accepted the offer for a consulting opportunity, where she will be assisting a municipality in the people side of their housing problems. She has to take extensive tests before she starts the job. Waffles helped her through the process, and she is a happy camper!
  2. M. took Waffles’ advice throughout the negotiation process and it paid off!

“Quick update.  Good news.  I accepted [the supplier of manufacturing technology and services]’s offer for Senior Vice President, Global Finance and Strategy last night.  I start next Monday. The discussion with them went great.  It resulted in…

1. They increased the offer by $55,000 ($25k salary, $30k bonus).

2. They agreed to expand the title to include operational and strategy responsibilities (final title TBD).

3. A broader [long-term incentive] program has been on the table recently…[they] committed to finalizing it and getting me on it when I relocate.

4. All my interim trips/housing until full relocation will be covered by them via the normal travel process…they are also open to covering an apartment…and agreed we could work this out in the coming weeks/months.

Thanks for all your help throughout the process.”

What a deal! 

  1. This one from Lori:

“I just spoke with T. today who informed me that he landed a position with [a law firm] as an Attorney. He loves it! It’s a fully remote position and he is enjoying his work there! Just wanted to share! :)”

As an aside, we remember back two years ago when a remote position as an attorney existed nowhere on the planet, now it’s standard.


  1. D., Paula’s client: the CEO of a geospatial solutions provider made an offer.
  2. Anne: S. was offered the role as Research Nurse – Department of Anesthesia at a healthcare provider.


  1. Paula tells us that J. is moving to the offer stage from a food company, for a General Counsel position.
  2. Also from Paula: J. has been interviewing at a pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical company. He has four more scheduled and is moving towards an offer rapidly. He is also on the next round of interviews with a global association of investment professionals – they will tell him when the meeting will be next week, should be a 45-minute team interview. You go, Paula!
  3. J. returned to the fold when his job was eliminated by COVID-19, and Dan has been helping. He has progressed to the second interview and this one looks promising!


  1. Lori’s discretely anonymous client is being flown out for a second interview with a hospital in the Southeast for two days of interviews and on-site tour of the hospital and associated facilities, red carpet Covid style. He is being considered for a Director position. He is meeting with 23 individuals over a two-day period.
  2. Lori again:

“A. has an interview on next week for an Attorney position with [a food corporation].

Waffles and I are both assisting A. with her campaign and will interview prep her this week for her interview :)”

  1. Lori’s client M. had an interview for a Vice President of Operations role at a State University.
  2. C., also Lori’s client, is in 2nd interviews with the positions she interviewed for last week (still waiting on statistics!)
  3. Lori’s client G. has an on-site 2nd interview this Thursday for an automotive retailer’s Buying Team Director position.
  4. George’s client T. had an interview with the General Manager of an a biotechnology company.  He promised to introduce her to two associates.  She is still in Phase 1!
  5. Greg’s client C.:

“Hi Greg,

Just to let you know, I am scheduled to have a first interview Friday with [a venture capital firm] with their managing partner for the role of Chief Revenue Officer. Seems potentially interesting, it would allow me to get my feet wet in VC and be a partner. Hopefully in the next weeks I will have an interview with another company (the founder) – once planned will let you know.


  1. Greg’s client D. reports in:

“I felt my interview on Monday with [a transportation services provider] went well. Tuesday, I sent follow up communications with the executive team that I met with and today I heard from the recruiter that the initial feedback was good. I will let you know more as it comes.”


  1. Dan’s client E. sent this:

“Hello Dan and Laura,

I just wanted to check in. I can’t thank you enough for all you did for me. I have found my ideal environment and in fact have (at 7 weeks in) received a promotion and raise. You honestly changed my perception of what I bring to the table, my value and what I should value.  I owe you both a sincere thank you and hope I can give someone the insight you gave me. Hope all is well and all my best!


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