Frontline Report for 10-13-21

Short Stack Stats

Clients Landed: 6
Offers Received: 3
Interviews Advanced: 23
1st Interviews: 14

The Hiring Line:

1. Rebeca Gelencser, our Swiss-based Brazilian cohort, sent this email from client T. over and added her own personal note, “A shout-out to his Consultant, George Schulz: Here is to a great win… and it’s still Friday here! T. came to me for help a couple months ago and here is where we are now! I’m thrilled! -Cheers, Rebeca”

“So… After waiting for 3 weeks and kind of giving up on [the aerospace company], [the hiring manager] finally emailed me to say she was going to send me an update. Then late yesterday afternoon she called me. She wanted to talk to me directly. After she explained the potential for growth, a six-month review (where I can get a raise) and all the travel perks, 401(k), health insurance, etc. I agreed to the salary they offered. This is literally a perfect job for me.

The interview prep is really what made the difference.

Your ability to look at the backgrounds of the people I was going to be interviewing with and understand where they are coming from and how to best interact with them was HUGE!

Getting to know me and my personality was big as well. Your empathy and patience helped keep me calm and helped me interact with everyone on a professional level. It also gave me the confidence to be bold and ask for what I want instead of coming from a place of no power. I came away from this with the feeling that I (we) went out and GOT this position, we made it happen, as opposed to feeling like someone was gracious enough to GIVE me a job.” -T.

2. Julie Mathern’s client J. thanks her for her dedication and for staying the course. J. has landed a director position with an online hiring company! She made a career change from Corporate Sales Director in Consumer Durables to Human Resources at the online hiring company. Offer came in at $105K + $31,500 bonus potential at 100% quota!

3. Waffles Natusch received this email from client C.:

“Hi Waffles, after I declined the previous offer, I thought it was over. But they came back with this update. Change to Senior Director, €145k iso €140k, LTI €75k iso €40k, bonus at max 25% iso 20%. The change in LTI is substantial, what do you think? Regards, C.”

4. Paula Nordhoff shares that client F. accepted an offer: “Process took less than 3 weeks! He is sending me the offer letter. Benefits, etc. provided – do not have details. He is looking forward to being a in a new leadership role that is close to home with a hybrid model, so he can actually go to an office, something he has long wanted. This is a newly created Sr. Director role (contracts and procurement) with a village corporation. He is very excited that they have a hybrid model as he really wants face time in an office. He did achieve a bump in his base salary. The Business Support & Logistics sector.”

He also recently interviewed with an airport corporation for a VP Procurement and Materials role and has passed two interviews – one with CFO and one with the would-be boss.

5. Lori Chevalier was delighted to bring us all up to speed with the closed deal for client D.! Having her orientation in July, she accepted her offer this month, right on schedule. She changed industries, from Consumer Durables to Hospitality and Restaurants, as a Director of Marketing & Analytics. The company is a restaurant chain. She had been unemployed when she came to us, but the offer came in at $106K base, $10k sign-on, $24k (15%) company bonus, 3+ weeks’ vacation, company car allocation, and paid travel to HQ 4x annually!

6. Jerry Fronczak received a huge update from N.:

“Hello Jerry, I hope this message finds you well. Please see the following recent job search updates:
-First [a robotic technology and solutions company]: Several weeks after I had given up on them, they contacted me for another interview. At the end of the discussion the hiring manager indicated he was going to advise HR to extend an offer. On the upside, it would be really cool to work with the robotics exoskeleton project. Equity amount to be determined following completion of merger.

-Second [a soft drink company]: Interview with their CIO went very well, but at the end she simply said they were ‘early in the process.’

-Third [an investment banking company]: I interviewed with an HR representative. He indicated he is recommending that I move on to the next stage of the process. The role is a VP for internal IT helpdesk. It sounds like their time frame is roughly 8-10 weeks.

-Fourth [an e-commerce company]: A recruiter reached out last week advising that he had been given my name as a lead on a Senior Cloud Solution Architect role. The recruiter asked if I was interested in the Principal Cloud SA role also. Compensation for the role is in the $250-275k range. [The company] has a 3-4-week timeframe if I’m selected to move forward.

-Fifth [an insurance company]: I had a referral from the local CIO founder for a company he’s done some consulting with before. They’re looking for a Director of Enterprise Systems. It is a smallish company with roughly 75 employees but they’re currently shouldering roughly 16% of the total annuities market in the US. They also sell property and casualty insurance. He reached out for my availability next week for an interview.

-Sixth [a tech company]: the CEO for a new energy startup reached out for my contact # and availability to interview for a CTO role.

-Finally, N.’s startup business: “We continue to make slow but steady progress. If the project eventually does what I think it will, the financial upside would be beyond wildest dreams. At present, I’m viewing it as a side project, as the other engineers can’t devote full time to it.” -N.


1. G. is in deep negotiations with a multinational conglomerate company and is in constant communication with his team of Dan Resendes and Paula Nordhoff. The opportunity is an M&A role in one of their divisions.

2. Anne Lipsitz helped client K. with a strategy to give an aggressive counteroffer to their first attempt and expects to work out the details next week.

3. Client P. sent Paula this: “Paula, the President of [an organic baby food company] called and extended a verbal offer. They will be sending the official offer to me this morning sometime. -P.”

Interviews Advance

1. M. is sailing through the hiring process at a toy company, his dream company! His new TBG-E team of Jayson Searle and Rebeca Gelenscer are cheering him on!

2. Lori Chevalier’s client R., in process at an internet services company, has his 2nd interview, presenting a case study he presents tomorrow morning to the Hiring Manager and the HM’s boss! 🙂 Lori’s interview factory client S. won’t give up, won’t give out, and won’t give in. He’s interviewed at several companies including a home improvement company, a software company, a tax preparation company, and more. Notes: 8 interviews total.

4. Isabelita Castilho’s client I. is interviewing at an interviewing company for a COO/Managing Director job in manufacturing!

5. George Schulz tells us J. has five calls with recruiters this week, all from the mailings we sent out! He has some updates:
“-[a biotechnology company]: still ongoing. I’m in contact with the hiring manager. He told me last week that he is still trying to schedule an interview with the CEO for this week.

-[a commercial company]: I met with HR last Friday. Very nice opportunity.

-I met with 2 recruiters for two positions, one at [a biotechnology company] and one at [a satellite company]. I’m waiting to hear back from them.

-I heard back from [the satellite company] asking me to send a bio and a few lines about why I want to join the company. I did last week and will follow up today.

-And I met with the CBO at [a research institute], who is a former colleague. They are looking to hire someone like me next year. I don’t think they have the means to hire me, but it was a great conversation.

-I have a few meetings with recruiters scheduled this week.” -J.

6. V. is moving forward with a marketing company, assisted by his consultant Julie Mathern, for the SVP – Operational Finance position with subsequent rounds of interviews scheduled for this week!

7. Barbara Limmer tells us clients S. and F. have interviews coming up:

-S. is interviewing with a media company. A corporate Talent Acquisition was attracted to S.’s LinkedIn profile, as penned by our team, and the media company gave her the 1st interview and S. was just told she made it to 2nd round for Director of Marketing. They are in the process of scheduling that now!
-D. has 2nd interview with a digital product design platform!

8. Joan Sebring’s client A. is moving forward a health and wellness company for the Head of Brand Marketing opportunity in the Retail & Consumer Durables sector.

9. Paula’s client T. has had 10 or more interviews with a company for a VP of Finance role, plus doing assessments and a case study; they have still not made a decision. He spoke with the CFO (would be his boss) earlier this week, thinking it would be an offer discussion, instead it was more questions about the case study he presented when he did his onsite interviews.

10. Dan Resendes’ client P. is continuing further interviews and negotiations with a vehicle innovation company.

Interviews Data Summaries

1. Lori provides data for several clients:
-C. is interviewing for Director of IT at a luxury hotel. Recruiter found C. on LinkedIn
-H. is interviewing for Senior Director with a medical group. H. has a contact at the medical group and has already had one interview and another scheduled for a panel interview! Progressing quickly! 🙂
-R. is interviewing with a homemade meals service for Director of Customer Experience.
-O. is interviewing with a medical device company for Director of Operations.

2. Paula’s client K. is interviewing with a freight forwarding service for a director role.

3. Julie provides notes on clients V. and S.
-V. is interviewing with an oncology therapy company for SVP/VP, Chief of Staff: “Hi Julie – I sent a message to my contact last week, she was surprised that I had not been directly contacted by HR. She then sent a message to their HR and replied to me that I should expect to hear from them today, which I just did. I have a screening interview for this position with the VP HR and Exec Dir Talent Acquisition!” -V.

-S. is interviewing with an electronic parts supplier for a management role: “I was contacted by a headhunter for another position that I turned down. He then called me back a few days later saying that he just got contacted by [the supplier] that is looking to fill a new management role in Semiconductor manufacturing that they are still defining, but they wanted to give the recruiting company a heads up. Since he just saw my resume, he sent it over to them and now they would like to talk. So I’ll be interviewing them as they interview me😀 I’ll find out more details on Friday afternoon.” -S.

4. Joan Sebring’s client N. is interviewing with a shipping company for VP of Customer Service.

5. Rebeca Gelencser’s clients A., Z., and R. are rocking their interviews:
-A. is aiming for Head of Expansion at an e-commerce business.
-Z. is interviewing for Head of Strategy at a mobile tracking solution app company.
-R. is looking to fill a Pre-Sales Engineer position with a computer software company.

6. Barbara Limmer’s client J. has his first interview with a tech company startup for a president level position.

7. Vivek’s client G. is the first round of interviewing for a Director of Evaluation and Assessment position at a university.

8. Jerry Fronczak’s client F. interviewed with an internal recruiter for a COO position with a medical office and received the following email from the CEO: “HI [F.], Thank you for speaking with the recruiter about our COO position. I would love to speak with you about [the medical office] and learn more about you. I would usually set up a zoom call for an introductory call, but since you are local, it would be good for us to meet in person if you are open to it. Thanks!”

F. also sent the following note regarding using the TBG guidance:
“So, I applied the TBG methods and figured out how to email HR at [a therapy office] directly today in support of my application. She replied and cc’d the person handling resumes saying she’d be in contact. She also CC’d their Chief Growth Officer and he weighed in saying he wants to talk to me this Friday. What’s interesting is that I applied for an RVP Ops position, and she cc’d the Growth officer and he cut thru to talk!”


1. “Hi Paula, Just wanted to let you know that things are going very well my first week at [the mechatronics company]. This is a great fit for me! Thank you again for all your guidance and support. I hope you have a great weekend. -Q.”

2. “Hi Dan, Thanks a million for your pointers. Just finished my conversation with the company. Best regards, M.”

3. Marion Engelke spotted this one and sent it our way, and we’re so glad she did!

“Michael Vignery,
After being disrupted a bit by politics and epidemics, I wanted to send a thank you note for all that your team did in helping my career. Paula was ever faithful walking me through career opportunities ranging from Commissioner of Education for [the state] to [a university] faculty member. My goal when I hired your company was to reach a salary of over $120,000 per year. My current salary is $132,000 for 10 months.

Big thank you for guiding me through your wonderful program. It was a delight working with such professional and skilled people as Paula.

Michael, I wish you and your company only the very best.

4. Anne’s client U. recently filled a position with a research team and thanked Anne by saying,
“The background processing is complete! We are moving forward! I am super excited. I could not have done this without all of your coaching. This is the position I had hoped for. November is my start date. Many many thanks to you!!!! If I could ever do anything for you, please let me know! My Best Always, U.”

Ramsey Penegar’s Report: Writing Team Update

Writing Team Stats-125 total writing tasks completed in the past month
-32 total writing tasks completed in the past week
-100% on or early delivery
-12 tasks currently in progress
-22% of the tasks completed singlehandedly this past week by Ralph Lisbohn

Appreciation from the Consultants:
-“Ralph Lisbohn, you did an outstanding job. Thanks!” -Jerry Fronzcak
-“Jo Ann Moser, thanks a bunch for a quick and timely development of the draft resume. You’ll make the client happy!” -Vivek
-“Anicia Hogan, thank you for this draft. I just read through it & it looks great. I am looking forward to getting input from the client once he reads it.” -Joan Sebring
-“Thank you, Marissa Lessman for the career docs!” – Larry DiBoni

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