Frontline Report for 10-11-23

Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 4
Offers Received: 1
Interviews Advanced: 8
1st Interviews: 20


Offers Accepted:

Congratulations to Isabelita Castilho and her Client A.!

A. landed as Regional Director at an Educational Institution. He will be using his best skills of communication in an international relations role. 

Congratulations to Lori Chevalier and Waffles Natusch and their Client E.!

E. landed as Senior Regulatory Counsel at a company in the Finance & Financial Services industry. She accepted a great offer of a $265K base, plus 20% bonus of $48K and $12K options in equity. The company is going public and the valuation will be higher. She interviewed at the company a year ago for a role with a lower title and compensation, and a different team. In the meantime, she took on a part-time consulting role. She stretched her talents and stated she would never have considered consulting if it had not been for the guidance provided by her team! YAY! Now she knows if she ever wants to do this in the future, or add this as a side hustle, she can! Way to go E.!

Congratulations to Rob Wicker and his Client J.!

J. landed as Managing Director at a Finance & Financial Services company. His former title was Senior Vice President. He accepted an offer of $200K. He will do great in his new role. J. found this opportunity through the Unpublished Market 1 (UNP1).

Congratulations to Waffles Natusch and his Client B.!

B. is a former client of The Barrett Group (TBG). She landed as National Director at a company in the Media & Entertainment industry. She accepted an offer of $150K and found her opportunity through UNP1.


Offer Received:

Isabelita Castilho’s Client S. is making progress. She received an offer for an International CHRO role. Her engagement with TBG played a significant role in her success as she leveraged her social connections within the organization and actively promoted her company’s posts on LinkedIn. This increased her visibility and ultimately caught the attention of top management. She found this opportunity via UNP1 and the power of leveraging LinkedIn at their finest!



Client E., Asli Bilgin’s client who was also helped by Isabelita, shared with her:  

“Dear Isabelita, thank you very much for today’s call. It was a boost of encouragement and good contacts!

Here is what Client B. shared with Lori Chevalier, post interview discussions

“Thanks for the great conversation and reassurance today, it was incredibly helpful!”

Client A. shared this with Lori Chevalier, after receiving coaching from Vivek: 

“Wonderful! Thank you, Lori Chevalier you’ve been incredibly helpful through this whole program. And a sincere shout out to Vivek Agarwal on guiding me through pricing options for my potential client!”

Here is what Client T. shared with Amanda Stockton upon receiving his recent LinkedIn profile update authored by the TBG Writing Team: 

“This was perfect from the get-go! Profile is updated. Looks amazing. VERY very happy with this upgrade to my profile. Thank you! :-)”

Here is what Pattie Vargas shared about Client M., Joan Sebring’s client: 

M. was very happy with the Interview Lab process. He said he had been unable to gain any traction in his interviews so his consultant, Joan Sebring, suggested the Lab. He felt it was a game changer and led to the offer he received. 


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