Frontline Report for 10-04-23

Hiring Line Stats:

Offers Accepted: 7
Offers Received: 1
Interviews Advanced: 4
1st Interviews: 12
Interview with Recruiter: 2


Offers Accepted:

Congratulations to Penny Marion and her Client T.!

T. landed as Vice President (VP) of Operations at a non-profit company. She accepted an offer of $170K, negotiated an additional week of vacation pay and looks forward to the better life balance that this position offers! She found this position online and discovered that she presented with the company’s president about 10 years ago. They hadn’t spoken since but reconnected once T. applied. The power of social capital at its best!

Congratulations to Isabelita Castilho and her Client A.!

A. landed in the Automotive industry as Regional Sales Manager. He accepted a salary of AED 360K plus bonus, effectively doubling his salary. Here’s another example of social capital at work: A. saw the job posting, reached out to a connection within the company which opened the door of opportunity for him.

Congratulations to Paula Nordhoff and her Client F.!

F. landed as VP at a Finance & Financial Services company in California. She accepted an offer of $100K plus bonus and benefits.

Congratulations to Julie Mathern and her Clients D. and K.!

D. landed as Claims Specialist at an insurance company. 

K. landed as Chief Operations Officer of a membership organization.  

Congratulations to Larry DiBoni and his Client M.!

M. landed as Chief of Staff at a government organization. He accepted an offer of $210K. He found his position from the Unpublished Market 1 (UNP1).

Congratulations to George Schulz and his Client S.!

S. landed in the Restaurants, Food & Beverage space as Regional Sales Director. He accepted an offer of $150K plus bonus and car allowance. This was a $30K increase from his initial base salary offer. 


Offer Received:

Lori Chevalier’s Client A. is making progress. She received an offer for a remote opportunity from a retail & consumer durables company. Her prior position was Senior Manager Operations and her new offer bolstered her title to VP Operations with compensation of   $200K + $54K bonus + $35K equity bonus. Her prior experience was in the automotive industry – 20+ years. She reached out to a vendor/supplier she had a relationship with and was immediately told that they had a “high level” role that they would like to discuss with her. Social capital at work once again!



Here is what Client E. shared with Asli Bilgin:  

“The interview was excellent (in the words of the interviewer). It was a little bit different than what I expected, but the interaction was marvelous and I think [the hiring manager] left with the desire to have me in her team. She already confirmed I’m in the second round, a psychological and behavioral evaluation. All the preparation really paid off and I’m feeling good!


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